6 Signs to Upgrade Your Home

21 October 2022
6 Signs to Upgrade Your Home

Have you been wondering to upgrade your home and look for an affordable house and lot property to cater to your family's growing needs? Do you think it's time to finally invest in a living space that can accommodate your future plans? Having these thoughts is completely normal. With the drastic changes brought about by the pandemic, our living space became much more important since some of us are now mostly staying at home. Some even converted a part of their own home to make space for running a business.


So, if you're considering owning an affordable house and lot for sale to gift yourself and your family the home space upgrade they deserve, Lumina Home's Single Firewall Units will definitely cover. Choose from over 50 key locations nationwide and join our secure and stress-free communities.


Deciding to finally get a house upgrade or to look for an affordable house and lot for sale is a major decision. Hence, it's important to know the correct signs if it's really a necessary move and not just based on senseless factors. So, to help you, we listed some of the signs you can look for to see if you’re ready to move on to a bigger and better new house!



6 Indicative Signs That It's Time to Upgrade Your Home

1. You have a growing family.

This is probably one of the most definite signs when it's time for a home upgrade. It's obvious that you are considering upsizing your home to accommodate new family members. Now that your family is growing, you're probably realizing that each member has their own needs. When your home is literally out of space or if you can't find enough beds for everyone, it may be time to consider upsizing.


2. You need your own space to relax and unwind.

When you return home from work, take care of your children, or resolve household issues, among many other stressful and exhausting activities of your day, all you want is a quiet own space to relax. There could be an outdoor garden, a separate office, or a man cave where you can let off some steam. As your family continues to grow, your space can become cluttered, or even disappear entirely. If this happens, it's time to consider upsizing your house and lot.


Over the years, you may have accumulated more items and so you will need more space and more room for privacy. Upgrading to a larger and better home would give you more storage space. In addition to having more space at home, more hobbies could be pursued or a lifestyle change could be enacted.


3. The current housing market is optimistic.

For you to take advantage of your home purchase, you must understand what factors influence the housing market. Get an idea of what's going on in the market before you decide to upsize your house and lot. Don't let the opportunity to purchase a house pass you by if the interest rates are favorable and you think it's an excellent time to do so.


Nowadays, the housing market and interest rates are constantly changing. Therefore, it might be a bright idea to buy a larger home now while the market is strong! In addition, you will save more money by avoiding high-interest rates.


4. You need a more accessible location.

Accessibility plays an essential role in our living conditions. And at some point, relocating to a much more accessible area or location will be needed. Your current home is probably at an ideal location but with a growing family, you will eventually need to move out unless adjustments are made. Hence, if you think that your family needs to relocate somewhere near schools, public transport hubs, major establishments, and hospitals among others, it's definitely time to move.


5. You can afford a home upgrade.

Sooner or later, you would want to upgrade your living space especially, if you're prepared financially. If you can handle the down payment, secure the property taxes, and accommodate the purchase price of a property along with a bigger mortgage, you can definitely opt for a larger property. A bigger house also means larger utility bills, hence, it's important that your finances are stable to cover the expenses.


6. Your current neighborhood no longer suits you.

There are times when we don't really need to upsize, but rather need a new environment. We all outgrow our surroundings at some point and may need to change home communities. Perhaps you're living in your childhood home with your family, but now you want to experience something different. We all know that Filipinos tend to be quite sentimental about the houses they've grown up in. Others, however, are simply looking for a new perspective and growth by moving to new surroundings, and building their new dream home is the new focus.


You may want to consider upsizing your home if any of these hints apply to you. Making the big move to upsize your home will give you and your family the extra space you always need.



Get a Home Upgrade with Lumina Homes' Single Firewall Units

Home buyers have different reasons as to why they opt to get a home upgrade. Even getting a new job can push you to upsize your home. Therefore, if you're on the hunt for an affordable house and lot with a single firewall unit, Lumina Homes is your best choice! Our single firewall units are built to last providing value for your hard-earned money.


You get 3 bedroom provisions, a living room space, a dining and kitchen area, a family area, a garage, and a service area as well all packed in a two-story, Single Firewall unit.


Adding value to your money, the house's specifications include a design that emphasizes both family safety and house features. The main entrance door and the service area doors are both constructed of steel. All windows are encased in steel. Throughout the ground floor of the unit, ceramic tiles have been installed, while the second floor has a cement finish. A skim-coated finish will be applied to the interior walls and a skim-coated painted finish will be applied to the exterior walls upon turnover.


A PVC door has also been installed for your toilet and bath area, along with a flushing system. Fiber cement boards are used for the ceiling, and long-span steel frames support the roof. The kitchen counter is made of a concrete slab with tiles, but no doors yet for the cabinet below.


So, if you're interested to purchase an affordable house and lot unit from Lumina Homes, you can easily reach out to one of our accredited sellers to get started!

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