Lumina Homes Recognized as Best Developer for Affordable Housing in 1st Carousell Property Awards

Congratulations to Lumina Homes for winning the Best Developer for Affordable Housing in the 1st Car…

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12 March 2018

Lumina Homes, a Mass Housing Well-loved by and for Every Juan

Let us take a quick look about the previous events where Lumina Homes, a mass housing brand awards h…

19 October 2017

From PUV Drivers to 'Bida Lumina Sellers'

Bida Lumina Sellers, Lumina Homes' program that focuses on giving awareness, knowledge about afforda…

7 December 2015

A Seafarer's Long-term Affair Back Home

Housing developers including Lumina Homes presents Seafarer's Day, an investment opportunity event t…

5 December 2015

Living the Buhay Marino Lifestyle

Salute to all our our modern heroes - Overseas Filipino Workers, and that includes our seafarers. On…

22 October 2015

Lumina Homes Grants Progeria Victim's Wish to have Own Home

Lumina Homes together with Korina Sanchez's show Rated K gave a brand new house and lot to Ana Roche…

21 October 2015

Lumina Homes Awards 1-Peso Home to Deal or No Deal Homepartner

Kapamilya's Deal or No Deal home partner receives a house and lot from Lumina Homes by winning the r…

15 October 2015

Lumina Homes and Eat Bulaga for Every Juan

Eat Bulaga's Juan for All, All for Juan segment awards the first winner of house and lot from Lumina…

13 October 2015

.Lumina Homes Becomes Part of Vista City Iloilo

Lumina Homes, a residential brand that caters to the affordable market segment becomes part of the m…

Lumina Homes Offers Perfect Starter Investment with Its New Home Series

Celebrating 10 years of providing quality yet affordable house and lot, know more about Lumina Homes…

PNR San Pablo-Lucena Line is Back on Track

Exhausted from your long commute? PNR’s San Pablo-Lucena Line is back to cut your commute time! Here…

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