Which is Better: Cabanatuan or Tuguegarao for Property Investment?

1 June 2023
Which is Better Cabanatuan or Tuguegarao for Property Investment

Real estate investing is one of the safest long-term investments one could ever venture into. As property values appreciate over time, real estate investors can guarantee significant financial returns.


But take note: in order to succeed in real estate investments, one must feel obliged to conduct research as to which location would the investment property be. After all, in the real estate industry, location is everything.


If you're choosing Central and Northern Luzon, Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija and Tuguegarao City in Cagayan are highly livable cities that many property buyers are looking for in a residential house and lot. In this blog, we'll make an assessment of each location's pros to help you choose which one is best for your real estate investment.



Fast Facts About Cabanatuan and Tuguegarao

For starters, let's get to know Cabanatuan City and Tuguegarao as individual cities in their respective provinces, both of which are found within Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines.



Cabanatuan City: Gateway to the North

Cabanatuan City used to be Nueva Ecija's provincial capital until 1965 when Palayan City was made the new seat of the local government. However, Cabanatuan City remains to be the largest city in the province and is even monikered the "Tricycle Capital of the Philippines," in which locals take pride. Cabanatuan, moreover, is considered the epicenter of economic activities in the province because of the presence of educational, medical, and entertainment hubs and establishments in the city.



Tuguegarao City: Regional Center of Cagayan Valley

The prosperous city of Tuguegarao is the provincial capital of Cagayan province. It boasts itself as a Center of Excellence for the good number of academic institutions found in the city. The provincial capital also assumes the role of fostering progress in agriculture, tourism, and industrial development. The city is also extolled as the only digital city in the entire Region II.



Cabanatuan or Tuguegarao: Which is Better for Property Investments?

Of course, it isn't enough to make a decision on which makes for a perfect property investment with inadequate information. So here, we'll discuss each city's advantages in terms of accessibility, property affordability, basic services, and infrastructure projects.



In terms of accessibility

As the Gateway to the North, it speaks highly about Cabanatuan City's accessibility. It has plenty of tricycles, jeeps, and even provincial buses to take commuters and visitors of the province.


However, Tuguegarao City fosters an edge in this category. For one, Tuguegarao has its own airport for domestic flights for those heading to and from Metro Manila. For public transportation, Tuguegarao likewise has tricycles, jeepneys, SUV vans, buses, minibuses, and taxes to help commuters. The city also has kalesas mainly for tourism purposes.



In terms of property affordability

For value-priced homes, you can save more money with an affordable house and lot in Cabanatuan. Living costs are also relatively cheaper, which means you can increase your savings that you would otherwise spend on expensive commodity prices. Still, investment properties purchased in Tuguegarao are also relatively affordable and worth their price for the quality and amenities that living in this northern city entails.



In terms of offering basic services

What makes homeownership more convenient are the basic services available in an area. This includes schools from kindergarten to college, Barangay health centers to hospitals, and grocery stores, among others. In this category, Cabanatuan City is a force to reckon with as it is home to reputable schools, healthcare facilities, Instagrammable cafes and restaurants, and shopping centers to make daily life less hassle for residents.


But Tuguegarao similarly offers basic services that are set to make homeownership less stressful and more convenient for future homeowners and investors. Being a major urban center, Tuguegarao also houses top academic institutions, medical facilities, grocery and shopping stores, best food hubs, as well as weekend getaway destinations for the whole family and friends.



In terms of infrastructure developments

Just this March, Cabanatuan was awarded the completed two-storey multipurpose building that will serve as an administrative office of Barangay Sangitan West, including a separate site for a Day Care Center. Aside from this, Nueva Ecija as a whole benefits from a number of infra projects for North and Central Luzon, such as the toll-free Central Luzon Link Expressway, which is hyped to cut commute time from Tarlac to Nueva Ecija in just 50 minutes.


On the other hand, Tuguegarao boasts of being a modern hub where major economic activities take place in the region. It also has its own airport that serves as a major commercial domestic aerial transportation.



Factors to Help You Decide Which Location to Choose

Your property investment journey is not going to be a walk in the park. Just deciding on which location to have rental properties can already feel overwhelming. But here, factor in these top three major considerations to narrow down your options. Supplement your real estate knowledge by also making your own research by browsing through online real estate platforms.



Proximity to essential establishments

A rental property with no immediate access to essential establishments will have zero appeal to potential tenants who certainly wouldn't bother paying monthly mortgage payments for a property in a poor location. As such, making sure that your property site is proximate to schools, hospitals, supermarkets, local government office buildings, and even places of worship is a must. The cities of Cabanatuan and Tuguegarao offer this extremely important perk.



Available amenities

Community amenities can be a game-changer. That is to say, the quality of amenities can help boost a property location's desirability as an initial investment for primary residence. Lumina Homes, for example, offers communal amenities such as multipurpose hall, gazebos, mini-gardens, play area for kids, a jogging path, and a modern community center.



Quality and brand reputation

If you're highly considering purchasing residential or commercial real estate from real estate developers for rental income, looking into the property builder's reputation can help assure you that your property investment will be secured in trustworthy hands. But you can also consider investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) to kickstart your property investment journey.


Lumina Homes, Vista Land's affordable house and lot arm, offers exactly what investors and homebuyers alike search for in a house and lot Philippines: quality and affordability. Owning real estate investment properties in any of our projects nationwide is rest assured to generate you passive income as they are all excellently located in safe and secure neighborhoods.


You can purchase an affordable house and lot in Tuguegarao and enjoy the convenience that comes from having quick access to vital establishments while being sheltered in a generally peaceful community. But if a house and lot in Cabanatuan City is your preferred location, Lumina Cabanatuan can fulfill your homeownership and investment needs.


Got any unique investment queries? You can speak to one of our sales representatives to address your property concerns. Invest in Lumina Homes today to realize all your real estate goals!

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