DIY Bedroom Interior Mistakes You Should Avoid

12 December 2022
DIY Bedroom Interior Mistakes You Should Avoid

The bedroom is a truly relaxing space that provides privacy and comfort for anybody. This is where you get a good night's rest after a long period of time at work, and where you wake up to kickstart your day as well. It's also where your personal and treasured belongings are in. If you're a private person, it's probably your favorite part of the house too, where you could spend some time alone and binge-watch your favorite TV show.


Hence, making it conducive to a relaxing, inviting atmosphere is only right. In this article, let Lumina Homes, a prime provider of quality house and lot in the Philippines, help you make your bedroom feel extra cozy and pleasant to be and look at.



Avoid These 7 Bedroom Interior Mistakes

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep,” said interior designer Scott Adams. Having mentioned this, equally important as making the right interior design decisions is avoiding catastrophic mistakes that lead to bedroom interiors that downright feel off.


Without further ado, check these bedroom interior mistakes below that you must avoid at all costs.


1. Insufficient lighting

Proper lighting utility will determine the likability of your bedroom's overall look. Too little of it gives the area a desolate appearance, but too much of it could also render your room feel visually overwhelming. Opt for just the right amount of lighting to give your bedroom a decent look.


Also, do not make the mistake of preventing natural light from gaining entrance to your bedroom through the windows. Natural light is healthy, so don't inhibit its provision of sunlight by opting for dark and large curtains. At the same time, take advantage of windows to utilize fabric window treatments for added effect and a sense of intimacy.


2. Over-accessorizing

The first thing you'd like to prioritize is the bed's placement, which is your room's focal point, and then the rest will follow. A wooden bed frame is definitely a good, reliable choice and, unlike a metal material, does not rust and therefore more durable. After placing your bed in your own desired area of the room, that's when you can hang a wall painting overhead, and bedside tables to complement.


After completing this preliminary task, you may be overcome with thoughts of accessorizing untouched areas to resume your DIY bedroom interior design. But caution, over-accessorizing could actually make your bedroom look messy. Refrain from overdecorating your walls by hanging a plethora of inessential objects on top of an elaborate, patterned wallpaper.


3. Under-accessorizing

As much as you wouldn't want a room beset by clutter, under-accessorizing is also inadvisable if your main objective is beautifying the room without compromising comfort and functionality. Undecorated walls are not minimalistic; it could be indicative of a lack of creativity.


If you're a bookworm, installing a hanging bookshelf is a perfect idea to house a few good books. For artists and art enthusiasts, your own artwork or one purchased through an artist friend are ideal designs to adorn your bare walls. This helps personalize your bedroom by employing design ideas based on your hobbies and inclinations.


4. Pillow-stuffing your bed

Have you ever woken up with pillows that have fallen from your bed? It's a sign you don't need that many pillows after all. Besides, having too many pillows, on a small bedroom at that, tends to give your bedspace a cluttered look. And clutter is a hassle during a scheduled cleaning session!


Having said that, consider having a maximum of three pillows. One large and soft pillow to support your head and neck, one huggable pillow to embrace, and another as an extra if the other one falls. If you move a lot during your supposedly peaceful sleep time, a fallen pillow is utterly possible.


5. Bad color choices

Be that as it may, take into account first your preferred color scheme to implement as your bedroom's official color palette that adds visual interest. There is one thing, though, that people can agree on: refrain from employing obnoxiously bright colors. Likewise, opting for a single color to uniformize your bedroom's appearance is rather boring, but juxtaposing your bedroom with starkly different colors is just as atrocious.


Thematizing your personal space's overall looks is definitely not a walk in the park. But ideally, two colors that make for a good, compatible combination is something you'd aim for. And then you could experiment on colors of similar shades but not necessarily exactly alike either. When in doubt, you can search for bedroom interior designers online and try imitating the design with your desired color schemes.


6. Making your room an all-in-one space

Your room is supposed to be your private space to relax and get a perfectly good sleep. Making it your workstation as a work-from-home employee defeats the purpose of making your room an exclusive space for privacy and relaxation.


Consider setting up a workstation in a larger room where there is enough space. Your bedroom must be free from sources of stress, and your work could be one of them. Also, being near your bed while working might be unproductive for you, as you may end up lying down to rest only to find out you've fallen asleep for more than an hour already.


7. Putting aesthetics above comfort.

It may seem like a massive contradiction, but real talk: your comfort first before outward appearance. Better yet, an outer look that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, instead of something you only opted for because it's the current trend.


Do you prefer a classic look with minimal bedroom furniture and stuff? Go for it. Your comfort matters the most. You don't need to go for bedroom designs that don't feel like you. Opt for an interior design that you yourself would like to come home and bear witness to. There's no place like home, and it would be very nice if that home is also something not only you like the appearance of, but also you are comfortable being in.



Lumina Homes, Where Your Comfort and Convenience are a Top Priority

Over the past decade, Lumina Homes have evolved from a humble affordable house and lot provider to becoming an award-winning housing developer patronized by many Filipino families around the country.


As a way to give back, Lumina Homes continually looks for ways to ensure comfort, convenience, and satisfaction of its existing and future clients who are on the serious lookout for an affordable house and lot for sale to gift themselves and their families after attaining financial freedom. Lumina Homes communities nationwide are in relatively close proximity to establishments that will greatly benefit homeowners, such as schools, medical facilities, shopping centers, transportation amenities, and government offices, among others.


Become a Lumina Homes homeowner today by giving us a direct message through our website or any of our social media accounts. A representative from our team shall accommodate you with your needs and real estate investment concerns.

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