Birthday Culture in the Philippines

24 January 2023
Birthday Culture in the Philippines

Filipinos love to celebrate birthdays. This could be among the most significant contrasts between Filipinos and other cultures. Birthdays are more than simply a celebration of life for most of our Kababayans, and even if they are miles away from home, it is all about spending time with family. As a result, birthday parties become similar to mini-reunions when family, loved ones, and closest friends (and even neighbors) gather to celebrate and share excellent food. particularly Filipino dishes!


Who doesn't enjoy celebrating such an occasion? Birthday celebrations include eating your favorite meal, opening presents, and having your loved ones greet you on your special day. As we get older, our birthdays become bigger and better as the list of things to celebrate grows greater! We even try some gimmicks and activities to make epic celebrations.


In our country, we have a few special birthdays where celebrating is a must. Most of the times, both the parent and other family members go some extra miles to make their child or loved ones' momentous occasion one of their most epic celebrations.



Most Celebrated and Significant Birthdays in the Philippines

  • 1st Birthday

The first birthday of a Filipino child is the long awaited celebration for most first-time parents. In this celebrated occasion, baby clothes, toys, larger crib, and other expensive gift are usually what the birthday celebrant is receiving. Since it is the child’s first birthday, guests would expect a lot of giggles, cheek pinching, and some discourse between the child's parents, godparents, and relatives.



  • 7th Birthday

The 7th birthday in Filipinos is one of the lavish children's parties. This age embarks a new beginning for toddlers where they are expected to be more accountable for their actions. Children of this age are considered old enough to know the consequences of their actions as well as the right and wrong. This also means that they are completing their pre-school and commencing a new journey in the primary school.



  • 18th and 21st Birthday

In Filipinos, the 18th (for females) and 21st (for boys) birthdays are noteworthy because they symbolize the transition from adolescence to maturity. A girl's 18th birthday is usually referred to as a debut. They are treated to a lavish birthday party, complete with 18 roses. The debutant will be given a rose and have a dance with selected special male friends; 18 candles wherein 18 closest female friends or cousins will give a birthday message or wishes with a candle to the debutant; 18 treasures wherein 18 selected friends and family present the debutant their special gifts; and 18 shots wherein 18 family or friends will take a shot of an alocoholic drink then give a birthday message.


The male 21st birthday is celebrated, but boys do not usually throw big parties. They just enjoy and hang out with their closest friends through travels, gimmicks, or having a drink.



  • 50th Birthday

For most Filipinos, turning 50 is a significant milestone. So, we're celebrating with a boom! The celebrant is generally surprised by the family with a birthday celebration at which relatives and friends gather to celebrate the celebrant's life. This birthday is often termed as "golden birthday".



  • 60th Birthday

This is by far the most important birthday for most Filipinos, since it represents a significant milestone and indicates that the celebrant will be retiring from work and spending their time doing whatever they like at home or wherever the sun shines.


This is commemorated to express thanks for 60 years of life and the ability to have come this far.



Most Popular Filipino Birthday Meal


1. Cake

Cakes should always be present on Filipino birthdays, even if only a few items are served.


It's not a Filipino birthday until there are Goldilocks or Red Ribbon cakes (popular cake and baked goodies shops in the Philippines).



 2. Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpia, also known as Lumpiang Shanghai, is a type of Filipino egg roll. It has ground pork, minced onions, carrots, and seasonings form the foundation of the filling.



3. Filipino Style Spaghetti

Filipino Spaghetti is a Pinoy variant of spaghetti with meat sauce. Meats used in this variety include ground pig, luncheon meat, and hotdogs, as well as a sweet tomato-based sauce. It's often served at children's birthday parties, along with some delicious fried chicken and cake.



4. Pancit

Pancit is a simple dish made with two types of noodles: bihon and sotanghon. The first type of noodle is rice sticks. Pancit bihon is a tasty way to use it. Sotanghon is also known as green bean thread. This delectable pancit dish is easy to make. It is also inexpensive.



5. Palabok

Pancit Palabok is a staple of Filipino food that is popular during office parties, birthdays, and other special occasions. This pancit is savory and filling, with a sauce that will make your mouth water. It has risen in popularity to the point where it is now one of our favorite fast food restaurants.



6. Kaldereta

This orange stew is popular among Filipinos due to its thick texture and rich savory flavor. While there are various Kaldereta varieties available, the classic version's protein source is semi-sweet goat meat.



7. Lechon

The bulk of Filipino celebrations have a diverse array of offerings. In gatherings, we are usually presented with a plethora of food options, ranging from vibrant fruit salad to the traditional savory pancit palabok, bihon, or canton. The classic lechon is almost always available, especially during special birthday celebrations.


Nothing surpasses spending time with the people you care about while eating cuisine prepared and presented with affection.



What Makes Pinoy Birthday Celebration Epic


 1. No Reservations

All are welcome! That is the Filipino family culture at its most extensive. It means that every friend or relative within a day's journey, no matter how remote the blood tie, must be invited or participate in the birthday party planning.



2. Birthday Blowout

Being at work makes it difficult to attend family gatherings at home. As a result, friends, coworkers, and neighbors become important sources of support. Instead of inviting family members to a birthday celebration, the celebrator invites friends to a birthday bash. Restaurants, in this situation, serve as the location for everyone to unwind and enjoy the festivities.



3. Potluck

Celebrators gather frequently serve Filipino delicacies that they enjoy at home. This is served as a buffet style or in the increasingly popular 'boodle fight' manner. They would agree to have a potluck instead due to time restrictions. Each attendee would be given a dish to bring to the party. This is because Filipinos are generally helpful and hospitable, and we make every effort to keep everyone pleased.



4. Karaoke

Filipinos enjoy singing in addition to eating. They are infatuated with singing karaoke, and it is a requirement at birthday parties. The party will not begin without it. Whether you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Middle East, every Filipino home will have a karaoke system called Magic Sing or Magic Mic. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone now has a mini-bluetooth microphone karaoke or apps that allow them to sing along and share their performances.



5. Leftovers

If there's one thing Filipinos are terrified of happening at gatherings, it's running out of food. No matter how limited the budget, the celebrant would undoubtedly spend as much on the food to ensure that the visitors enjoy their lunch or supper. When the celebration is ended, there are bound to be a lot of leftovers. These are distributed and taken home by guests or relatives.



Compared to all other countries and regions in the world, Philippines celebrate birthdays quite more extravagant. This is why birthday parties have become one of the most anticipated yearly celebrations. It's always a great idea to spend birthday with your family to give them a fun and engaging experience.



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