Life360 App: Your Safety Hack

12 September 2022
What You Need to Know About the Life360 App

You and your family's safety matters at all times. And with the advent of technology, checking if family members arrive at destinations, dispatch emergency services, and location tracking can now be done through a smartphone. There are now mobile applications that make life easier by giving you access to get a location history of a family member for safety reasons that you can download on your mobile device. This is possible by providing GPS coordinates and other data to credible applications like Life360. Your digital safety is secured as this app focuses on providing you with location information of family members, friends, and loved ones.


While you might not have the Life360 app on your mobile device, you've most likely seen memes, videos, or tweets about this app on social media. But if you haven't seen any, you've probably heard of an app for tracking another device at least once in your life. Thus, here are what you need to know about the Life360 App.


What's a Life360 App?

Life360 is a location-sharing app that shares the device's location in real-time using GPS data with other family members who have the app installed. Family members can also be alerted to unsafe driving habits or accidents through the Life360 app. It's a family communication mobile application that allows its users to track each other’s location. Using it requires that you install it on all the devices that you wish to track. After setting up the system, you can choose geo-fences to define specific areas. Currently, over 40 million people have downloaded this app since it was first released in 2008 on the Google Play Store.


In this way, users can closely monitor their friends and family members leaving or arriving at a specified location and receive notifications. You can, for example, receive notifications when your friend leaves her house and returns home.


The Life360 service also offers driving analysis, which can be integrated into cars, such as the BMW navigation system. Aside from monitoring the driver's location, the app can also alert authorities in case of a crash or an emergency. You must have privacy concerns but among similar apps, Life 360 does its job well.


Life360: How Does It Work?

Each device in the "circle" must be installed with Life360 to track each other's location. The app will then follow the GPS location of all the devices in the "circle" in real-time. Everyone in your "circle" will be able to see your current location at all times, whether or not Life360 is open.


An automated alert will show you when the other person has arrived at their destination, and you can opt-out of seeing the real-time location of their devices on a private map. Other than that, the app will notify you when the person arrives and departs from a specified location based on the Geo-fences you set up. Additionally, the app can also provide you with information about how fast someone is driving and how long it took them to arrive home. Awesome, right? Also, when you tap on the avatar of a family member, you can send them directions.


In a similar way to Google Maps, Life360 knows where certain locations are. With Life360, you can also provide the location on any device and get directions to this location from your current location. Furthermore, each location can be designated. If you mark your current location as "Home", you'll be notified when other devices arrive at this location.


Frequently Asked Questions About Life360 Application


Does Life360 always provide accurate information?

Despite the fact that Life360 is relatively accurate to some extent, it may not always be accurate. When you have it open, it will accurately track your location as opposed to when it's closed and running in the background. It may also happen that some members of the "circle" are not updated with their locations.


Most of the time, however, the app is accurate enough to detect people about to walk through the door before they do. Also, you can follow the avatar as it moves around the map pretty accurately.


What's the deal with Life360 Driving?

With Life360, you can track both the car and the person or people inside. Additionally, it will track speed, location, how long the person/people spent in the car, and whether they were on the phone during driving.


Moreover, upcoming traffic alerts, rapid acceleration, and hard braking will be provided timely and accurate. Furthermore, you will be able to see when the person driving is at risk, such as if they encountered a car accident, enabling you to assist them as part of location services.


Life360's Features You Should Know

Aside from helping families and close friends stay connected, it provides peace of mind by getting real-time location info on each other. But one of its great application features is the Crash Detection technology. U.S. Life360 users can take advantage of crash detection* and emergency response as part of a premium plan called, “Driver Protect.”


It's amazing how the premium plan of the Life360 app can detect if you’ve been in a major collision. Everyone in your Circle, along with your designated emergency contacts, will get notified and will dispatch 911 emergency services if needed.


Life360's 24/7 roadside assistance is also available to all members of your Driver Protect Circle for less serious roadside emergencies. A Life360’s live representative will know who you are and exactly where you are, so they can assist you with roadside situations such as towing, flat tires, engine jump-starts, running out of gas, emergency weather advice, minor accidents, and being locked out of your vehicle, among others.


Another feature is you can get real-time directions to all of your "circle" members. Just tap a family member’s avatar and you'll get directions straight to that person. This is a great feature when you have kids who can't determine a location.


Reports can be obtained regarding unsafe driving behaviors, such as phone usage while driving, driving speed, and hard braking. When it comes to driver safety, the best defense is a strong offense, and these reports are perfect for bringing up the subject in a preventative discussion before the keys are handed over. Truly a great app!


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