Celebrate the Vibrant Festivals in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur

7 June 2022
Celebrate the Vibrant Festivals in Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Zamboanga del Sur's seaside city of Pagadian is one of the province's many urban centers of significance. It serves as both the provincial capital and the regional headquarters of the Zamboanga Peninsula. Aside from that, it is also a second-class component city and the second-largest city in the area and province, after Zamboanga, which is an autonomous city.

Since its inception, Pagadian has served as an important stopping point for merchants traveling between Zamboanga, a historic Spanish fort town on the southwest tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula, and other major cities north of the former Zamboanga Province.

As a result of Pagadian City's steep environment, the tricycle that serves as the city's unmistakable emblem was specially constructed. At a 25-40° angle, it is the only public transportation system in the Philippines.

On top of this, people from all over the world come to Pagadian City to experience the city's unique diversity.
Pagadian, like many other Philippine cities, is home to a slew of annual celebrations. This list of city celebrations and events should be taken into account while planning a vacation to this region of Western Mindanao:

1. Pasalamat Festival

Pagadian City celebrates Pasalamat Festival in an annual festival Philippines to honor the city's patron saint, Sto. Niño or The Holy Child Jesus. This festival in Pagadian City coincides with the feast day of Cebu City.

The Pasalamat Festival was founded to celebrate the legendary deity of agriculture. It was a need for the villagers to visit Mt. Kanlaon in order to thank the gods and express appreciation for the plentiful crops that they had reaped this year. However, as time went on, it evolved into a much more vibrant and thrilling event to be a part of.

The Street Dancing, Ritual Showdown, and Festival Queen Competitions are all highlights of the Pasalamat Festival, in which students from different public secondary schools in the city usually compete.

During this festival, the local government of Pagadian builds many agro-trade fair booths, where locals and foreign tourists may buy agricultural goods from all around the city, representing all the many barangays.

For the Pasalamat Festival, the agro-trade fair is only one of the many events that take place during the week-long festival to showcase the culture and traditions of the city's three peoples–the Christians, Muslims, and Subanens–and raise the spirits of followers of Sto. Niño.

When is it celebrated: Pasalamat Festival is celebrated every third Sunday of January.

2. Araw ng Pagadian

Araw ng Pagadian is celebrated by the Pagadianons to honor the city's chartered status. It is a national holiday in this part of the Philippines. All of these things take place over the course of a weeklong celebration that culminates in the Miss Pagadian beauty pageant, civic-military parade, trade exhibits, fluvial parade, and carnivals shows in the city plaza. Also, the year's festivities usually come to an end with a special anniversary event at City Hall.

Last year, 2021, the first-ever Lechon Festival was held in our city in honor of the 52nd Araw ng Pagadian celebration.
Lechon has always been a part of the city's festivities, whether it be birthdays, marriages, or even graduations. Tourists, both locals and foreigners, can see this in action in the city, where there are a plethora of Lechon-makers. If truth be told, Pagadian Lechon is regarded as one of the finest in the nation, and the present government has made certain steps to promote the Pagadian City's Lechon Industry-- which is the reason why Lechon Festival was made.

Prior to this, visitors and non-Pagadianons alike have a difficult time finding the lechon producers in the city, which the local government recognized as a problem.

In order to solve this issue, the city government built the Lechonan sa Pagadian area, where all lechon-making company owners may roast and showcase their lechons in one place. This idea will not only assist the company owners, but it will also make it simpler for the LGU to keep track of the number of Lechon enterprises in their city and ensure that they have all the proper licenses to operate.

When is it celebrated: Araw ng Pagadian is celebrated on the 21st of June every year.

3. Megayon Festival

It's common to classify festivals as either major or minor, with the former attracting people from nearby towns or provinces since it's more well-known and lavishly presented than the latter. On the other hand, unlike other festivals that have been celebrated for years and years in Zamboanga del Sur, the Megayon Festival is relatively young.

The celebration, which lasts for a week in September, honors the three groups of immigrants that helped establish Zamboanga del Sur: the Subanons (or Subanens), the Muslims, and the locals (the term "unity" comes from the Subanen language).

Celebrations commemorate the establishment of Zamboanga del Sur and the abundant harvest of crops are also part of the festivities. The Megayon Event is regarded as Zamboanga del Sur's official festival for these reasons.

When is it celebrated: Megayon Festival is celebrated from the 11th to 17th of September every year.

4. Zamboanga del Sur Anniversary

Pagadian City, the provincial capital of Zamboanga del Sur, is the site of the province's annual festival, which takes place in September. Agricultural trade displays, a civic-military parade, a cultural performance, and sporting events all take place as part of the mother province's centennial celebration.

When is it celebrated: Zamboanga del Sur Anniversary is celebrated on the 17th of September every year.

5. Chinese New Year

According to the Chinese calendar, the City of Pagadian has celebrated the Chinese New Year as an important event in celebration of the local Chinese population, which has made a substantial contribution to the local economy.

Samuel S. Co, the first mayor to hold the post when it was inaugurated in 2004, was the driving force behind it.

When is it celebrated:Chinese New Year is celebrated in the city depending on the Lunar calendar.


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