What are the Things Clients Expect from a Real Estate Agent?

15 March 2023
What are the Things Clients Expect from a Real Estate Agent

When on the hunt for an affordable house and lot for sale, or looking for a real estate professional to have a home sold on a homeowner's behalf, a real estate agent helps both homebuyers and homeowners to streamline the complex buying and selling process.


In essence, real estate agents are expected to demonstrate professionalism and deliver great customer service to their clients as property experts with a real estate license. Moreover, real estate agents can be regarded as business partners with either property sellers or buyers. It is then important that a good working relationship is established between agents and their clients.


But what exactly do clients and customers expect from a professional real estate agent? And what are their responsibilities? Let's discuss that in detail in this article with Lumina Homes, an affordable house and lot developer in the Philippines that offers free real estate advice through our blogs.



Real Estate Agent Responsibilities

Real estate agents are licensed professionals who assist either a property seller or a homebuyer. Successful real estate agents would then be paid a commission when a deal is closed. They may also work under the supervision of a real estate broker.


The general responsibilities of a real estate agent can be categorized into three: administrative, research, and marketing.


  • Administrative. A real estate agent may be tasked to answer customer queries through phone calls or emails; schedule appointments, and update and manage real estate property listings. An agent may also be tasked to draft and prepare documents, order supplies, and coordinate with appraisers, escrow companies, and lenders before a deal is closed.

  • Research. To remain updated with trends in real estate markets, a real estate agent is obliged to conduct market research and adopt best practices, such as developing a competitive market price by making property comparisons. They may also be required to search for property listings and open houses.

  • Marketing. To attract potential buyers, a real estate agent is tasked for the creation and distribution of promotional materials, social media and website management, finding and fostering good working relationships with clients, and running advertising campaigns for various real estate properties.



5 Key Traits Clients Expect from Real Estate Agents

Whether you're a tenured or a new real estate agent still trying to gain sufficient industry experience, being aware of what clients expect from you as a real estate professional is of utmost importance. This will lead to you being able to unlearn bad habits and espouse the desired characteristics that customers expect. Below are just some of the key qualities that real estate agents must exemplify when dealing with real estate clients from all walks of life.



1. A friendly personality

For starters, most, if not all, real estate clients want an agent who is approachable, friendly, and accommodating. This builds a healthy working relationship between the agent and the client. A real estate agent with a friendly personality would not be hard to deal and transact with, and would even make the transactions feel like casual and friendly conversations. The buying or selling process could be stressful and taxing, and it would help lessen the stress if an agent is someone who could light up the mood and make the client feel in good company.



2. Trustworthiness

It is important to ask for an agent's real estate license to establish proof of their expertise. While it may not be as rampant, scams do happen in the industry, and part of it is real estate agents duping vulnerable clients. Having said this, real estate clients expect a good real estate agent who could be trusted. After all, clients will need to provide their personal information, and they expect them to be held in strict confidence.



3. Willing ears

If clients do have concerns and grievances, all they need is to be heard. An agent or a real estate broker who genuinely listens and does not interrupt the client when talking is a desired real estate agent characteristic. Having willing ears translates to giving respect. Other real estate agents may fail to do this, and so they must learn that the value of listening is just as important as the ability to communicate well.



4. Problem-solving skills

When disputes or issues arise, clients turn to their agents to ask for sound advice. Real estate agents studied and were trained to know how to respond quickly and wisely when inconvenient situations arise. Real estate agents must therefore be dependable when clients have concerns regarding real estate properties or anything related to the deal. If the situation is beyond the agent's control, the latter must still know what to advise the client for the next best step.



5. Excellent customer service

Every real estate agent is trained to offer great customer service but not all of them could actually deliver great results. Excellent customer service goes beyond one's assistance to customer inquiries and giving them sound advice on what to do next during the buying or selling process.


Great customer service is making your customer feel genuinely accommodated every step of the way and is not made to feel like a burden when unforeseen issues arise. It's being able to empathize, listen attentively to concerns, and respond to these issues raised without prejudice or any unnecessary negative reactions.


All in all, the ideal real estate agent possesses the following traits: integrity, honesty, a pleasing personality, intelligence, empathy, and people-orientedness.


At Lumina Homes, you will only transact and do business with accommodating salespeople who will readily assist you in your home-buying journey. For more than a decade, Lumina Homes ensures that it only employs real estate sales representatives who put great customer service as a core value.


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With over 50 housing communities conveniently located nationwide, there is a Lumina house and lot in the Philippines that is perfect for you and your loved ones. Talk to one of our sales agents today and get your affordable house and lot in the convenient location of your choice.

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