8 Effective Ways to Pass the UPCAT Entrance Exam This June

8 June 2023
8 Effective Ways to Pass the UPCAT Entrance Exam This June

Are you eager to discover effective strategies for passing the UPCAT? Many students experience varying degrees of pressure to excel in the University of the Philippines' entrance exam. This pressure may arise from familial expectations, academic demands, or simply the allure of joining the esteemed group of Iskolar ng Bayan. U.P. has long been recognized as the haven for the country's brightest minds. Moreover, it consistently holds the top position in the country according to the QS World and Asian University Rankings, with Ateneo de Manila and the University of Santo Tomas closely trailing behind.


Following three years without college entrance tests due to the pandemic, UP or the University of the Philippines has reintroduced the College Admission Test (UPCAT) for 2023. Consequently, aspiring Isko't Iska for the incoming academic year will face the "most competitive" college admission test in the nation. If acing the UPCAT exam isn't much of a problem for you, perhaps you must consider your residential needs. With that, Lumina Homes can help you! We have multiple residential projects that have excellent proximity to UP Universities. We can offer you an affordable house and lot for sale as your initial home investment. No need to search for cheap yet poorly constructed housing units. Lumina Homes has certainly a wide array of options of house and lot Philippines for you.



Beyond the Basics: How Do You Become an UPCAT Qualifier

To become a UPCAT qualifier, you must first ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. Then, complete the application process by filling out the form accurately and paying the application fee. Next, prepare for the exam by studying the required subjects and practicing with sample questions.


On the day of the exam, go straight to the assigned testing center with your test permit and identification documents. Take the UPCAT, which is a two-day standardized entrance exam covering various subjects. After the exam, patiently wait for the results to be announced on the official UPCAT website. Qualification for admission is determined by the University Predicted Grade (UPG), which is calculated by combining your UPCAT score (60%) with your final grades from the last three years of your secondary level or high school (40%). It is pivotal to note that the state university allocates 70% of the available slots to applicants with the highest UPGs, while the remaining slots are reserved for exceptional candidates from underrepresented minority groups, such as cultural communities.



Considering the significance of the UPG, it becomes evident that the effort invested in high school academics holds substantial value. However, if your grades are not as exceptional as desired, striving for the highest possible scores in the UPCAT becomes even more crucial in order to elevate your UPG. It's important to note that qualifying for the UPCAT does not guarantee admission to a specific UP campus or program. Additional steps might be required based on your scores and the availability of slots. For the most precise details, visit the official UPCAT website or contact the UP System's admissions office.



UPCAT Preparation Made Easy: 8 Essential Tips for Acing the Examination Day



1. Initiate your review process early.

Similar to other college entrance examinations, the UPCAT not only assesses the extent of your acquired knowledge but also evaluates the effectiveness of your learning strategies in retaining that knowledge. If you have studied diligently in high school and possess a deep understanding of the concepts, your chances of succeeding in the UPCAT are significantly higher. It serves as a culmination of everything you have learned so far. However, this should not lead to complacency, as instances of top-performing students in high school failing the UPCAT are not unheard of.



While enrolling in a review center is an option, their contribution primarily lies in providing tips and tricks to pass the UPCAT. Ultimately, the months or years of preparation you undertake will surpass the limited time spent in a review center.



2. Address your weaknesses.

Attempting to cover the entirety of your high school learnings within the restricted review period for the UPCAT is impractical. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize your time wisely. Instead of dedicating equal hours to all major subjects, allocate more review time to the areas in which you struggle the most. By the time you reach the end of high school, you likely have an understanding of your weaknesses. In case you are unsure, you can utilize the results of your mock exam to identify the subjects in which you obtained the lowest scores.


While it is important to prepare for all the subjects equally, focusing additional effort on practicing the challenging sections is advisable. Many students find Science and Math particularly difficult, and since a significant portion of UPCAT questions is derived from these subjects, paying extra attention to them is especially crucial if you did not pursue the STEM track in high school.



3. Familiarize yourself with the test composition and time allocations.

It is substantially vital to familiarize yourself with the test composition and time allocations of the UPCAT. Understanding the format and structure of the exam will enable you to better plan your time and approach each section strategically. By knowing the different subtests and their weightage in the overall exam, you can allocate your efforts accordingly.


For example, you should be aware that the UPCAT places significant emphasis on subjects like Mathematics and Science. Knowing this, you can allocate more time and attention to these areas during your preparation. Additionally, being aware of the time allocations for each subtest allows you to pace yourself effectively during the actual exam. This knowledge ensures that you don't spend excessive time on one section and end up rushing through others. By familiarizing yourself with the test composition and time allocations, you gain a sense of control and confidence, enabling you to approach the UPCAT with a clear strategy and maximize your chances of success.



4. Enhance your ability to answer questions under pressure.

In today's context, attending the UPCAT exam without knowing what to expect is avoidable. School-sponsored reviews, book reviewers, and college review centers can provide insights into the types of tests likely to appear in the exam. This information equips you with a solid understanding of the different subtests and the allotted time for each. Once again, the UPCAT is an aptitude exam designed to assess the knowledge acquired during high school.


While review centers may assist in conditioning your mindset, it is unrealistic to expect them to cover every lesson you may have missed in high school or to provide questions identical to those in the actual exam. In reality, they operate as profitable businesses that capitalize on students' lack of preparation and self-confidence. Developing self-confidence does not imply possessing the answers to every question thrown at you; it means being capable of selecting an answer despite not knowing the exact one. During the UPCAT, you will encounter extremely challenging questions. To bolster your self-confidence, take as many practice tests or mock exams as much as you can. Take mock tests or practice college admission tests that are available online. By taking a mock test, you familiarize yourself with lots of questions and even discover answers.



5. Employ informed guessing.

In the UPCAT, each incorrect answer incurs a deduction of a quarter point, commonly known as the "right minus ¼ wrong" penalty. On the other hand, leaving an item unanswered does not result in any penalty. However, statistically speaking, it is generally better to make an educated guess rather than leave a question blank when you are unsure of the correct answer.


Leaving a question blank guarantees a 100% incorrect score or a deduction of one point. However, if you take a calculated risk and your answer happens to be incorrect, you will lose 1.25 points for the mistake. On the other hand, if you make an intelligent guess, you have a 25% chance of selecting the correct answer. Your chances of answering correctly can be improved by eliminating obviously wrong choices right away. If you excel in the process of elimination, taking this risk is worth considering.



6. Internalize concepts instead of relying on memorization.

Rote memorization is a technique for novices. You may memorize formulas and concepts to your heart's content, but as soon as nervousness takes hold, it may flee from your mind. Rather than memorizing your lessons word-for-word, strive to internalize them. Look beyond the formulas, words, shapes, and concepts, and delve into their underlying meaning. If you can explain the lessons in your own words without relying on superficial memorization, you are on the right path.


To enhance retention, you can engage in mental exercises, play educational games, or practice positive self-talk in the days leading up to the UPCAT. Note cards also prove to be an excellent method for consolidating and organizing the formulas and important concepts



7. Effectively manage your time.

Regardless of the difficulty level, each test item carries the same point value, and they are presented in a mixed order during the exam. To optimize your time during the test, it is advisable to tackle the easier questions first and then proceed to the more challenging ones. Spending excessive time on difficult questions can consume valuable test time, leaving you with insufficient time to write or choose the answer for questions you would normally be able to handle.


As a general guideline, it is recommended not to spend over 2 minutes on a single test item. In reading comprehension subtest, you don't have to read the entire text or story. This approach would be time-consuming, especially if you are not proficient in speed reading. Go directly, instead, to the question and then scan the paragraphs to locate the answer. Ensure that you correctly mark your answers on the answer sheet to avoid unintentionally skipping a number and jeopardizing your entire test.



8. Stay relaxed and avoid undue pressure.

The more you perceive the UPCAT as a life-or-death situation, the higher the likelihood of experiencing failure. Our minds are incredibly powerful, and if you convince yourself of failure even before taking the exam, the universe may conspire to make it a reality. Mental training and preparedness play a significant role in your performance.


According to the law of attraction, our thoughts manifest into reality. Often referred to as the power of visualization or positive thinking, this law suggests that positive thoughts yield positive results. Throughout your review period, focus solely on positive thoughts and envision yourself successfully passing the UPCAT. You can even use editing software to create and print pictures of yourself as an accomplished Iskolar ng Bayan. Take a look at these images when you wake up and before you sleep. Placing excessive pressure on yourself can lead to diminished concentration. Remember, the UPCAT assesses your readiness for college, not your overall intelligence.


Most likely, many of you have diligently prepared by reviewing the subjects covered in the UPCAT, such as Mathematics, Science, Reading Comprehension, and Language Proficiency. If so, you are already halfway through your journey. College entrance exams go beyond mere knowledge. To fully prepare yourself, you need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to achieve success. If you've been looking for an affordable house and lot near your preferred UP site, Lumina has the ideal residential solution for your needs.


Lumina Homes has several projects in close proximity to University of the Philippines (UP) campuses. Our carefully selected locations offer an ideal blend of convenience, comfort, and value if you want to be part of the vibrant academic community of UP. With their close proximity to the campuses, you'll enjoy easy access to world-class education, cultural events, and a myriad of amenities. Don't miss out on the chance to secure a coveted property in this highly sought-after location. Contact us today to explore the real estate options and make your dream of living or investing near the University of the Philippines a reality.


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