12 Must Have Work-from-Home Items

17 September 2022
12 Must Have Work from Home Items

Working from home is such a privilege that not all of us get to have. Some companies have slowly drifted back to the usual corporate setting and have required their employees to work on-site. Hence, if you're still vibing in your very own home office space, make sure to have home office essentials that would even elevate your WFH experience. A human body could only wish to give in to an afternoon slump, turn on sleep mode, and fall asleep in an instant. But in reality, working for more than eight hours straight, combing through virtual meetings while striving to make ourselves comfortable.


Whether you’re working from home temporarily or have decided to switch from the corporate world to home-based, the downsides are just around the corner. So, to help you overcome the daily challenges of a home-based career, we listed 12 WFH essentials that you wouldn't want to miss adding to your Shopee, Lazada, or TikTok online cart at great price points.


12 Essential Work from Home Items to Boost Productivity


1. Adjustable Standing Desk or Office Desk

If you're working from home, one of the most essential items you should have is a nice flat surface as your work desk. Being seated idle for long periods can take a toll on your body. Therefore, investing in an adjustable standing work table rather than using a kitchen table or a coffee table makes a big difference. Besides, it will hold all your remote-work equipment and essentials, plus you'll sit in front of it most of the time.


An adjustable standing work table has a lot of benefits and there's a wide range of models that you can choose from. Check out cool brands online and you could stumble upon a Jarvis desk.


2. An Ergonomic Chair or Office Chair

The right chair is essential, especially when working long hours. With this chair, you’ll be able to keep your posture and back correctly at all times. The ergonomic footrest on a chair can reduce back strain and reduce discomfort in your knees, feet, and legs while you're working. Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing one if extra comfort is your priority. You can choose from a variety of office chairs. An example of a highly-engineered desk chair that can help improve posture is Herman Miller's Aeron chair.


3. Monitor

Why settle for just a single monitor if you can have a second one that can increase productivity? Since we spend long periods looking at the computer screen, investing in a large monitor or getting another one is a great idea. You can now work simultaneously using a second screen to improve productivity and make work life easier.


4. Webcam

Attend conference calls with confidence by purchasing a decent or high-quality web camera. Oftentimes, laptops and company-provided webcams have poor quality. Hence, if you want to look good virtually, invest in a proper webcam.


5. Table Mat for Keyboard and Mouse

Of course, an ergonomic mouse and a good keyboard are already on your WFH starter pack. But another work-from-home essential is a table mat for your working area. Aside from protecting your work table, it's much more comfortable to work with a mat under your keyboard and mouse pad as well. Also, it is spill-free and non-slip, and it's best for keeping your mouse and keyboard in one place. Hence, if you're not tight with the budget you can add this item to your table.


6. Lap Desk

What's great about a remote job is the luxury to work anywhere you want inside the house. If you're bored working in front of your work table, you can try the sofa. But who would want to spend all day with a hot, radiation-emitting laptop resting on your legs or stomach, right? That's why you need to invest in sturdy portable lap desks. You can now attend a video conference where there's a space grey or white background nicely. It's quite different from a laptop stand, which you can use to raise the level of your laptop, but that's also an essential item you must have.


7. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Most noise-canceling headphones provide incredible sound quality that will make you sound more professional. With a headphone like this, you can enjoy surround sound effects while effectively suppressing background noise at the same time. Therefore, if you're making calls or taking zoom calls all day, you should invest in good headphones. 


8. Extension Cord

With all your working equipment, tools, and devices, you'll need a high-quality extension cord. Basically, you can't work with just one or two sockets. You'll need more to charge multiple devices and it's one of the most important home essentials you need to have with you. Hence, if your laptop's battery life gives you just a few hours or you need your gadgets just within reach, invest in an excellent extension cord.


9. Desk Organizer

To keep your workstation organized from all the important documents, sticky notes, pens, paper, and other stuff, you should invest in a desk organizer. Your home office setup will be much more appealing with a file cabinet and storing other devices is a breeze. Also, you may want to write motivational messages or write your to-do list on sticky notes so, you need an organizer for that too!


10. Desk Lamp

If working late at night or need to sift through loads of paper works, documents, and take notes most of the time, you need to have a desk lamp in your working area. Working in the dark will strain your eyes so it's important to have one while working. There's a wide variety of desk lamps ranging from cute ones to modernly-designed items. You can even purchase one that's connected to a smart system using voice commands. With a night light, you can now take video calls with decent lighting at all times.


11. Coffee Mug Warmer

A work-from-home setup is never complete without a coffee or tea to boost your productivity. But it's easy to get lost from the piles of work needed to be done. Your coffee will then turn into a cold, sad drink especially if you prefer to take it hot. That's why a coffee mug warmer is invented! You can now keep the computer cool and your coffee warm to enjoy it up to the very last drop.


12. Speakers

One way to keep your creative juices flowing while working is to listen to great music. You'll need a speaker that enhances sound quality and would let you enjoy some good music. There are multitude of options to choose from so you won't have to settle for your laptop speakers. You can opt for Bluetooth speakers so you can connect your laptop or phone.


Your home workspace should let you work comfortably and bring out the creative juices that you have. Hence, aside from the must-have items listed above, you can invest in other essentials like scented candles, USB C Hub, an air purifier to elevate air quality and breath fresh air, a white noise machine, or even blue light-blocking glasses will be a big help to boost your productivity while working from home. You could even add an ultra-soft carpet to keep your feet warm or a durable tumbler to stay hydrated. A charging dock is also a great addition to your home-based office. Invest in a decent wireless phone charger so you can easily use it whenever your phone's battery is about to die.


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