Improve Learning Habits: How to Create a Study Space at Home

26 August 2022
Improve Learning Habits How to Create a Study Space at Home

The face-to-face classes officially started all over the country and students are once again back to the basics of real deal lessons.


It's true that traditional classes are a much in-depth type of learning style than online learning. This was proven and tested during the last two years when students and teachers were forced to do online classes due to the pandemic.


Now, that the face-to-face classes are already back, it's also time to up your game in learning and this means it should not stop inside the four corners of the classroom.


Below are some tips and tricks on how to improve your learning habits at home by creating a more conducive study space at your affordable house and lot Philippines.


Dedicated Study Space Ideas at Home


Students are often sidetracked from their studies by mundane tasks like washing dishes, beginning loads of laundry, or choosing to prepare a snack. Having a designated study area at home might help you concentrate on your studies. To help you organize your study area for maximum learning efficiency, check out some of the suggestions below:


1. Set the right lighting


In order to avoid eye fatigue and to fall asleep when studying at home, it's best to keep the lights on the bright side. Try to let in as much natural light as you can.


There is no "ideal" time of day for any student to get their work done. Instead, factors like job schedules and peak productivity levels influence when individual students get their work done. It is crucial to choose a spot with plenty of natural light if you plan on doing any daytime studying. Creating a workspace in close proximity to a window allows you to make use of natural light and fresh air without disrupting your concentration.


However, you need to choose a spot where the light won't cast shadows on your screen. In addition, students who do most of their studying and work in the evenings and overnight should consider the kind of artificial lighting or desk lamp setup that works best for them.


2. Opt for cooler shades on walls


Think about what colors will motivate your kids to study and use them as the basis for the room's paint. Psychological research says that effects of color have shown that secondary school students tend to be more focused on their studies when greens, blues, and violets or "cool" colors are painted in their study room. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a relaxing option, you can also try white or beige, or if you need to be attentive, red is your best bet.


3. Make study materials accessible


Be sure that you have all the necessary study materials on hand, and that nothing unnecessary has been brought in.


Store your textbooks, notebooks, and other typical school materials in a drawer or on a shelf in your workspace. Don't risk losing work because you were too preoccupied to realize that your laptop or tablet battery was running low. Instead, keep its charger close at hand.


4. Keep your study area clean


For those who are often sidetracked, the last thing they need is a desk covered with filthy dishes, a full trash can, and a stack of empty coffee cups when they should be focusing on their study session. Before beginning schoolwork, it is a good idea to undertake chores like cleaning the dishes and putting out the trash.


Cleanliness is as important as comfort when it comes to determining whether or not your study environment will help you concentrate and get work done. If you suffer from anxiety related to clutter, keeping your study place neat and organized may be a great stress reliever. In order to reduce anxiety and increase productivity, cleaning or wiping out your study space on a regular basis is highly recommended.


5. Personalize your designated space at home.


Curtains, shelves, pictures, a clock, some art, some plants, and some music are just a few examples of how you may make your study environment uniquely your own. Corkboards, bulletin boards, and other forms of visual organization may help you keep on top of your game while also adding a touch of personality to your study quarters.


In general, white noise, rain noises, or classical music make for excellent study background noise, but if you just can't bring yourself to listen to any of those things, feel free to pick music that is extremely familiar to you instead. Make a mix with songs you've heard a thousand times since they'll blend in better than a new smash hit that wants you to sing along.


6. Choose a quiet study space.


It's crucial that your study room is in a convenient and quiet area. Many of the advantages of even the most elegantly crafted and perfectly practical study space will be lost if its placement is inappropriate.


Although some people prefer to study in a coffee shop to maximize learning efficiency through distinct background noise, a dedicated study space, much like a home office, may be set up in a spare bedroom or other section of the house. With additional square footage at your disposal, you may better isolate yourself from the outside world while still including all of your ideal design elements. Making use of a spare room in your house as a study may also provide you with the benefit of having a designated area in which to focus on your studies.


Also, it's important to give serious thought to noise and foot traffic levels in the area around your chosen study spot at home. For example, a study space located next to a bustling washing room is hardly the ideal spot to get some work done because of the background noise. Keep in mind that a peaceful environment or complete silence in your dedicated space for studies is conducive to more effective studying.


 If you have a productive study space or a spare room at home, it will be much simpler and more practical to create a study area that is unique to you.


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From our townhouses, duplexes, and single firewall home model units, you can have that extra space for your child's study nook-- making their study space at home more conducive to learning just in time for the comeback of face-to-face classes!


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