Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa: Pangarap

2 December 2020

"Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa" features the story of Steve, certified Lumina homeowner, as he worked hard to achieve his #BahayGoals for his family.


There are many reasons why many Filipinos decided to work abroad instead of finding their luck here in the country. One of the most significant reasons is the high unemployment rate. Our OFWs would like to escape the vagueness of a regular job as well as look for greener pastures abroad.


Our Overseas Filipino Workers also seek higher salary and incentives packages that overseas companies and job opportunities usually offer. It is a reality that dollars cost higher than our local monetary value, which means their day jobs abroad are already comparable to the amount of money that managers and executives in the Philippines earn.


Although working in a foreign country is challenging and requires a lot of sacrifices from our kababayans, it could also give them great benefits, and one of them is improving their resume.


Having experience working in another country means a more significant edge when applying for a job, whether locally or abroad. It means that they have more experience, especially when working in a foreign environment, enhancing their adaptability and flexibility in different situations, aside from developing their communication skills.


Being an OFW also increases the cultural awareness of our kababayans that, in return, can help them boost their professional skills. They can even apply these new experiences to situations where they deem it as possible.


Our Overseas Filipino Workers give their families a decent and better life and bring honor and benefits to our country in exchange for their hard work and sleepless nights.


From rags to riches

All people have their dreams in life. Some want to finish their studies while others want to have a house and lot that they can call their own.


One of these people is Steve, one of our Lumina Kabarangays. At a young age, Steve already realized how hard life is. He experience days when he had nothing to eat, had an empty pocket that he couldn't buy things he wanted, and had nothing to give to his family.


That's why he decided to study hard and work in Saudi Arabia when he reached 23 years old.


Currently, Steve is already working in one of the most prestigious companies in the Middle East. He can now able to give and remit money to his family regularly. He was also able to reach his dreams to travel the world and have his own car.


But most of all, he now has a home he can call his own through Lumina Homes.


Great Investment Ideas for OFWs

Working overseas is not a walk in the park. You need to put a lot of hard work, patience, and sacrifices into it to succeed and save up enough money. That's why OFWs need a great investment to assist and support them in the future.


Here are some of the excellent investment ideas you can try:


1. Blogging and Vlogging

As everything turns digital and online, one of the good ideas is to invest in blogging and vlogging. While blogging and vlogging might bring in money, it involves a lot of time, effort, and experimenting.


To make money, bloggers and vloggers have to monetize their websites using PPC (pay per click) and CPM (cost per thousand views) advertising (based on how many people view your ad). Google AdSense is the most common network for this. Affiliate connections and the sale of digital items are other ways they might make money. For vloggers, in particular, sponsored videos may be a lucrative source of income.


2. Stock Market

You become a shareholder in the firm you invest in when you buy shares on the stock market. Because you'll be a shareholder, you'll own a stake in the business. Investing in the stock market is a long-term endeavor, and it's important to remember that. If you want to make a sizable fortune, a hands-on approach is needed. Usually, the minimum investment is Php 5,000.


Before investing in the stock market, you should know first what sort of investor you are before making an investing decision. To determine your risk tolerance, some websites enable you to answer questions about your personality type. Some seminars can assist you in your stock selection and provide you with a list of suggested stocks. Investing in stocks isn't for the faint of heart, so you'll need to attend training and seminars to educate yourself.


To learn more about stock market investment without leaving your house, there are online investment classes available. For starters, you can try. First is the "Peso cost averaging," an investment strategy that lets you invest little amounts of money over a long period of time.


3. Real Estate 

For this sort of real estate investment for OFWs, you'll need to put in a lot of money upfront to pay for the house and lot you'll be purchasing. However, if you make the proper decisions, you can be confident that you will profit greater than the amount of money you invested.


Here are some of the advantages that real estate investment for OFWs can do:


  • Real estate property's value rises and falls with time, yet it is almost always for the better. When a real estate investment for OFWs in the Philippines begins, it is one of the most significant advantages you will get. Real estate, unlike other high-ticket commodities like automobiles and designer handbags, has the potential to appreciate. In cities and towns where the supply of houses is limited but demand is strong, demand might play a role in determining the value of your property. Although the pace of appreciation varies from market to market, don't get too happy yet.
  • The investment portfolio can also be more stable for real estate investment for OFWs in the Philippines. Stocks, mutual funds, and other securities may fluctuate in value depending on the current market circumstances. A non-liquid asset, such as real estate is necessary to mitigate the consequences of these market swings. As time goes on, the value of homes, land, and agricultural estates increases. When the value of stocks and mutual funds falls, the value of the real estate investment for OFWs is likely to stay the same, preventing them from losing a significant amount of money or assets.


This story only proves that it's always possible for us to reach our dreams and goals in life as long as we work hard for it and never give up.


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