Light 2022 Up with Fireworks

13 January 2022

The New Year is, of course, an ideal time to reflect on your plans for the year ahead and make resolutions to improve your life as the days, weeks, and months approach. It is a symbol of a fresh start, a new beginning, and new birth.


It turns out that the beginning of a new year often prompts us to reflect on the need to make life-altering adjustments, embark on fresh endeavors, and bid adieu to old routines, issues, and troubles. Most people make new goals and objectives at the beginning of the year. All of us are usually filled with joy, inspiration, and optimism, but we may also be filled with apprehension. Whether we stick with our ideas and resolve to see them through or give up, we must answer right now.


There is no one method to do it and no set timeline when it comes to chasing your aspirations. 


Just like when you're buying a ready for occupancy house for sale, certain actions are required if one is serious about making significant changes in their life. As a matter of fact, it will be wonderful to have lofty goals. That is why we would like to encourage everyone to do the same. 


It is true that to daydream is a delightful experience, but it's not enough to imagine if you want to make your desire to buy a house for sale come true. Actions are absolutely required!


To inspire you this 2022 and ignite your motivation, here are some of the ways that can create changes in your life this year.


Ways in Changing the Way you Live this 2022

Although the start of a new year might encourage us to begin fresh and make changes in our lives, that energy should last throughout the year rather than wane after only a few short days or weeks. It's not enough to just set goals and hope for the best; you also need to have the right skills, habits, and character qualities in place to really carry them out and get the results you seek in your life, ie. Bahay Goals!


So here are the ways you need to apply in your life this Year of the Water Tiger to achieve your dream home:


1. A clear objective

Whether you have a vague and undefined aim, it doesn't matter if it's a huge or tiny goal. In all circumstances, it is important to be clear about what you're looking for. For example, in order to go to the movies, you must first decide on whatever film you want to view.


Just like with the movies, buying a property means knowing what sort of home you want—whether it be a "house for sale near me," a ready for occupancy unit, or even a bank house for sale. Remember that knowing what changes you want to make in your life means knowing what those changes are.


2. Perseverance

A new endeavor often begins with a lot of excitement, but after experiencing challenges and barriers, and if things take too long to change, we lose that passion and wonder if it's worth it. At this point, we have to summon our self-discipline and keep on.


There are many ways in which you can keep your motivation and perseverance in getting that house for sale. One of the things that you can do is consider the benefits you'll get when you achieve your Bahay Goals. Just like the perks that you can have when buying a property with Lumina Homes. Aside from their bank housing loan offers, they also have great and useful amenities that residents can enjoy inside the community.


And as it happened, Lumina Homes have some surprises for its homebuyers and homeowners this year with their Level Up 2022 events and project developments. Homebuyers and homeowners can unbox various innovations inside the Lumina community and luxuriate with the perks that they offer.


Another thing that can help you boost your perseverance is reading or watching other people's experiences on how they have overcome and conquered obstacles in their lives. Lumina offers a lot of video testimonies about their homeowners' stories and Bahay Goal's journey.


3. Take a step towards your dream.

Your life will not change until you take action to get the results you want. You can't wait until tomorrow or next week to get started on your goals; you have to get started right now. Especially when it comes to a big leap of real estate investment, if you ask the experts, they will tell you that the right time to buy a house for sale is right now!


In Lumina Homes, all of its communities are located in key cities and municipalities across the country, so you can make sure that its price appreciates over time. Buying a house for sale in Lumina as early as now means that your home can have a higher appreciation value as time passes by.


Keep in mind that procrastination is a waste of time since the appropriate moment is now, and waiting is a waste of time!


And if you want to have some additional inspiration this year, Peniel Roxas, the 20-year-old grand champion from the recently concluded Wishcovery Originals contest, shared a message of hope and motivation to everyone. She perseveres and never gave up despite the challenges she faced and pursued her music career.


During the event, Peniel expressed her gratefulness for becoming a part of Lumina's Level Up 2022 and told everyone that it's okay if you started the year a bit off since we're just a few weeks from the beginning. Here's her message: "Hello everyone! This is Peniel. I'm very, very grateful to be here today and to be given the chance to sing 'coz any chance is a good chance because I like singing—and it really helps me, and it helps a lot of people. And I hope that it helped you somehow in some way."


She also added, "Thank you to Lumina for inviting me for this event, and Happy New Year, by the way! I hope that you have been having a great year so far. If not, it's okay because we are only a few weeks in. Just be patient. That's fine."


"I hope that the songs I will sing today will be enjoyable to you, and I hope to see you all soon someday. Stay safe."


So, just like Peniel, continue to pursue your dream home and keep the fire burning until you reach your Bahay Goals with Lumina Homes!


Listen to more songs of Peniel Roxas: 

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