House Maintenance 101: Effective Curtain Cleaning Hacks

27 July 2023
House Maintenance 101 Effective Curtain Cleaning Hacks

One of the ultimate signs of adulting is feeling a certain level of satisfaction whenever seeing your house more organized and tidier after a full-blown cleaning session. Well, who wouldn't? A cleaner home is something that's not only pleasing to the eyes, but is also preventative of illnesses that can only be contracted with a cluttered, dirty home.


If your windows are adorned with curtains for both aesthetics and protection from extreme sunlight exposure, it's one household maintenance item that you must not ignore. After all, it can accumulate dust, pet hair, and other particles, and failing to clean or wash them can result in allergies among other things.


I know, I know. Curtains are not clothes that you wear, so you may deem them unnecessary to clean and simply tedious to wash. Still, it must be thoroughly cleaned nonetheless, and you should know how to properly clean them so you don't end up ruining the fabrics. In this article, let us help you resume your cleaning by giving you sound advice on some effective curtain cleaning hacks.



Steps to Effectively and Thoroughly Clean Your Curtains

Aside from cleaning curtains, we have published a number of cleaning guides that may be helpful to you, such as the do's and don'ts of cleaning tiles, going green with your cleaning routine, cleaning split-type air-conditioner at home, and our latest is a cleaning instruction for stainless steel appliances and sinks.


But without further ado, the following are the vital steps to effectively and thoroughly clean your curtains. Also read on for other equally effective cleaning solutions that you will find after these five steps.



1. Check the label for any specific cleaning instructions

As a first step, you must check the label in your curtains if there are specific deep cleaning instructions such as "dry-clean only" or "hand-wash only." In that case, you must dutifully follow the instructions so you won't end up damaging your curtains as a result of failing to read and heed instructions.



2. Dust off your curtains before washing

To thoroughly wash curtains, make it a habit to do a pre-washing method of first dusting off the textile with a vacuum cleaner or any other dry cleaning supplies to remove dust. This way, it would be a tad easier for you to wash them using your main cleaning solution.



3. Use a washing machine to clean them

Unless the label says a washing-machine washing is strictly not advised, proceed with it as your primary means to make your curtains pristinely clean as new. One important step to using this method is putting it on a low-intensity setting or its equivalent, depending on the brand you bought. Use a mild detergent with cold water (never make the mistake of using hot water or warm water) to completely clean it off.



4. Dry them out under the sun

Once thoroughly washed and rinsed properly, proceed by drying them out anywhere outside your house where there is plenty of sunlight to dry them off. If you don't prefer sun-drying, you can do so using a dryer, provided there's also no specific instructions that prohibit the use of such. After this, allow your curtains to further air-dry by hanging them in a clothesline.



5. Consider ironing them on a low-heat setting

This is optional, but proves to be essential to ensure that your window curtains wouldn't require another tedious session of cleaning anytime soon. Do the ironing right before you put the curtains back to where they were. After that, relish the mood-lifting feeling of having freshly washed curtains that protect your interiors from excessive sunlight exposure during the day!



Equally Effective Cleaning Solutions to Wash Curtains

If you don't have a washing machine, or the label in your curtain prohibits deep cleaning using a washing machine, here are some alternatives to clean curtains.



Washing with your hands

If your curtains' material is too delicate for machine use, hand-washing will definitely suffice. Just fill a large bucket with cold water and apply a mild detergent to wash them off. Then, gently scrub the curtains with soapy water.



Spot cleaning

If your curtains are still pretty clean and have only been mildly stained, spot cleaning only the affected areas is enough. Use a mixture of cold water and mild detergent and lightly dab the blemishes with a clean, damp cloth.



Steam cleaning

Using a handheld steam cleaner is yet another effective cleaning solution without having to wet your hands. This is ideal for removing specks of dusts, stains, dirt, and allergens stuck in your curtains. When using a steam cleaner, make sure to do it at a relative distance in order to not damage the fabric.



Vinegar solution

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and disinfectant. For your minimalist curtains, apply a mix of vinegar and water and apply the solution using a spray bottle. This is to remove any foul odors that may waft off from your unwashed curtains.



Directly clean the windows

Finally, cleaning your windows directly will make regularly washing your curtains unnecessary. In essence, make sure to render cleaning your windowsills and the surrounding area weekly a must. You can use a squeegee to deep clean your windows, but make sure to dry them off using a microfiber cloth.


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