Instagram users can now add music in their feed posts

30 November 2022
Instagram users can now add music in their feed posts

Whenever we have something to celebrate, it's nice to share it with our social media friends and post it as a reminder of meaningful memories. And since Instagram is one of the major social media apps in the market, it holds a special part in how we want to share our moments. From the classic tiles of pictures, Instagram has now evolved into a multi-use platform.


In fact, Lumina Homes, a residential developer in the Philippines, is also on Instagram! So, if you're browsing Instagram for home inspirations, you can check us out and reserve an affordable house and lot for sale in over 50 key locations in the country.


Truly, music plays a vital role in enhancing a user's way to share their memories online. That's why Instagram has stepped up its game to improve how you can capture moments. They have integrated music as a part of the expression to help users spice up their memories.


Adding music to posts is one of the many exciting and innovative features Instagram added to its latest update. The update was released in November 2022 and allows users do so many cool things, including sharing Notes, which are like mini-statuses that last 24 hours. Furthermore, for the first time ever, you can schedule photos and videos to be uploaded 75 days in advance. Are you one of the excited Instagram users to try out Instagram's new feature?



Instagram's New Update: You Can Now Add Music to Your Instagram Posts!

You've been able to add music to stories for a while, but now you can also incorporate a song to your feed posts too. Once you have updated your Instagram app, you can try out the rolled-out feature with the new Instagram feed update. You can select songs from Instagram's library, which includes tracks from all genres and eras. Adding music to a post is optional, so you do not have to do so every time.



IG Update: How to Add Music to Your Instagram Post

Are you excited to try the newest feature of Instagram? Here's how you can do it.


  1. On Instagram's homepage, tap the + key in the upper right corner and choose the photo that you want to upload.
  2. Press Next or the arrow located in the upper right corner and edit the photo to your liking. Then press Next or the arrow again.
  3. On this page, you'll see a couple of options to Tag People, Add Location, and then Add Music. There are recommendations below but if you're looking for something else, click the Add Music option.
  4. Search Instagram's Music Library and find the most appropriate song to complement your post. You can click the play button across the song to preview it. When you're ready, just click on the song.
  5. You can change the clip duration and choose the part of the song that you like by dragging.
  6. Once you're satisfied with your choice of song, tap the check mark in the upper right corner.
  7. You'll go back to the New Post page. Review everything and then click the checkmark again to post it.
  8. You can now view your Instagram post while a song plays. How cool is that?



Aside from being able to add music to your Instagram posts, the recent Instagram updates have included awesome features like notes and scheduling posts.


Having trouble looking for the Add Music option in your app? There could be a few reasons why you're still not seeing the new feature of Instagram that lets you add music to an IG post. Your Instagram application could be outdated and needs some fresh tune-up. It could also mean that it’s not available in your region yet. Regardless of the reason, note that this cool feature is still new and can be in the testing stage. Once Instagram is happy with how the users love their experience, they will eventually roll it out on every Instagram account.



Spice Up Your Instagram Stories

Instagram did not stop when they came up with Instagram Stories. They kept adding cool features like how you can add or share music on Stories to elevate the highlights of your day. This feature allows you to add your favorite songs to photos and videos. So, if you don't feel like talking while you film your stories, you can easily add a soundtrack to fit the moment. With over 4 million users, Instagram sure has plans to spice your IG Stories.


When you tap that cute smiley face to add a location, GIF, poll, questions, avatar, quizzes, link, or simple stickers to a photo or video in your IG Stories, you’ll see the music icon. With a tap of your finger, you'll have access to hundreds of thousands of songs - browse by mood, genre, or popular songs, or search for a song. Press the play button to hear a preview. To pick the exact part that fits your story, fast forward and rewind through the song to select your favorite part.


So, when your friends watch your Instagram Stories, they'll hear the song playing as they view your photo or video. With lots of engaging features, you will surely discover new ways to pump up your stories.



7 Easy Steps on How to Put Music on Your Instagram Story with a Sticker Icon

An Instagram feature that is very popular is the ability to add music directly to stories. You can import songs from a popular music streaming app, Spotify and Instagram's own library, as well as from other music streaming services.


Instagram's music feature offers multiple formats for adding music to Stories. Most commonly, you can add music to your photos and videos using the Stories sticker or music sticker to credit the song.


  1. Start by opening the Instagram application.
  2. You can swipe right or tap the + key in the upper right corner and choose the Story option.
  3. Now, you can upload a photo, a video clip, or shoot one for your Story.
  4. Once you have a clip, tap that cute smiley face located in the upper right corner to see the music icon. Tap it and look for a song that you like.
  5. Press the play button to hear a preview. By fast-forwarding and rewinding through the song, you can select the part that perfectly fits your story.
  6. Next, tap Done to return back to your story and move the Music Sticker to the spot you want in your IG Story.
  7. If you're pleased with how everything looks, tap Your Story in the bottom left corner of your screen.


That's how easily you can spice up your Instagram Stories or share your current favorite songs.



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