Most Common Scams on Facebook Marketplace

17 May 2023
Most Common Scams on Facebook Marketplace

According to statistics, one in six users is victimized by Facebook scammers. This only means that almost 20 percent of the total Facebook users in the Philippines are scammed. Seeing this number is quite alarming and disturbing for many Filipinos. They would think that this most popular social network is not actually safe.


So if you think you can save money by buying a house and lot Philippines via social media, be sure to avoid these common scams on Facebook Marketplace.



Facebook Marketplace Scams to Avoid

Maintaining a vigilant stance and safeguarding yourself against potential scams is essential if you plan to shop on Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, you must exercise caution when encountering sellers and buyers who engage in suspicious or deceptive practices. 


What’s more, it is advisable to steer clear of such individuals and promptly report their involvement in fraudulent activities. This will help ensure your personal safety and prevent any monetary losses. Check out these common scamming activities on Facebook marketplace.



1. Fake Profiles or Misleading Photos

The most common Facebook Marketplace scam is fake accounts or misleading photos. Scammers create fake Facebook accounts to appear as legitimate sellers or buyers on the platform. They often use stolen images and information from real users.


Meanwhile, there are also sellers who use fake or misleading photos to make their products appear more attractive. These posted photos may not accurately represent the actual condition or features of the items for sale.



2. Phishing Attempts and Identity Theft

Scammers also use fraudulent listings to deceive users and gather personal information. They may request sensitive details, such as bank account information or verification code, to commit identity theft or fraudulent transactions.



3. Advance Payment

Some scammers also often request advance payments from buyers before completing any transaction. They may claim it's necessary for various reasons but have no intention of delivering the goods or services.



4. Prepaid Shipping Label

Fraudulent sellers provide fake prepaid shipping labels to buyers. These labels may appear legitimate but are invalid. As a result, buyers lose their money without receiving the promised item.



5. Stolen Credit Cards

Scammers also use stolen credit card information to make purchases on Facebook Marketplace. They exploit unsuspecting sellers by using fraudulent payments.



6. Fake Rental Properties

Fraudsters post fake rental properties on Facebook Marketplace to attract potential tenants. This is especially true if you desperately seek affordable house and lot rental units. They usually request deposits or rental payments upfront but have no intention of providing the property or disappear after receiving the payment.



7. Fake Giveaways

You can also find scammers pose as legitimate businesses and offer fake giveaways to Facebook Marketplace users. These scams aim to collect personal information or lure users into paying fees for nonexistent prizes.



8. Bank Account Scams

Scammers attempt to gain access to user's bank account information through various means, such as phishing attempts, fake websites, or deceptive messages. They aim to steal funds or perform fraudulent transactions.


On the other hand, some fraudsters also send fake checks for overage amounts to victims. They persuade victims to deposit the check and return the excess funds, but the check eventually bounces, leaving the victim responsible for the original payment.



9. Counterfeit Items

Sellers list counterfeit or fake luxury items on Facebook Marketplace, misleading buyers into purchasing low-quality or counterfeit goods. These items are often sold at attractive prices, but they turn out to be counterfeit replicas.



10. Overpayment Scams

Scammers overpay sellers and request refunds for the excess amount. They may use convincing excuses, but the refund they request is usually a fraudulent transaction to steal money from the seller.



11. Google Voice Number Usage

Facebook Marketplace scammers often use Google Voice numbers to communicate with potential victims. They can easily create new Google Voice account to hide their true identities and conduct their fraudulent activities.



12. Facebook Checkout Scam

Fraudulent sellers trick users into using Facebook Checkout for illegal fees. They may provide instructions through Facebook Messenger or on-screen instructions that lead users to believe they are following the correct payment process. In reality, it's a scam designed to steal money from unsuspecting buyers.



How Do I Verify Someone on Facebook Marketplace?

Remember, if the deals seem too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and exercise caution when buying or selling goods on Facebook Marketplace or any online marketplace. By staying vigilant and informed, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to common Facebook Marketplace scams and enjoy a safer experience on the platform.


Some key measures you can take to verify someone is legit on Facebook marketplace are the following:



Conduct background checks.

It would be ideal to do background checks on sellers before engaging in transactions. Look for their selling history, ratings, and reviews from other buyers to gauge their trustworthiness.


It can also help if you prefer to be meticulous when dealing with high-ticket items or luxury items listed at unusually low prices. It's a classic bait-and-scam tactic used by fraudsters to attract unsuspecting buyers.



Be cautious with sharing your details.

Never ever share confidential information, such as your bank account information or verification codes, with unknown individuals. Legitimate transactions should not require such details.


Be sure you enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Facebook account to add an extra layer of security and prevent unauthorized access by scammers.



Report suspicious activities.

Steer clear of suspicious Buyers or sellers who ask for payment outside of Facebook's approved channels or request payment through unconventional methods such as wire transfers or sending money directly.


Report dishonest sellers or buyers to Facebook using the appropriate channels. This helps to alert Facebook to potential scams and protects other users from falling victim to the same fraudulent activities.


Lastly, as a buyer and seller of the platform, you must stay informed about Facebook's Purchase Protection Policy and be sure you understand them. Familiarize yourself with the steps to report a seller or initiate a refund process if necessary.



Along with technological advances, fraudsters and scammers also upskilled their fraudulent activities. While Facebook is doing its best to protect your confidential details, these people will always find ways to scam people. 


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