Lumina Angeli House Tour

12 October 2015

Get an idea for the interior of your Lumina Homes' Angeli Home Model through this video! Be inspired on how you can maximize the space and design of your home!


Here's our Lumina Homes' Angeli Model, a 42 sqm unit on a regular 36 sqm lot cut, complete with 1 Living Area, 1 Dining & Kitchen, Provision for 3 Bedrooms, 1 Carport, and Service Area.


There is a townhouse for sale Philippines that is a new talk in town—the Angeli Townhouse home model unit from Lumina Homes! With its fantastic provision for three bedrooms, this affordable house and lot unit is perfect for families that want to have a space they can call their own but need to stay within their budget.


Angeli Townhouse home model unit is a 42 square meter two-storey townhouse on a 36 square meter lot built and designed by Lumina Homes, a housing segment from Vista Land. A living room, dining room, and a kitchen area are included in this home model unit, as well as a provision for three bedrooms, one toilet and bath, a parking space, and a service area.


Angeli Townhouse is also made using reinforced concrete so that you can make sure that this home model unit can last the test of time and any natural disaster. Upon turnover, an Angeli Townhouse home model unit is consist of the following:

  • Floor: Plain cement finish on common area. 20x20 floor tiles on toilet and bath
  • Wall: 3 layers of 20x30 tiles on toilet and bath, skim coated finish on the interior wall, skim coated painted finish on exterior wall
  • Doors: Steel door on main and service entrance. PVS on toilet and bath
  • Windows: Steel casement windows
  • Ceiling: No ceiling (interior)
  • Water closet: Flush type
  • Roof: Long span roofing on steel frames


You can find this house and lot for sale in the following Lumina Homes communities:


This two-storey townhouse home model unit price starts at an affordable price range of Php 1,188,000 to Php 1,959,000, but you can be a step ahead in having a home investment with this cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines Angeli Townhouse with only Php 5,000 reservation fee!


Buying this affordable house and lot for sale thru pag ibig financing can surprise its homebuyers how this two-storey townhouse can be converted into a three bedroom house unit with proper interior design.


Multifunctional furniture ideas

You can maximize the space of your Angeli Townhouse with proper interior design and by getting furniture that can let you save space inside your home. Here are some of the multifunctional furniture ideas that you can grab for your brand new house and lot:


1. Under-bed storage that doubles as a bedside table

You can maximize your bedroom space by getting under-bed storage that can also be used as a bedside table. Rolling storage containers that fit snugly beneath the bed are an excellent investment. A portable storage bin may double as both a bedside table and a place to keep your belongings. When it's time to go to sleep, roll it out and put it back in the morning.


2. Stackable beds

You can't go wrong with having a simple bed that accomplishes exactly what it's supposed to do. Nonetheless, what if it could do and be so much more than its original purpose? Stackable beds may be used as a corner couch, a daybed, twin beds, and a full-sized bed. You can customize its arrangement to fit the occasion without the need to purchase additional products.


3. Bookcase with a fold-down table

Invest in shelving with a fold-out table if you're short on space in your kitchen, workplace, living area, or even your bedroom. Such a product provides enough storage space for books and knickknacks, but it also includes a function that allows you to use it as a desk and a dining table. 


4. Convertible sleeper chair.

Consider a sleeper chair if you prefer to snooze during the day or if you have a small house and need an additional bed for guests. They're ideal for curling up with a good book or watching television even at night. They may recline to create a bed at night that your unexpected visitors can be catered to.


5. Triple duty sleeper sofa

Another great piece of furniture that you can add up to your living room is a triple-duty sleeper sofa. The number of guests you can host is limited by the amount of space in your home that can accommodate a guest bed. However, with the purchase of a sleeper couch, you'll have more space than ever before for visitors. Couches like these can be quickly and easily converted into cozy beds. Some even offer coffee table ottomans that can also double as a bed.


6. A console that converts into a large dining table

A piece of a perfect furniture for your dining area, especially if you have an unexpected arrival of visitors and you need extra space to serve them. Invest in a console table that doubles as a six-seater dining table when it's not in use. 


7. A double rod for your bathroom

If you don't have a place to put your towels after you've used them, why not simply leave them in the bathroom? You may use double shower curtain rods to hold both the shower curtain and your towel. Now, you don't have to shout or have the hassle of going out of the bathroom next time you take a shower since your towel is just an arm-length away.


Make your home reservations now with this fabulous Angeli Townhouse from Lumina Homes, and be amazed how it can accommodate your growing family at an affordable price! You can even choose flexible payment options such as pag ibig housing loan, bank financing, or in house financing.


For more information about the house and lots for sale in the Philippines and condo units for sale of Lumina Homes, contact (0917) 629 6523.
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