Novel Crime from Bulacan Joins Lumina Hiphop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

Regular hip-hop dance sessions may have a positive impact on your health, regardless of whether you're a dancer or just don't like the thought of spending another day on the treadmill.


Children and adults of all ages may gain a lot by participating in dance courses of any sort. Rather than focusing just on hip hop dancing, hip hop dance lessons include various other types of dance. Traditional jazz motions are mixed with breakdance and pop/crump styles and pop or break and crumping. One of hip hop dancing important aspects is the freedom to express oneself via freestyle and improvisation.


Below are some of the benefits that one can get in having Hip Hop dancing as one of their hobbies:


1. Strengthens the muscles

Hip-hop dancing is a great supplement to a balanced diet and active lifestyle. You'll become stronger, faster, and more resilient to injury if you attend lessons regularly. Specialized or multi-sport athletes might benefit from taking dance courses as a pleasant alternative to other cross-training activities. Hip-hop challenges the body and improves muscular areas that are seldom utilized while boosting flexibility and explosiveness.


2. Hip hop is a great form of cardio exercise.

A professional hip-hop dancer's physique shows how consistent training may help your body. The less apparent advantages are hidden therein! You'll put your heart and lungs to the ultimate test as you make hip-hop dancing moves. Improved oxygen absorption, more fat burning, and a better mood and energy level are all benefits of improving your cardiovascular fitness. Want to keep your heart rate up with some kind of aerobic activity? Do not underestimate the power of hip-hop!


3. It gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

As any professional will tell you, confidence is a critical factor in achieving and maintaining a sense of well-being and contentment. Mastering a hip-hop routine is a fantastic method to boost your self-confidence. Envisioning oneself in the same situation as a professional or competitive hip-hop dancer might be a daunting task. Every dancer, though, begins from the beginning. Having Hip Hop dance as your regular hobby can set a structure in place to help you gain self-assurance and self-worth from the ground up.


4. Burn those calories

Hip-hop is the most action-packed of all the dance genres if movement is the criterion. It is unusual for dancers to hold a step for more than a few milliseconds since they use all of their energy to perform fast choreography. Training and learning at the rapid tempo of hip-hop is a simple method to burn calories without even realizing it. Why use a stationary bike or go for a jog in a circle? At the same time, you may be dancing to the newest club hits and burning calories.


5. Improves the reflexes

The dancing movements and routines that identify hip-hop have evolved as the music has entered mainstream society. Fast, individual motions are used to create intricate patterns in most hip-hop routines. Explosive moves and displays of controlled strength are interspersed throughout these routines. Strength and reflexes improve as you go through hip-hop lessons as your body adapts to the new movement patterns.


Now that you have already learned some of the benefits that you can gain when you try Hip Hop dancing, it is time for you to apply some grooves into your body, just like the Novel Crime from Bulacan did.


Novel Crime and Bulacan's tourist spots

The Novel Crime dance group is one of the 16 participants that join the first National dance competition of Lumina Homes this 2022—the Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest.

Novel Crime showed their prowess in Hip Hop dancing by applying unique music in their performance and tackling society's issue against crimes.


Aside from this, Novel Crime also takes pride in Bulacan's tourist spots by making them a background for their performance. Some of the great tourist spots that you must visit when you find yourself in the Province of Bulacan are:


Malolos Cathedral

The Malolos Cathedral, proclaimed a Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception by Pope John Paul II, has a significant place in Philippine history. The convent served as the presidential residence of General Emilio Aguinaldo from September 1898 to March 1899. While escaping American forces, he ordered that the convent and church be destroyed so that they would be worthless to the enemy.


It was fortunate that the convent and the church were progressively reconstructed, and the structure was consecrated as a cathedral in 1962. The cathedral is now the ecclesiastical headquarters of the Diocese of Malolos. Don't miss the Kalayaan Tree (Freedom Tree), a centuries-old tree that is said to have been planted by Aguinaldo himself.


Reyes Strawberry Farm

If you're from Manila, you don't have to travel all the way to Baguio just to take a tour on a strawberry farm as Bulacan already has its own, and it's just a few hours travels from the Metro.


Strawberry bushes cover an area of four hectares at this farm near Calumpit. As well as strawberry plants, the self-taught strawberry farmer who started Reyes Strawberry farm in 2013 also has other fruit-bearing plants, including grapes, dragon fruit, and rambutan. The best part of a visit to this area is the strawberry farm. In addition to admiring the endless rows of strawberry bushes, you'll be able to harvest some of the fruit yourself.


Several varieties are available since the strawberries are grown here come from various parts of the world. These include Baguio and California, as well as Australia and Hawaii. Make the most of your visit to botanical gardens in December, when many plants are laden with fruit.


But if you want to have the benefits of enjoying these great travel attractions in Bulacan for a lifetime, then it's better if you can invest in a house for sale through a bank housing loan in this province.


Good thing that Lumina Homes, a housing segment from Vista Land, offers great communities in this province with various home models. Visit their website now and discover the beauty of owning a home in Bulacan.

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