How to Celebrate World Teacher's Day

1 October 2021
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What children learn at an early age sticks with them throughout their whole lives. They'll put everything they've learned to good use by making a difference in the world. Youth are tomorrow's leaders, and teachers definitely have a unique and special opportunity to educate them while they are still malleable - whether in preschool, extracurricular activities, sports, or conventional subjects.


Teachers, in no doubt, have a significant impact on the lives of all students. In fact, there are many important things that are taught in schools, such as moral principles, social etiquette, and how to respect others. We were also able to learn how to acquire new friends at school by being nice and friendly with our classmates.


As almost everything goes digital in the advent of pandemic, it's undeniable that technology has now creating new learning opportunities and altered the overall educational landscape. But even though the learning system transform throughout the years, teachers still have an irrefutable role in education as they have the ability to alter our course of events and set us on fire in the most beneficial manner possible.


The role of teaching profession in our nation’s economic development

Teachers are indisputably important members of any community. They serve as role models for youngsters, providing direction and commitment, as well as demonstrating the importance of education to future generations. Societal and economic progress is made possible thanks to the efforts of teachers throughout the world.


The importance of education in a country's growth cannot be overstated as a society's future is born when the youth have access to quality education. In this aspect, teachers provide students the knowledge they need to succeed in life, which benefits not just the students but also the society as a whole.


Teachers help students become more productive and creative that molded them to be great employees, businessmen, and leaders in the future. When students are encouraged to be innovative and productive, they are more likely to start their own businesses or create new technologies, which in return help a country's economy grow.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

UNESCO, also known as the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Culture Organization, was built by the United Nations or UN in order to seek and devote the advancement of human knowledge and culture worldwide. To achieve this goal, the organization collaborates with other nations in the fields of Education, Science, and Culture.


The higher education teaching personnel

Let’s have a bit of history first. The ILO/UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers was adopted by UNESCO in 1966, and it has been in effect ever since. Teachers' rights and duties were outlined in the Recommendation. It established requirements for their education, training, and employment, as well as for the circumstances of teaching and learning.

UNESCO and the International Labor Organization or ILO worked together for years to develop the UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel, which was approved by the UNESCO General Conference in 1997. These recommendations apply to all higher education teaching staff and are part of the teaching standards.

Now, UNESCO celebrate World Teachers' Day in collaboration with UNICEF, UNDP, the International Labour Organization, and Education International to commemorate the anniversary of the Recommendation. Teachers' rights and position are being protected throughout the globe, and this is drawing recruits to the profession. To celebrate teachers in light of the UN's Education 2030 Agenda, the day also honors them in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 4, which identifies quality education access and competitive teachers as essentials.


Celebrating World Teachers Day

October 5th marks the yearly observance of International Teachers' Day. This has been the case ever since UNESCO declared the day as an official date to celebrate teachers in 1994.


After one and a half years of the COVID-19 crisis, World Teachers' Day in 2021 will concentrate on the assistance teachers need to properly participate in the recovery effort under the theme "Teachers at the heart of education recovery." This involves a five-day event series showcasing global and regional effects that would highlight successful and promising governmental responses to the pandemic. It will also tackle the measures needed in order to guarantee that teachers around the globe can reach their full potential amidst the global crisis.


Teachers’ Day in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Teachers’ Day is a month-long celebration from September 5 until October 5 every year and being tagged as the National Teachers’ Month or NTM. This year, it will be celebrated with a theme, “Gurong Filipino: Katuwang sa Hamon, Kasama sa Pagbangon.”

This is very timely as Filipino teachers bravely face the everyday challenges and struggles of online and modular learning just to bring quality education to their students in these trying times.


Celebrating Teacher’s Day Online

The country might still be in stricter restrictions up to now but we can still express our gratitude and recognition to our ever-patient and hardworking educators teachers in a safe and healthy way.


1.    Send an e-greeting card

One way of showing your appreciation for your instructor during this pandemic is by sending an electronic greeting card or e-card. Make an effort to bring up their efforts in teaching you remotely through online and modular learning. The best thing about e-cards is you can post it on Facebook, including a photo of your teacher. Don’t forget to include in your post how does your teacher help you out in excelling in your academic subjects.


2.    Send a gift

Make use of the delivery services that we have now in our country by sending your teacher a thoughtful gift.

A handmade present

You can work on some projects using your newly discovered talents or art skills and deliver them to your teacher’s doorstep. It could be a painting, crochet, baked goodies or anything that you especially made for them.


Personalized gift

If you have trouble with handcrafted gifts, you can choose customized items like a coffee mug, a pillow, a novel, or a succulent plant.


Jar of Appreciation

The greatest method to express appreciation is on a sheet of paper. Contact your classmates and ask them to write a few words about your adviser who inspired and helped you the most. Put it all in a jar and surprise your teacher with a special delivery.


Make every day a teachers’ day by being good and active students in answering and passing your modules on time. Thank you teachers!


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Lumina Homes Facebook Contest for World Teachers Day

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