Christmas Family Gifts Under P399

14 November 2022
Christmas Family Gifts Under P399

It's the most marvelous time of the year for the whole family. With December just around the corner, the Christmas spirit will be in full swing. Are you ready for the family gifts and convene with the entire family this holiday season? If not, don't worry, Lumina Homes will give you the perfect gift ideas you can choose from so you'll be known as the giver of the best family gifts, ever! Read on to discover these great gifts.



Meaningful Gifts this Christmas for the Whole Family


1. Card games like Imploding Kittens (a version of Exploding Kittens)

For curious kids, a fun card game can be a good idea for a gift. This can be used during family game nights, or whether friends and loved ones come over to visit and spend a family game night with you. This could also be a perfect alternative to introduce to kids who can have less time with their digital screens.


2. Wall Art like laminated stickers or Sintra board of the family tree

Are you having a hard time thinking about the perfect gift for Mom or your Aunt? Worry no more, you can gift them with several wall art. You can choose those which are already ready-made such as portraits of nature, or iconic art, or you can also shop for a customizable gift in the form of laminated stickers as aesthetic urban accents, which they can design an area of their house. You can also give them a Sintra board of photos of the whole fam, of specific family members, or even the whole family tree!


3. Instant Camera

Want to beef up your home's security? Your dad will agree. You can opt for an instant camera to be installed on your gate so you can check your home in case you're not home. Want to use it for something fun? You can also use this to capture memories of your family members, and guests, or even for impromptu adventures of the family may it be within family time, or outside. Who knows, more than just a family movie and rewatch them on a family movie night, you can pick up vlogging as a hobby because you started taking photos and videos of your family.


4. Keepsake book - Mementos

What's one way to ensure that you don't forget a family member and the good times you spent together? You can compile pictures from your family history and family tree using a keepsake book! These can also be good conversation starters for families, and you can also make this a super easy tool to introduce family stories to the kids, and have a laugh remembering the moments and life from the past.


4. Christmas cake pops, s'mores, ice cream, frozen yogurt, graham crackers

If there's the best part about Christmas, more than the music, it's cooking food in the kitchen and eating(!) Christmas dinner on the table with plates full of food such as ham, a bucket of chicken, waffles, and don't forget the apples and other round fruits! Children of all ages enjoy and eat sweets such as marshmallows, and adults have an excuse to look back to their childhood, as they munch on the different flavors of Christmas, serve and sip coffee.


5. Bluetooth Speaker

If your brothers are asking for smart devices as Christmas gifts, but you're on a budget, consider buying them a Bluetooth speaker. Not only it's a perfect gift to pair off with their electronics like computer, phone, tablet, or laptop, it can also be one way to play music, or use it for a game, schedule and watch with more family members on a movie night.


6. Karaoke Machine

What's one surefire way to make your parents, aunties and uncles get excited on Christmas? When its karaoke time! Popularly called videoke in the Philippines, it's when siblings, parents, and relatives join and become competitive to sing tons of songs as if there's a concert right in your own backyard. Hence, it's one gift any member of the family would be grateful to receive.



7. Velvet Fleece Blanket

One of the best purchase you can have as a perfect gift for your grandparents is a velvet fleece blanket. Not only that you can save money but you can also choose from cute style and add to the cozy feel to any person who will use them. You can use them yearlong so it's a thoughtful gift you can guarantee that any family member can relax to.


8. Shopping money

Stressed because you can't think of a gift from the store? There's nothing wrong with going back to the classic gift, especially if they are for women. For mom, daughter, or even a sister you can give them the means to splurge for their stylish clothes, bag, shoes and other stuff!



Perfect Gift for the Holidays: Buy a Lumina Homes Property for your Household

If you're up for the challenge of looking for the best gift ideas for your family that can also be a form of investment, it wouldn't be just worth less than 399 pesos. It will require quality saving in the bank and a matter of not spending too much for just anything. If you want a lasting gift, why don't you try giving them an affordable house and lot from the country's best real estate developer, Lumina Homes? No matter how many material gifts you can give them every Christmas, if the household doesn't have a place they can call their own, then it could be a challenge for the relatives and the family to get together.


Not only will you have the room to host parties and gatherings for your family and friends, but you can also have a place for sleep and relaxation, connect with your relatives, and focus on what's important-your family. It's also where you can foster love and make your family name last. Sure it may have an expensive price for just a Christmas gift, but this can be one of the best and can top the list of the best gift ideas ever.


For more information on how you can choose the best affordable house and lot for sale and model property house for your family, don't hesitate to contact one of our accredited sellers, so we can share what you will gain once you see Lumina Homes as the developer of your house and lot in the Philippines.

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