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ReINA ng Every Juan Vlogs: Lumina House Tour with Lorraine Manebo

24 August 2021

Watch ReINA ng Every Juan Finalist, Lorraine Manebo of Lumina Batangas, as she share practical tips in her home ownership and renovation journey in this vlog!


For Lumina Homes' 9th Anniversary Celebration in the real estate industry, with the theme, We are Unst9ppable, Lumina Homes created some fun and entertaining activities not just for their Kabarangays but also with their business partners and sellers.


One of the activities that Lumina Homes launched during its 9th Year Celebration in August 2021 is the Search for ReINA ng Every Juan. This is a contest devised by Lumina Homes for moms who are also working as their real estate agents.


During the first part of the competition, Lumina Homes called for interested participants wherein they were required to post a photo on Lumina's Official Facebook Page for this event. The participants who got the most number of reactions from their posted photo became the finalists and were advised to create their very own blog that consists of some practical tips that every working mom can utilize while they are working from home.


The Search for ReINA ng Every Juan was devised by Lumina Homes in order to boosts female empowerment among Lumina's real estate agent mommies. This is to remind every Juan that moms are total queens not just inside our homes but also in the real estate industry.


Women, in the course of world history, are usually undervalued and overlooked, especially in the areas of leadership and the corporate world. Through these kinds of activities, the community is being reminded about gender equality as well as inspiring and motivating every woman about their essence in today's society.


A significant worldwide movement of women's empowerment has developed over the last several years, and it has been particularly notable in blazing a trail in the past few years. In fact, empowerment is important to the social, economic, and health conditions of women, especially when it comes to the purpose of the advancement of their political, social, and economic roles. Conducting activities that promote women's empowerment doesn't only help in obtaining sustainable development, but it is also vital for every nation.


In the Philippines, each private entity is trying to conduct an annual celebration that honors women's empowerment in their organization by showcasing the knowledge, talents, and strengths of every Filipina in any career or area of development that they wish to commit to.


Being the boss at home, women are the queens in terms of designing and renovating your house. This is quite natural for most mommies because of their creativity and unique ideas. But, the most challenging part of renovating your house is the budget.

So, let's take a look at some of the helpful tips when renovating your home.


Ideas for Improving Your House Interior Within A Budget


Tip # 1. Make Your Home Brighter by Adding More Natural Light

Light pipes are a good, affordable alternative to upgrading lighting and windows. If you want to add a window, you will need to cut a hole in an existing wall and install the window frames, which will be expensive. Window replacements are three times more expensive than light pipes, that's why doing the latter would be excellent for distributing light around the room in a beautiful and cost-effective way.


Tip # 2. Change your home's look with a new coat of paint

A new coat of paint may give your house a completely new appearance by itself. It is simpler and cheaper to just repaint than to knock down your walls and reconstruct your home. And it gives you a big design boost without having to purchase any new furniture or another décor.


Want to do some cost-cutting on paints? All you need to do is give your doors, window casings, and cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Doing this will give your house a transformation while saving money on paint. Another way to save some money while repainting your homestead is by doing the paintwork yourself or with the help of your family or friends. This can definitely help you save your expenses on house renovations while spending some quality time and new experiences with them.


Also, another pro-tip, if you would like to repaint the whole house, is to consider choosing a specific hue that represents the atmosphere you want in each area.


Tip # 3. Get Creative by Recycling Materials

In order to keep your remodeling costs low, you should try to utilize as many recycled materials as feasible. Get creative and find new uses for out-of-date and almost worn-out things you already own, along with old possessions that were passed on to you.


Tip # 4. Search for Lower-cost Options

New furniture may be more expensive, so consider purchasing second-hand furniture instead. A vintage-style interior is ideal if you want to redecorate your renovated house. Ukay-ukay and Japan surplus shops, as well as the famous budols that we can see in Home Buddies and online shops like Shopee and Lazada, all offer impressive savings.


Furniture from luxury retailers can drain your money. These days, well-made furnishings are accessible for a small fraction of their price in alternative materials. Otherwise, if you are interested in customized furniture, you can find a local carpenter to see if they can build that fancy furniture that you love at a lower price.


Tip # 5. Plants Make Your Home More Welcoming

Don't be tempted to invest in lavish decorations; go for cheap, attractive options like pothos, aloe vera, or peace lilies instead. In addition to adding a sense of warmth to a space, houseplants also help purify the air. It's very soothing to take care of plants, so just let your inner plantita or plantito work their magic in helping you to achieve that welcoming ambiance inside your home without spending too much money!


But before you think about home renovations, it's much better and pretty essential if you already have a house you can call your own. With Lumina Batangas' wide range of Lumina communities and a broad selection of home model units that only range from house and lot worth 500k to Php 1.7 million, you can conveniently and affordably start your home investment.


For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale in Batangas of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
Visit our official website at and like/follow our official online channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, Google MyBusiness & Google Maps, PinterestSpotifyViberTelegramLazada, and Shopee.

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