Facebook to disable Live Shopping feature on October 1

31 August 2022
Facebook is shutting down its live shopping feature on October 1 1

Facebook is shutting down its Live Shopping feature on October 1, the giant social media company announced.


This announcement from Facebook, the parent company of Meta, garnered predominantly sad reactions from netizens, sharing the same sentiment of how the said Live Shopping feature's removal from the site will directly affect the livelihood of online business owners.


Through the Facebook Live Shopping feature, online sellers and businesses could create product playlists, tag products, and add links so that customers can make a purchase directly while watching the seller's broadcast live event.


Meta further expounded that the decision to remove the Live Shopping feature is to keep up with digital consumers' viewing behaviors, which are perceived as shifting toward short-form videos, famously referred to online as 'Reels.'


If Facebook sellers want to reach their audience through video, they can try experimenting with Reels and Reels ads on Facebook, or host live shopping events via Instagram, as they can still tag products in Instagram Reels "to enable deeper discovery and consideration," Meta urged its users.


Should Filipino online sellers be worried?


When the news broke and was made known on the Facebook platform through various Philippine media outlets, Filipino netizens are seen reacting to the news with mostly 'sad', and even 'angry' reactions, with comments mostly hinting at their worries that the Live Shopping feature's removal will adversely affect their online selling hustles.


But, good news for Southeast Asian online sellers, including Filipinos, who are dependent on Facebook Live Selling's profitability: the Live Shopping feature being pertained to in the Meta announcement is not offered in these countries. The only affected country is the United States.


Pinoys can still comment "mine" on products via FB Live


With the clarification made from the Facebook page of Upmesh-Philippines, Filipino sellers can heave a sigh of relief and still be able to make convenient use of Facebook Live to broadcast their products, and wait for customers to comment "mine" on the commodities that they want to purchase from their favorite online sellers.


In addition to this feature, we will also answer some basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for newbies who would like to try the scheduled live shopping events via Facebook live videos, Reels, Reels ads, or via the Instagram platform, which is also owned by Meta.


Disclaimer: we will omit the part about trying the Facebook live shopping feature where sellers could create product playlists or tag products since, besides getting removed from the platform come October 1, it is not available in the Philippines.


How can I go live on Facebook?


Whether the account you are holding is a personal page, group, event, or business page, you can go live anytime and anywhere, provided that your internet connection is up and running. Below is a step-by-step account of how to go live on Facebook.


Steps to start Facebook Live videos

Step 1: Go to the page, group, or profile where you want to publish your Livestream.

Step 2: Tap the Live button at the bottom of the post composer.

Step 3: Add a video description. To make the video more effective and interactive, there are added features like tagging friends, checking in to a location, and adding a feeling or activity.

Step 4: Tap Start Live Video and tap Finish if you want to end the broadcast.

These steps can be done using a mobile phone (iOS or Android), a tablet, or a computer (Mac or Windows).


Can I earn by doing Facebook live?


This is what Filipino online sellers feared to have been removed. But as has been clarified, this was not the feature that was set to be disabled by October. So yes, anyone can earn by doing a Facebook live! And that is through selling products and adapting the "mine" system developed by sellers themselves.


In fact, many Filipino sellers are claiming to earn thousands of pesos in a single or multiple Facebook live videos. Before going live, users have the option to broadcast live events or videos to the public or narrow it down to just friends. Audience targeting is also available if the intention is to reach out to people of a specific age, gender, language, and location.


By doing Facebook live, a seller can make a product visible to more people and establish a network of interested customers. Public videos can even reach and engage people outside a seller’s circle and this increases the chances of getting the products sold. 


Sellers and creators could also earn additional income by receiving stars from their fans or viewers for their Facebook video-on-demand. When Facebook stars are activated by the seller or creator via Facebook’s creator studio, viewers can see the stars button on the bottom part of their screen when a video goes live.


One star sent by a viewer is equivalent to 50 cents. Usually, viewers send as many stars in support of the page or personality whose Facebook live videos they are subscribed to. A consistent increase in followers allows for greater monetization for the creators.


What are Reels?


Now that Facebook is also adapting to what was first popularized by Instagram, it is also worth making a section for questions about Facebook Reels and advertisements through it.


Meta defines reels as a short-form video that is entertaining and complete with music, audio, and effects. It was first introduced on Instagram in 2020. To compete with Tiktok's massive success as a video-sharing site, with reports stating it has reached over one billion monthly active users, Instagram and Facebook have done Reels for users worldwide to enjoy.


Since both online social media channels are under Meta, Reels can be created via Facebook or shared from Instagram to Facebook.


How can I do Reels?


A good start is by making sure that your Facebook application installed is the updated version, so that the Reel option will show on your personal or business page. For a comprehensive guide, below is how you could launch a Facebook Reel for selling purposes, or simply share a personal video of yourself.


Steps in doing Facebook Reels


Step 1: Go to the page, group, or profile where you want to publish your reel.


Step 2: Tap the Reel button at the top or bottom of the post composer.


Step 3: After selecting Reel, add a video to your reel. When you finish taking or uploading a video, you will have the option to trim the video and place audio, text, and stickers.  


Step 4: Write a description of your reel. You can also select an audience.


Step 5: Tap Share Reel to publish your reel.


Just like Facebook live videos, these steps are very easy to follow and can be done using a mobile phone (iOS or Android), a tablet, or a computer (Mac or Windows).


Can I earn using Facebook reels?


Facebook has developed features where its users could monetize their page in various ways. This means they could also earn through the Reels feature. Sending Facebook stars is one way a person can earn with Reels. This way, creators can make money just with the videos they upload for additional income.


Through FB Reels, sellers can also publish creative posts to promote their products.


Lumina Homes also makes Vlogs and Facebook Live videos!


Having an online business and growing its base is feasible over time and with the help of social media like Facebook and Instagram. Aside from clothing, footwear, cosmetics, and other products we see every day, you might be surprised that buying a house and lot unit has also been made possible via Facebook Live!


Lumina Homes is doing Facebook Live for its reopen units. Visit Lumina Homes’ official Facebook page by clicking the hyperlink. Watch our live videos and don't hesitate to hit the comment section for your queries related to affordable house and lot in the Philippines!

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