Colorful and Remarkable Festivals in Nueva Ecija Reflecting its Diverse Cultural Traditions

31 July 2022
The colorful and remarkable Festivals in nueva ecija reflecting its diverse cultural traditions

Nueva Ecija is the country's epicenter for agricultural development and output. Rice, corn, and onion are the principal agricultural products of this region, which is dubbed the "Rice Bowl of the Philippines. Mango, banana, eggplant, and garlic are some of the other crops grown here.


In addition to the production of these items, the economy also benefits from investments in trade, manufacturing, and agriculture-related businesses, as well as exports of agricultural goods. Non-metallic mineral resources such as gravel, sand, bentonite, quartz, marble, and feldspar have also been identified in the mountain's region and woodland settings.


Ecotourism, agritourism, and cultural tourism are all gaining popularity in the province. The Minalungao National Park, Rizal Hot Spring, Burburayok Springs, and Pajanutic Falls, as well as the Barrio Puncan neighborhood in Carranglan, the Central Luzon State University, and year-round festivals, all contribute to the promotion of these objectives.


Want to visit Nueva Ecija and delve deeper into the province's culture, history, and tradition? Below are the different festivals in Nueva Ecija that can help in your adventure and exploration of the historic province.


Ragragsak Ti Guimba Festival (Guimba)

The Nueva Ecija Ragragsak festival honors the miracle patron saint, Nuestra Senora de la Virgen Divina Pastora, and incorporates a variety of colorful and exciting street entertainment.


Between Guimba's founding anniversary on February 20th and the beginning of harvest in March, the people of Guimba celebrate Ragragsak, that means "merrymaking" in English. This colorful and remarkable festivals are being celebrated in the Province of Nueva Ecija since it started in 2000.


Beauty pageants, street dancing competitions, folk dance remix competitions, Paistaran events, sports fests, SMB live band performances, balikbayan/NGO-GO nights, SK nights, ABC nights, and grand parades are just a few of the fun activities being featured in this feast.


When to visit: The Ragragsak Ti Guimba Festival is celebrated from the 20th of February until the harvest month in March every year.


Taong Putik Festival (Bibiclat, Aliaga)

Taong Putik has its origins in a unique devotional activity in Bibiclat, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija, among the followers of Saint John the Baptist.


For modesty and penance, they cover their naked bodies in mud and decorate themselves with vines, banana leaves, and dried coconut leaves. Bibiclat transforms into an open-air theater on June 24, when followers of San Juan Bautista begin their annual rite, known as the "Festival of San Juan Bautista."


Everyone is asked to bring candles and alms to the church's early morning service, which is performed by the Taong Putik (mud men). San Juan or nag-sa-San Juan" is a nickname given to devotees of Saint John the Baptist by the people of Aliaga because they replicate his disguise as the chosen one to baptize Jesus Christ by donning animal skin. After that, there is a special liturgy and parade in which the taong putik participates.


Once the program is finished, they wash up to represent rebirth, dress up, and take part in the festivities, which include food, drink, music, and general good times with the local community.


When to visit: The Taong Putik Festival is celebrated on the 24th of June every year.


Mais Festival (Cabanatuan City)

This festival's primary goal is to demonstrate the significance of corn plantation and to highlight corn as the second most important crop in the province of Nueva Ecija. Mais Festival's biggest attractions include the presentations, colorful and creative costumes, energetic dances, pageants, and other vibrant street performances and contests.


St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of the city, and corn is the city's principal commodity, therefore they celebrate both festivals on June 24. The streets of Cabanatuan come alive with music during the Mais Festival each June. According to legend, this is how the people of the Lucbanin tribe thank their patron saint for a bumper crop each year.


When to visit: The Mais Festival is celebrated on the 24th of June every year.


Tanduyong Festival (San Jose City)

An exquisite celebration of the blessings of tanduyong, a kind of locally grown onion, is held each year at the Tanduyong Festival of San Jose City in Nueva Ecija Province.


The city is known as the "Onion Capital of the Philippines" and is a major producer of onions, garlic, rice, and vegetables. During the celebration, the streets are crowded with dancers dressed in multi-colored local costumes that resemble onions. The festival features street dancing in which music created by the performers fills the air with exotic rhythms as the dancers swing to the pulse of life.


When to visit: The Tanduyong Festival is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of April every year.


Araquio Festival (Peñaranda)

During the Araquio Festival, a traditional parade and dramatization of St. Helena and her son, Emperor Constantine, discovering where Jesus Christ was crucified and finding the Holy Cross is performed.


Similarly, the komedya or moro-moro is still celebrated in places like Poblacion (2nd Sunday of May), Las Pinas (May 11 – 12), Sto. Tomas (1st Sunday of May), San Jose (3rd Sunday of May), and Pinasahan (May 21-22). Since the Spanish colonial time, this event has included lively brass band sounds, energetic dancing, and compelling vocals welcomed by a difficult literary composition.


According to the script written in ancient Tagalog, there was an ongoing Muslim-Christian conflict in the Philippines for territory. It depicts how Muslims, in retaliation for Christian usage of the cross as a symbol of their religion, stole the cross from them and used it against them. Several fights preceded the return of the cross, which ultimately resulted in the christening of the Muslim people.


When to visit: The Araquio Festival is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May every year.


Pagibang Damara Festival (San Jose City)

Pagibang Damara Festival is a celebration of thanksgiving for a healthy harvest in San Jose City in Nueva Ecija, Philippines during the second or third week of April each year in conjunction with their City Fiesta event. The event features colorful costumes and lively dances.


When to visit: The Pagibang Damara Festival is celebrated from the 19th to the 22nd of April every year.


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