How to reserve a Prima Tanza condo unit using Facebook Cart

24 March 2022

When it comes to making life decisions as an adult, there is more at stake than just what kind of milk tea you choose—especially in the world of real estate investment. While you are doing some taps on your phone, do you know that you can reserve a condo unit using Facebook? Yes, Prima Tanza, the affordable condo for sale in Cavite, can be purchased through FB Cart!


At the Lumina Homes Official Facebook, simply select Send Message. Then, click the SHOP NOW button so the catalog of home options will pop up. Select the Prima Tanza e-voucher. And proceed to checkout by clicking the Go To Checkout button and settling the payment via GCash.


As you browse the available listings, you'll see a wide range of property types, each with its own unique set of amenities and specifications. This time, you're taking a more serious look at the pros and cons of a condo or a home.


For individuals who consider purchasing a home but are torn between buying a condo unit for sale or buying a house and lot, here are some pieces of advice. 


Advantages of Condo VS House and Lot

It's becoming more common to see condominiums springing up all throughout the country's metropolitan areas. They're a stylish and cost-effective alternative to a fancy mansion and its accompanying amenities and extras that come with it. The following are some of the most compelling arguments in favor of buying a condo unit for sale rather than a house and lot.


Relatively low upkeep

Condo living requires less care than owning a home and a piece of land. You don't have to wake up early and worry about mowing the lawn, raking the leaves off the roof, and scrubbing out the gutters, just like what you would need to do when you buy a house and lot, not to mention about the different renovations and repairs that you need to do for the maintenance of your house and lot. 


When you decide to have a condo living, only the inside of the unit has to be maintained by the condo owners. The condo administrator would be the one responsible for managing the public and outdoor areas of the condominium for its tenants.


Extensive amenities

In addition to pools, sporting facilities such as basketball and tennis courts, gyms, lounge rooms, and function halls—together with a playground, condo units also provide recreational facilities for their owners.


Meanwhile, for house and lots, gated developments provide comparable facilities to condominiums in their clubhouse, although they don't offer reception spaces as condos do. Concierge Services provided by receptionists in condo buildings include confirming guests, supporting residents in times of need, and collecting deliveries on behalf of tenants.


The affordable condo unit in Cavite called Prima Tanza also has these kinds of amenities. Prima Tanza includes in its condominium complex a clubhouse in which you can hold your social gatherings and celebrate your life's milestones with your friends and loved ones. This condo unit for sale also includes a fenced basketball court where you can play your favorite sports without any interruption. They also have parks and playgrounds for your leisure time and your kids' recreational activities.


Prima Tanza's condominium complex also includes a guarded entrance for tight security and a swimming pool that your whole family can look forward to, especially during warm weather. Residents don't have to go out of the complex just to enjoy a cool quick swim any time of the day.


Accessible locations

A few minutes walk or drive from a condo unit can get you near shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, laundry facilities, and transit centers like train stations and bus stations. Some condominium complexes even include businesses on the ground level, so when it's time to go shopping, most condo residents will just need to take the elevator downstairs to do their groceries.


Although newer and more developed subdivisions may feature commercial establishments available for their residents, condo owners still have greater access to more options within their complex.


Aside from this, the fact that condominiums are usually situated near commercial areas means that working professionals don't have to drive far for work. The time and money saved by not having to travel far to go to work are immeasurable for those who work in an apartment close by.


A great example of this condo unit for sale is the Prima Tanza, an affordable condo unit in Cavite. Because of its location in the middle of a 500-hectare mixed-use development that includes BPO offices, transportation hubs, and an economic zone within an hour's drive, Prima Tanza can be able to provide its future residents with an even better travel experience and job opportunities.


Stringent securities

A greater standard of safety is expected in condos as a whole than it is in most single-family homes. There are CCTV cameras and smoke detectors in every apartment and hallway in condo complexes, as well as fire sprinklers in each unit.


Maintaining a high level of security in vast subdivisions is more difficult than in smaller condominium complexes, despite the presence of roaming guards and CCTVs.


A smart investment

The value of condo units for sale located within a masterplanned community easily rises—just like the Prima Tanza condo for sale in Cavite, which is located just beside Vista Mall Tanza. In the future, the owner has the option of renting out the condo unit or selling it for a profit. As a result, equities won't be a cause for concern for its owners.


It is also more cost-effective to purchase a condo unit for sale—particularly this affordable condo unit in Tanza- rather than having a house and lot property when you want to make it as a source of investment as opposed to actually living there.


Investing in this way might save the owners a lot of hassle in the long term. Aside from the fact that they won't have to worry as much about upkeep, they will also have peace of mind knowing they invested their money well.


In terms of Prima Tanza, several Build, Build, Build projects are also in the pipeline that will surely increase the value of the properties in the area. 


Some of the major infrastructure line ups around the area of this condo for sale in Cavite are the following:

  • Sangley International Airport
  • Cavite – Bataan Interlink Bridge
  • Metro Manila Subway
  • LRT Line 1 Cavite Extension


So make sure to buy now an affordable condo unit in Cavite by Prima Tanza and grab the opportunities of having a great property investment in rising Central Business Districts.

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