Festivals in Tagum City: Experience The Royal Entrance

26 May 2022
Festivals in Tagum City

The Province of Davao del Norte is home to the City of Tagum which is also the provincial capital.


Connecting several parts of the Davao Region, it acts as an important commercial crossroads, melting many cultures together. Indeed, Tagum, Tagumpay!, the city's renowned catchphrase, is a way of life in this place.


As a matter of fact, Palm City, the City of Festivals, and the City of Golden Opportunities are just some of the city's numerous monikers; this is in addition to its other famous names such as the City of Parks, Music Capital of the South, the City of Harmony as well as Little Green Singapore in the South.


"The Royal Entrance" to the city was nicknamed thus by the locals because of its California-like vibe and ability to draw in guests.


After that, you'll come across Tagum's most recognizable kind of public transportation: the Green Pedicabs, which are utilized by both residents and visitors alike. For those fortunate enough to be in the area at the right time, you could get to see some of the city's famed dancing traffic cops in action.


But the City of Tagum will not earn its title of the City of Festivals for nothing. In fact, it has a total of 15 festivals each year! So let's explore and discover some of the festivals that Tagum City celebrates every year.


1. Tagum City as the Music Capital of Mindanao with "Musikahan Festival"

As the city's trademark event, Musikahan Festival has been exhibiting the passion for music in the Philippines and Filipino brilliance in musical creation through local bands, performance, and production since its founding in 1999. Visitors and performers from as far away as the Visayan Islands and Luzon have been drawn to this popular music event since its inception.


Originally a small-scale musical event, it has now grown into one of the country's largest music festival celebration recognizing the beauty of music. It began as a platform for Tagumeños to demonstrate their musical prowess each year, but over the years, it has evolved into a celebration of the musical genius of Mindanao and the Filipino people as a whole.


In addition to this, after being selected as the host city of Tagum City's third International Rondalla Festival in 2011, ideas cross borders easily, and it attracted organizations from around the globe to participate.


The Musikahan Festival is celebrated in Tagum City every February 21 to 27 of the year.


2. Araw ng Tagum

The celebration or the Araw ng Tagum is the city's celebration of the city's incorporation as a component city of Davao del Norte. As a result of these events, the city of Tagum's Araw ng Tagum celebration is usually celebrated with thousands of Tagumenyos participating in a civic fun parade.


The Araw ng Tagum is celebrated in Tagum City every March 7th of the year.


3. Binuhat Festival

An event like Binuhat Festival may be one of a kind not just in the Philippines but maybe even on a global scale. Binuhat Festival, on the other hand, is unique. "Binuhat" implies creation in the Filipino language. For the first time, Mindanao has a festival dedicated just to the LGBT community or the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community. As a result, the city government gets points for gender sensitivity and the gay community.


The pride festival is a week-long event that attracts a large number of gay communities from around the island of Mindanao. Indeed, it is one of Mindanao's most anticipated festivals, thanks to the wide range of activities on offer. Gays from all over the country come to Tagum City to not only show off their skills and demonstrate their sexual orientation but also to compete for cash rewards.


The Binuhat Festival is celebrated in Tagum City every July 23rd of the year.


4. Ugmad Festival

The city's local administration officially started its month-long Ugmad Festival every month of August at Rotary Park, as they put the city's farmers for their bountiful harvest and fisherfolk in the spotlight.


"Uma Gamiton, Mag-uuma atong Dayegon" serves as the foundation for all of the events. For example, there is a farmer's market and competition for the best local lechon as well as an agri-trade fair and a trade center for durians. There is also a garden show and fishing competitions as well. Farmers also participate in a variety of events in addition to the contests and trade shows that usually take place in Rotary Park, such as fora and caucuses, demonstrations of agricultural techniques, and product presentations.


The Ugmad Festival is celebrated in Tagum City every fourth week of August until the third week of September of the year.


5. Kaimonan Festival

The first Kaimonan Festival was first held in 2003 in compliance with Republic Act 8371, often known as the IPRA Law (Indigenous Peoples Rights Act).


Translating literally, the term "kaimonan" means "gathering." An annual festival in Tagum City, the Kaimonan Festival provides an occasion for the four prominent Tagum City tribes-- namely Mansaka, Mandaya, Kalagan and Dibabaon-- to assemble and celebrate their abundant harvest and the presence of their God known as "Magbabaya."


This festival showcases a variety of rites, music, and dances from the region, including the "Pagkinarimay" courtship dance, the "Pagbaroy" wedding dance, the "Pagka-otaw" birth dance, the "Pagkamang sang Utaw" abduction dance, the "Pagluwas" rescue dance, the "Pangapog" offering dance, and the “Pagpangayaw” war dance.


The Kaimonan Festival is celebrated in Tagum City every 10th day of the month of October of the year.


6. Pakaradyan Festival

Here in Tagum City, there is a unique gathering of the Muslim Cultural Community from many tribes to celebrate this important Muslim holiday. Among them are the Kagan, Maranao, Iranon, Maguindanao, and Tausug, to name a few. A month-long celebration of their culture, customs, and traditions is held throughout the festival.

The Pakaradyan Festival is celebrated in Tagum City in the month of June every year.


Living in the City of Golden Opportunities

This might sound impossible, right? But with the City of Tagum having this monicker, achieving this dream can now be reachable!


Lumina Tagum can be found in Purok Maharlika, Brgy. Cuambogan, Tagum, City. This gives the community to be placed in a strategic location as it is only a short drive away from Davao del Norte's Six World Adventures, the city's biggest inland resort. It's also close to a number of medical facilities and places of worship, too.


Lumina Tagum is accessible through the Provincial Road and the Daang Maharlika Highway, which are key roads and highways in the area. This makes the residents and future homeowners of this subdivision be literally living and enjoying the perks of the City of Golden Opportunities!


So start your home investment now in this Little Green Singapore of the South and enjoy both the pleasure of living peacefully in the province and the opportunities of the city!

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