15 Best Hobbies in 2023 That You Should Try

31 December 2022
15 Best Hobbies in 2023 That You Should Try

Have you got any interesting hobbies you can tell someone about when they ask what you do for fun? In that case, you may want to immerse yourself in a fun hobby on a regular basis. Leisure activities might seem indulgent to you if you think they aren't productive or that you don't have the time for them. However, having a pastime goes beyond enjoyment and amusement.


Lumina Homes, a credible residential developer in the Philippines, believe that learning new skills in a supportive community plays a vital role. That's why we have built residential projects in over 50 key locations where you can find an affordable house and lot as an investment. Try these unique and creative hobby ideas and see how they can impact your career and life.



Five Crafting Hobbies You Can Start Easily

You don't have to learn all the skills at once. Look for a fun way to explore areas and find a new hobby that can help you grow. You can either learn a new language or enroll in different classes. But if you're looking for crafting hobbies, try these five recommendations.


1. Candle Making

Use a DIY kit to make candles at home or as gifts, then enjoy your creations. There are several crafty hobbies you should definitely learn, but this is one of the most popular. Taking art classes or learning online are both options.


2. Flower Arranging

Are you familiar with the art of flower arrangement? Have you tried arranging your own flowers or making one for a friend? The task is much more challenging than it appears. This could be the most suitable hobby for you if you love having fresh flowers at home. This is a creative hobby that can also serve as a business opportunity. If you want something creative and fun to switch from your corporate or professional life, running a flower shop is a perfect choice.


3. Origami

Among the creative hobbies that are both creative and relaxing is Origami, the classic Japanese art of paper folding. This is one of the great ways to challenge yourself and enjoy nature by making beautiful plants, animals, and other nature-inspired folds. Thousands of designs are available for you to learn, and practicing helps your hand-eye coordination. If you need help getting started, there are online tutorials you can use!


4. Sewing

Having this skill will save you money in the long run. Imagine repairing your own clothes or much better, crafting your own designs! Sewing requires time and effort to learn. Though you can skim online for tutorials, nothing beats learning the skill physically. So, if you're looking for a great hobby to start, consider learning how to sew.


5. Soap Making

Almost the same as candle making, soap making is another great hobby to develop. You can start with basic crafts and make your way to create unique and even personalized soaps. If you wish to practice soap making for business, you need to step up your game and develop products that could potentially attract the market.


There are some pretty spectacular results you can achieve by learning a new activity. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, costly, or difficult. Put aside a few minutes each day to learn something new and try out these exciting trending hobbies and you might find that you are becoming skilled in other creative hobbies that you never imagined possible.



Five Outdoor Trending Hobbies You Should Try for the Incoming Year

1. Camping

Did you know that a week spent outdoors can reset your circadian rhythms? Also, the ability to isolate from the outside world and offer a healthy form of exercise make camping an effective treatment for clinical depression. It is not difficult to begin camping with just a few pieces of equipment. With a tent, appropriate footwear, a sleeping bag, and some safety gear, you will be prepared for a night outdoors. Enjoy a great time around the campfire with your friends.


2. Hiking

You'll definitely enjoy hiking if you are looking for outdoor hobbies. Traveling to places that are not accessible by vehicle is one of the greatest joys of this hobby. Aside from that, it's incredibly simple to get started. In addition to maintaining mental and physical acuity, hiking can also help you maintain relationships and keep your lungs healthy. Whether you do it alone or with friends, it's up to you. Despite what some people assume, hiking is more of a hobby than a sport. Despite the lack of competition, it can still be physically demanding so you need to prepare.


3. Mountaineering

Mountaineers are typically referred to as individuals who enjoy mountain climbing. Although base jumping and cliff diving are fun the first few times, the action is the same every time, unlike mountaineering, which is not a one-time activity but rather a lifetime interest. When mountaineering, however, every mountain is a new experience, not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering each one. So, if you're always up for challenges, consider this hobby.


4. Rock Climbing

If you're seeking a new hobby to keep you active and interesting next year, consider rock climbing. Using this method is a wonderful way to stay in shape without actually exercising. It takes a tremendous amount of strength and muscle to climb rocks. A climber's ability to climb is actually hampered if they have too many muscles. Rock climbing and bouldering require balance, flexibility, and core strength.


5. Scuba Diving

Divers from all over the world travel to the Philippines for diving adventures. This is because the Philippines has a wide variety of attractions to offer everyone, such as stunning coral reefs, historical wrecks, clear, warm water, and some of the most diverse flora in the world. The possibilities for drift diving, reef diving, deep diving, and pelagic encounters are endless. Hence, if this is something that you would want to try, gear up and start this hobby.



Five Must-Try Sports Hobbies You Can Add to Your List

Sports leagues in your neighborhood can be a great way to meet new people and exercise, whether you play tennis, softball, soccer, basketball, or another sport. Check out local community sports leagues if you're interested in a sport you like. If you're hesitant to join a league alone, invite a friend.


1. Bowling

Bowling has become one of the most popular and best activities available today. You can engage in some friendly competition with friends and family while having fun.


People who are frequently sore from regular activities, such as running or playing sports, find bowling to be a great hobby.


2. Cycling

The act of bicycle touring, also called adventure riding, involves pedaling a bicycle for days, weeks, months, or even years while crossing trails and cities. Start by investing in some high-quality gear if you are interested in trying this.


3. Archery

Taking up archery could be a fun new hobby or a challenge for you if you are seeking a new challenge or hobby to try. As a result of its long historical heritage, archery is now regarded as a sport, discipline, and skill involving the use of a bow to shoot arrows. Archery is not only a wonderful hobby, but it also offers several advantages that other sports cannot match.


4. Sharpshooting

There is much debate surrounding weapons and shooting in the political sphere. Generally, people tend to have strong opinions and feel either way about this activity. As a recreational hobby, shooting firearms can be an exciting and enjoyable way to experience firearms, regardless of whether you are a hunter or not.


5. Golfing

Playing golf is a great way to meet new people who have similar interests. Come along with your family and friends so they can enjoy a round on the course. Besides conversing with other nearby golfers on the course, you can also do so in the clubhouse. This could be one of the best ways to meet new people and gain connections.



Five Indoor Trending Hobbies You Should Definitely Try

1. Vlogging

Have you got a particular knowledge or interest in a particular subject? You can spread your knowledge around the world by vlogging. Also, you can use this hobby to become an influencer or a content creator. It takes time as you need to know your audience and building your online presence requires effort.


2. Wine Tasting

No need to travel to France or Napa Valley to enjoy wine tasting. You can become a connoisseur at home or when dining out by experimenting with various wines and learning to recognize the subtle differences between them. Create a wine collection at home to find out what your palate prefers.


3. Yoga

The soothing, meditative, and simple hobby of yoga can calm your mind and body at the same time. Getting started is as simple as using a yoga mat. Then you can watch some videos on the Internet, and take a yoga class. The benefits of yoga are both mental and physical, which is why it makes a great hobby to get into.


4. Bullet Journaling

Journaling allows you to express your creativity and improve your writing skills. The benefits of maintaining a journal have been demonstrated to include providing a means of processing your thoughts and releasing stress. The variety of journals you can keep is endless. You can keep a thankful journal, a relationship journal, a productivity journal, and just about anything else you like.


5. Book Club

Gathering friends frequently for activities besides lunch might be exciting and fun. To get started, talk to some friends who share some of your interests and find out what they might be interested in reading. Choosing a genre and determining a meeting schedule will help you determine your first book and get started.


You can start your interest in self-improvement by picking one of the trending hobbies listed above. With time, you will not only be empowered with a new skill, but also with improved mental and physical wellness, which will leave you feeling better.



Cultivate Healthy and Productive Living

It is always a good idea to better ourselves by learning new skills, trying out creative hobbies, and investing in our future. Lumina Homes help every aspiring Filipino achieve their dream of purchasing an affordable house and lot for sale. Thus, if you're looking for an indication of when to invest, this might be it!


As part of the communities we develop, we provide a variety of functional amenities, such as mini gardens, playgrounds, basketball courts, and commercial areas. Moreover, our projects are strategically located near major highways, transportation hubs, schools, hospitals, and business districts.


We offer a variety of down payment and monthly payment options to help you secure your house and lot in the Philippines. Lumina Homes accredited sellers can help you start your home investment. Become a Lumina resident today!

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