Boracay Island: 39th in the 50 Most Instagrammable Places in 2023

14 February 2023
Boracay Island 39th in the 50 Most Instagrammable Places in 2023

In recent years, due to the pandemic, the whole world was compelled to stay at home. But in 2023, that's not the case anymore. Where should you first go? If you're considering local, then did you know that the first spot you should tick on your travel goals trip can be found right here in the Philippines? We invite you to explore this haven called Boracay.


One of the World's Best Travel Destinations

Aside from the lush rice terraces of Banaue in Benguet in the northern part of the Philippines, Boracay is another famous tourist destination one must visit in the Philippines. In fact, it is a point of pride for the Philippine government that this perfect place is the preferred beach of all travelers-- both foreigners and local tourists--alike. This is still true in 2023 because a UK-based travel website considers Boracay among the top travel destinations in the world. It even made it to the top 39 out of the 50 destinations on the list. But have you ever wondered, why is Boracay island such an attractive place to explore?


Aside from its breath-taking backdrops for your photos in your Instagram feed, discover the beauty of Boracay, through the lens of real estate investment experts, Lumina Homes.


Boracay: What's in a Name?

When you say Boracay, you can not mistake it for any other beach in the world. But another trivia for Boracay, did you know that its name can be attributed to different origins?

Some said that its name came from the way its indigenous Ati people say the island's name. Others say it came from the local dialect Inati words "bora" which means bubbles, and "bocay", meaning white. Still, others say that Boracay Island got its name from the local word "borac" meaning "white cotton," referring to Boracay's white, fine-as-a-sugar, and powdery sand.

Today, when one mentions Boracay, you can't help but think of white sandy beaches, exciting shores, magical waters, and just a place of adventure.


Which region does Boracay Island belong to?

If you're looking to stick a pin in a Philippine map to check Boracay out, then head over to the Western Visayas region, smacked in the middle of Luzon and Mindanao. Because of its geographical location, Boracay ([bɔˈrakaɪ]; has become a tropical paradise and resort island well-known in the Philippines and in the world. It is located 0.8 kilometers (0.50 mi) off the northwest coast of Panay.

Wonder how big this so-called must-see island is? It composed of a total land area of 10.32 sq. km. (3.98 sq mi), including 400 hectares (990 acres) of land use and conservation purposes, preserved forestland, and 628.96 hectares (1,554.2 acres) of agricultural land.


Boracay rests under the jurisdiction of the town of Malay in Aklan province. There are three barangays in Boracay; Balabag, Manoc-Manoc, and Yapak. As of 2020, the population is a total of 37,802.



What are the Advantages of Living in Boracay?

While there are many beaches that the Philippine department of tourism boasts of, nothing beats the beautiful island of Boracay. Its fine white sand beaches are perfect for relaxing. The crystal clear waters make it great for swimming and other water activities such as cliff diving and kayaking. During the day, water activities are the choice of tourists. The first thing to do is choose between underwater or above-water activities. For the underwater picks, exploring the depths of the sea through snorkeling and scuba diving is popular. You could even go on an islands-hopping trip, explore the beauty of nature, and try to capture as many instagrammable places as possible.

During the day, there are different underwater or above-water activities you can try. For above water, don't forget to visit Diniwid Beach and witness for yourself this small, serene beach which you can connect with just a cliffside footpath with its louder and larger cousin, White Beach. For the underwater picks, discover the depths through snorkeling and scuba diving. Meanwhile, if you're a night owl, you can explore the colorful cafes, bars, and restaurants that spur its vibrant nightlife. Indeed, there is something for every tourist---solo traveler, couple, family, and friends. These things make Boracay an ideal destination for every tourist. With all these perks you can experience, don't you wish you can purchase an affordable house and lot near the Fun Capital, Boracay?

But before you can purchase an affordable house and lot for sale, you must first do your research before making a big step. Get ready to immerse yourself not just in the tourist and beachy vibes, but also in practical terms.


Boracay Arts and Culture

According to the regional department of Tourism, in the year 2022, Boracay catered to P1.75 million local and foreign tourists. In the same year, it generated an income of P32.2 billion from its tourism industry.

But with this influx of tourists, how can one describe the culture of Boracay? We chose these three words: unique, welcoming, and yet, oozing with variety.

Boracay is unique because it is screaming with individuality. You can flaunt your own style at the beach, and you can even ask local jewelers for customized bracelets and necklaces made from local materials such as sea shells, coconut shells, and stones. You can even ask them to write your name on it.



International Paraw Cup Challenge

When it comes to being hospitable and welcoming, the people of Boracay have it with no shortage. In fact, they host lots of festivals to encourage people to come. For example, The International Paraw Cup Challenge is one of the major sporting events on the island. Participants of this sporting event compete in a kayaking contest and free for everyone to witness. Held every January towards February, the Cup Challenge is the government's way to promote and encourage tourists to try kayaking on the island.


Boracay Funboard Competition

For those that go to Boracay or plan to go to the island, the variety of the island and the fusion of its history, art, and music is what makes it attractive among the top destinations in the Philippines.


Similarly, Boracay hosts various sports events that make every visit to the island a unique experience. One of the must-see events is the Boracay International Funboard Cup, featuring windsurfing. Held yearly, the event is one of the region's biggest windsurfing competitions. The event is held in Bulabog Beach.



The Grotto

Boracay has its share of unique and traditional temples and places of worship. Among them, is the Grotto, which is a famous landmark by the beach of Boracay Island. Heavily influenced by the Catholic faith, the Grotto can pray, visit, and take photos of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary atop unique rock formations at the beautiful shorelines of Boracay beach.



Boracay Food/Delicacies

Because Boracay is an island, expect to get only the freshest ingredients straight out of the ocean and into your plate. In fact, there are restaurants and food hubs on the island where you can select newly-caught seafood and then ask the cook to prepare them for you to enjoy.



Boracay Food Festival

Another way to experience foodgasm in Boracay is through the Boracay Food Festival. One of the most anticipated fiestas on the island, it is what residents and tourists alike look forward to every year. It begins on May 11 and lasts until the 13th of May.


There is even a competition between the finest cooks on the island. Some of the food you should definitely try ranges from traditional Filipino food to modern twists for you to dine in. Among them are Kare Kare (ox’s tail with sauce), pancit molo, and adobo, which can be either pork or chicken, spiced up with soy sauce, garlic, veggies, and other seasonings. You can also try stuffed chicken (relleno), lumpiang ubod (spring rolls) and lechon (suckling pig).



Boracay's Transportation

Just like in any trip, it's wise to get to know how to get around the place you aim to visit. In this case, you can now plan your itinerary after you read this section.




Because tourists flock to Boracay year-round, catching a flight from Manila to Boracay has a regular flight schedule. You can check with your favorite travel agency or book yours straight to the airline's website for your tickets. You can choose from the two airports to land at in Aklan. You can either land at the Kalibo International Airport or Godofredo P. Ramos Airport also known as the Caticlan airport.



But after a short flight, you must ride a boat from Caticlan Jetty Port. This port serves as the primary sea transport hub for every passenger who wants to get into Boracay island. On the other hand, from the island, you need to ride from the Cagban Jetty Port to go back to the mainland.



Once on the island, there are a number of ways you can travel. If you prefer a motorized vehicle, you can choose a pedicab or sikad, and an electric tricycle (e-trike), or a regular motorcycle, along the main road, or along the beachfront path You can even walk along the beaches. You can even use mountain bikes and quadbikes for your transportation.



As mentioned earlier, there are lots of hotels, short-stay resorts, and even local guesthouses you can choose from if you plan to visit Boracay. But don't you wish you can buy a house and lot in the Philippines that is near Boracay? While there is certainly real estate available, most of them are scattered on the island, they can now be subject to foreign ownership, or used as commercial establishments or limited residential areas. Meaning, their prices can be higher than usual. Hence, we invite you to check out various Lumina Homes units, such as an affordable house and lot in Lumina San Juan La Union so you can literally make your way to Boracay more frequently, but still within the comfort of a city capital. For more information, contact an accredited Lumina seller today!

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