Should You Be Traveling Away from Home to Spend Christmas?

13 December 2022
Should You Be Traveling Away from Home to Spend Christmas

Most Filipinos celebrate Christmas Day with family members in an intimate Christmas dinner at home with the presence of a lit Christmas tree and Christmas gifts underneath to have a feel of the holiday vibes. However, it cannot be questioned that there are those who may prefer traveling elsewhere to celebrate Christmas Eve for the fun of it, and for personal reasons as well.


At the same time, there exists a number of folks who are caught in between, debating whether traveling away from home to spend the holiday cheer is worthwhile, or to simply stick to the old way of celebrating it, which is being with the family in their little humble abode and wake up in the Christmas morning to eat what was left of last midnight's sumptuous dishes.


Lumina Homes recognizes both choices for Filipinos when it comes to celebrating the season. In this article, let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traveling away from home when spending Christmas, and which might be best suitable for you.



3 Pros of Traveling to Celebrate Christmas

Traveling has its appeal regardless of what the occasion is, whether it's a week's worth of vacation leave from work or, to some people, days off from being stuck being a reluctant homebody since the pandemic. Whichever is the case, traveling to celebrate Christmas is a choice that people make, breaking Filipino Christmas traditions of staying at home with family. Let's talk about what makes holiday travel stupendously appealing below.


1. It's something new if you spend the season always at home.

There's nothing more exciting than trying something new, such as traveling to a Christmas destination instead of spending the holidays yet again at your house. It also appeals to a lot of people who want to unwind and relax, in that they may not find home the best place to accomplish this goal.


Also, it could even feel therapeutic to spend a holiday with yourself or with just someone besides your immediate or extended family members, traveling to places that may be far from home, but still feel like one for clearing a person's mind from his or her life's sources of great anxieties. As they say, a home is not always a geographical location; it could be a feeling or an emotion.


2. Feel a different holiday atmosphere at a Christmas destination.

It's good to feel an entirely different atmosphere for the same occasion. If you have always been home with the same people every year, where's the excitement in that, right? Traveling during a holiday is also especially appealing for people who are dealing with personal issues surrounding their love life, work, and family. And while there is no certainty of what could happen during the trip, the idea alone is a source of joy and excitement.


3. It's an opportunity to spend some time in solitude.

Dealing with a lot of family members can sometimes feel like a chore. If you're an introvert, having some alone time is bliss. But even if you're the friendly type who finds parties and gatherings such a blast, there are moments when you'd feel the desire to spend some time in solitude. The Christmas season may not be the ideal choice to spend this desire for solitude, but for some people, it is, and it's downright valid.


3 Cons of Traveling to Celebrate Christmas

The undeniable appeal of a holiday travel notwithstanding, it has its disadvantages that are worth taking into account before deciding to book a reservation and a plane ticket to a dream tourist destination. Let's get to know these cons and decide afterward if a holiday travel is still worth giving a shot.


1. It's going to cost you a substantial amount of money.

The first thing to take into serious account when wanting to spend Christmas day somewhere else is shelling out a fairly substantial amount of money. If you fancy a destination abroad, this is especially the case. Think about the cost and whether this outweighs the degree of enjoyment you would feel when fulfilling a wanderlust desire during the holidays.


2. Public places can get too crowded.

Abandoning your home to spend Christmas outside at a particular destination means you would have to grapple with the wrath of too much tourist traffic. This could feel overwhelming to you, and would ruin your holiday travel even if it's just a couple of days. Think about the sea of crowds you'd have to pass through just to get to one place after another, and arguably the idea of a relaxing holiday trip becomes less appealing.


3. No travel itinerary can beat the joy of being with family at home.

Filipinos being family-oriented, the holiday feels incomplete even with just one loved one away from home. It could be a father or a mother working overseas to provide for the family. But even in this setup, Filipinos take advantage of new technology and go on a video call with a family member during the actual Christmas Eve. You would even see pictures posted on social media depicting a family with one member holding a laptop with a live video footage of a loved one abroad. This says a lot about how families-oriented Filipinos are, and how Christmas serves as an adhesive to bring families closer to each other and resolve conflicts.


So, Should You Be Traveling Away from Home For Christmas?

Deciding whether to spend the holidays away from home to travel is a matter of personal choice. No one must be made to feel guilty for choosing to travel instead of spending quality time with their family at home. Who knows, traveling is actually a person's only means of eschewing away from the toxicities of home? Not everyone is on good terms with their families.


Therefore, traveling could be a coping mechanism for many people. Going to places you've never set foot on, meeting new people, trying on new food and restaurants, and doing Christmas shopping alone or with somebody other than an immediate family member, are irresistibly exciting things to accomplish, and the December holidays might be their only chance at fulfilling this desire for spending time outdoors, especially for people who, since the pandemic hit, have been working tirelessly from home.


Be that as it may, the mere mention of the disadvantages of traveling at a time traditionally spent at home with the family means it is something that must be wisely decided on.


A compromise to take would be to consider traveling after the actual Christmas day instead. It would actually help you to not deal with more stress surrounding the hassle of scheduling a trip during such a busy holiday for people.


But after all is said and done, follow your heart. If traveling this Christmas will make you truly happy in every sense of the word, then the disadvantages listed here could just be dismissed and instead shift your focus on the advantages that traveling brings for you as a wanderlust.


As for people staying home on Christmas day, may you spend it with the Christmas spirit of love, hope, and compassion in your heart.



Spend the Holiday Season with Loved Ones at Your Lumina Homes

Staying home on Christmas day remains the traditionalized Filipino way to celebrate the most important family occasion of the year. For existing Lumina homeowners, you can take advantage of the community's calming atmosphere, as though beckoning every homeowner into a holy night to spiritually connect back to God along with the people who matter to them the most.


For those who fancy an affordable house and lot for sale that does not take compromise on quality, comfort, convenience, and perks, Lumina Homes is an excellent real estate investment partner for ownership of an affordable house and lot in the Philippines.


For every inquiry you may have about owning an affordable house and lot, drop us a message and you shall be accommodated by one of our responsible representatives. Meanwhile, take a virtual tour of physical properties via our website to inspect features of the housing model of your choice, from a townhouse, single firewall, or a duplex house type.

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