Lumina Mia House Tour

12 October 2015

Take a peek at our Lumina Homes' Mia Model, a 36 sqm unit on a regular 36 sqm lot cut, complete with 1 Living Area, 1 Dining & Kitchen, Provision for 2 Bedrooms, and Service Area.


Get an idea for the interior of your Lumina Homes' Mia Home Model through this video! Be inspired on how you can maximize the space and design of your home!


One of the most affordable two-story home model units from Lumina Homes is the Mia Townhouse. This is one of the feature houses in Lumina Tanza located in Brgy. Bagtas Tanza, Cavite.


Mia Townhouse model unit is a two-storey townhouse for sale Philippines from Lumina Homes that has a floor area of 36 square meters and a minimum lot area of 36 square meters. It has a living area, dining room, kitchen space, one toilet and bath, a provision for a service area, and a provision for two bedrooms.


Mia Townhouse is also made using concrete hollow blocks so that you can make sure that this home model unit can last the test of time and any natural disaster. Upon turnover, the Mia Townhouse home model unit is consist of the following:

  • Floor: Plain cement finish
  • Wall: Skim coated finish on the interior wall, painted plastered finish on exterior wall
  • Doors: Steel door on main and service entrance. PVC on toilet and bath.
  • Windows: Steel casement windows
  • Water closet: Flush type.
  • Roof: Long span roofing on steel frames


This townhouse is below one million house, and lot in the Philippines, and the price starts at Php 726,000 with Php 63,000 downpayment for 12 months. But, you can be a step ahead in having a home investment with this townhouse for sale Philippines Mia Townhouse with only Php 5,000 reservation fee!


The great thing about having just enough space in a house and lot is having a lesser hassle and time cleaning and maintaining your home. To give you some ideas on how to clean your house faster, let's check this out.


How to quickly clean your home

One way to keep you and your family healthy is by cleaning your house regularly. To prevent the transmission of germs, it is essential to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Cleaning up spillage, vacuuming your carpets, and maintaining a clean kitchen and bathroom are all ways to kill germs in your home. 


But, let's face it. It's not easy to clean our house regularly, especially with our workloads and busy schedules. That's why it would be a great help if you could know some hacks on how you can clean your house in a jiffy.


1. Get everyone involved in cleaning.

Cleaning your home quickly can be better accomplished by organizing a group of people to work together. You can choose a specific day with your family and assign them chores ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page or schedule with you. If truth be told, cleaning could be made more enjoyable when done in groups. You can make your home spotless in no time if everybody in the family cooperates and put all your minds and hands into it.


2. Eliminate the clutter.

Without noticing, we tend to acquire many items that we just don't use at all or serve as clutters at home. Imagine how much clutter you can gather by not checking your pieces of stuff in a year! So, before you begin cleaning, it's better if you were able to visit each room in your house to inspect and remove the kinds of stuff that you don't already need. Tossing, donating, or putting away each thing you find as you go through the house is a decision you must make as you go along.


3. Put your cleaning tools in a bucket.

Cleaning up is a lot easier and simpler when you have all of your cleaning supplies with you wherever you go. Whether you put it in a bucket, caddy, or tote, cleaning can be much more convenient and faster if you know that the cleaning tools you need are just an arm's length away. You won't have to spend time searching for equipment while you clean, and you won't have to collect them before your next cleaning session.


4. Mirrors and glass should be wiped off.

A helpful tip in cleaning glass and mirrors is making sure that you have one moist microfiber cloth and one dry cloth on hand. You can clean the glass and mirrors thoroughly by wiping them first with a moist microfiber cloth before wiping them with a dry cloth. 


5. Disinfect surfaces such as counters and tables.

Countertops and surface areas at home are an easy magnet for germs and bacteria. That's why to keep your home clean, make a point of wiping down all of the hard surfaces – from worktops and appliances to cupboards and doorknobs to light switches and telephones. In particular, disinfect those areas where germs are most likely to be transferred to hands and faces. Pro Tip: You can mix white or apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. This homemade mixture is an effective disinfectant solution.


6. Don't forget your tubs, sinks, and toilets.

Using a spray bottle, clean the kitchen sink, then follow up with the tub, shower, and toilet in the bathroom. For the cleaning agent to do its job, let it sit for around a few minutes before you start scrubbing them. Get back into the kitchen first, and don't forget to include cleaning off the inside of your microwave. Make sure to put your toilet in the last part of your list to avoid contamination of germs and bacteria to other parts of your house.


7. It would be best if you swept first before mopping.

The kitchen and bathroom floors should be swept first. You must start mopping in the furthest corner of the room and working your way toward the entryway. In short, you should make sure that you cover every corner of your house while mopping. Although, you must remember that the mop should be rinsed after each 4-by-4-foot area is cleaned.


8. Dust, then vacuum.

Be sure to switch off any ceiling fans before you begin dusting. Remove the dust on the tops and undersides of furniture, picture frames, knickknacks, and TV screens, as well as the bottoms of bookcases. To clean blinds and top shelves that are difficult to access, attach a microfiber cloth to the end of your mop or broom. Make sure to change the linens in each of the bedrooms first before vacuuming.


Maintaining your house clean and fresh is essential for you and your family's health. So, make sure to consider the right size of the property you will buy aside from its accessibility and affordability.


For more information about the house and lots for sale and condo units of Lumina Homes, contact (0917) 629 6523.
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