Quick House Tour at Armina Single Firewall

28 February 2022

The Armina Single Firewall unit from Lumina Homes is one of the prime home model units that the leading house and lot provider offers to its homebuyers.


Armina Single Firewall is a house and lot unit with 42 square meter floor area that stands on a regular 54 square meter lot. This house type includes features such as a living area, dining room, kitchen area, toilet and bath, three bedrooms, a carport provision, and a service area. Purchasing this particular home model unit from Lumina Homes would also entitle its homeowner to a free tiles on the ground floor and a free ceiling.


Because of its spacious design, Armina Single Firewall is the best match for larger families who want to have extra space in their homes. It is also great for work-at-home individuals and those who want to have a home gym installed inside their house.

Below are the specifications for the Armina Single Firewall upon turnover of the unit:

  • Steel door on main and service entrance
  • Steel casement windows
  • Floor tiles on the ground floor
  • Plain cement finish on the second floor
  • Ceiling is painted fiber cement board on exterior
  • Skim coated finish on the interior wall
  • Painted plastered finish on the exterior wall
  • Kitchen counter is made of concrete slab with tiles and without cabinet doors
  • Ceramic tiles on toilet and bath
  • PVC door on toilet and bath
  • Plastered finish with floor tiles on toilet and bath
  • Water closet is flush type
  • Roof is pre-painted ribbed type with flashing on steel frame. 


You can start your home investment journey with a prime and spacious house and lot package from Lumina Homes with Php 10,000 reservation fees.


Build a home office at home with your Armina Single Firewall unit

A house, in contrast to a business headquarters, is intended to be a place of permanent residence, a place where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself. 


Converting your house into an office requires combining functional furniture and décor with aesthetically pleasing items to create a space where you can be productive while still feeling at home. 


It's a good idea to keep the home office distinct from the rest of the house by creating a separate room or nook exclusively for it; this will guarantee that the function of that space is not confused with any other portion of your house, making it easier to get work done!


Good thing the Armina Single Firewall unit from Lumina Homes gives you that enough space and privacy you need for your home office. Below are some of the ideas that you can incorporate in turning that extra space in your house into a home office:


How to incorporate Home Buddies Team Kahoy at home?

When it comes to creating a home office in a bedroom, nothing beats the traditional look and feel of a warm wood finish. This is also the ideal and perfect theme for a home study or a workspace.


1. Office desk by the window

Natural lighting is without a doubt the most revitalizing addition to any interior design. Place your home office furniture near a window and add light-reflective features like glass and brilliant white to get the most out of the natural light!


2. A stylish glam

Turn your master bedroom into a home office with a dark accent wall, black-and-white furnishings, and a large abstract painting as its centerpiece. This is an ideal work-from-home setting for trendsetters like you.


3. Vintage office

Any fan of Pride and Prejudice and all of its Victorian Romantic design will be delighted to find a vintage secretary desk that has a drop-down writing surface achieving that old-school writer’s desk ambiance.


4. A very western study nook

The proper amount of "tucked away" is found in this beautiful kind of workstation, which is situated in a corner inside a living area. In addition, you can also find yourself swooning over the country-western vibe of your home office with this design.


5. Relaxing warm colors

You might want to incorporate that warm, softer neutrals may be preferable over vibrant ones, depending on the sort of job you'll like to do in your home office. In contrast to the former, the latter may revitalize and excite the mind. Consider what you want to accomplish at your workplace, and then furnish it accordingly.


6. Indoor plants

Plants, including those that grow inside, provide natural air purifiers that assist in removing toxins from the atmosphere. Bring nature into your home whenever you need to 'clear your thoughts'—even it means to have them put into your home office.


7. Floating desk and chair

Consider floating your home workstation. If you are not familiar with the term, it means not putting your workstation against the wall if you have the room for it—just like with your Armina Single Firewall unit. By doing this kind of layout, it will help you to increase the sense of the importance of your work desk, helping you to be more motivated at work.


8. Combine them all

If you want to apply your adventurous character, you can try a kind of design that does not hold back when it comes to mixing up the materials. This can bring the stunning result to your home office. Metal, wood, leather, glass, a crystal figurine, and even a crystal chandelier all come together to create a bedroom office workplace with character.


9. Comfortable lounge

If your home office is cozy, you may find yourself putting in more creative time. Having an executive desk and comfortable lounge chairs in the same room is a great way to create a comfortable work environment that will encourage you to be more productive. You can even have it doubled as a family workspace at home.


A workspace full of style can be achieved without exerting much effort and work if you just get the appropriate idea and creativity for it. So make sure to utilize these design concepts, which range from industrial to natural elements, for a home office that is at once practical and stylish.


With Lumina Homes’ Armina Single Firewall unit, it’s easier to conceptualize the design of your ideal home space based on your personality. So get your own Armina Single Firewall unit now with Lumina Homes and achieve that comfortable work set up with your very own home office space.

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