Basic Human Rights You Need to Know and Defend

21 January 2023
Basic Human Rights You Need to Know and Defend

On the 10th of December year 1948, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was instituted in the United Nations' General Assembly at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France. The Universal Declaration was conceived after the preceding world wars that killed millions of innocent civilians. It was unprecedented in history that countries approved of a comprehensive statement detailing the utmost importance of our fundamental human rights.


The UDHR comprises two covenants one is the International Covenant for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and two, is the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights. More than 70 years later, the UDHR continues to be the foundational basis of all international human rights laws.


In this article, Lumina Homes zeroes in on these basic human rights 30 in total that everyone must be aware of and protect for themselves and others.



1. Right to Equality

Everyone must be treated equally. This means that policies and laws must not be implemented to the contrary. In addition, that public authorities must not enforce laws, rules, and regulations discriminatorily.



2. Freedom from Discrimination

No one must be discriminated against based on race, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, and political biases as enshrined under the international human rights treaties.



3. Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security

This provision states that every human person must have the right to life and security. It covers protection from any issues that inhibit every person to enjoy the fundamental right to life and security.



4. Freedom from Slavery

Enslaving human beings, mainly people of South African descent, was legally instituted in the US from the 17th century up until 1865 when it was abolished under Abraham Lincoln's presidency. The inclusion of this article is to commemorate and put an end to the crime of racial discrimination and slavery in the US and beyond.



5. Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment

No person shall be subjected to physical torture or any cruel, inhumane treatment as a form of [un]just punishment.



6. Right to Recognition as a Person in the Eyes of the Law

Everyone is entitled to the right to be recognized everywhere as a human person before the rule of law. All must be considered equal before the law and are entitled, with no discrimination, to equal protection of the law.



7. Right to Equality before the Law

Everyone has the right to equality and non-discrimination in the eyes of the law. This principle entails that all persons must be dealt with equally under the law and in practice.



8. Right to Remedy by Competent Tribunal

A tribunal is a court of justice, and everyone has the right to a competent court of justice that shall preside over acts of injustice committed to a person and his or her human rights.



9. Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Exile

No person must be deprived of his fundamental liberties unless established in accordance with a legitimate court ruling. Arbitrary arrest and detention are a violation of international human rights law.



10. Right to Fair Public Hearing

Every human person is entitled to a fair trial to be presided over by a competent, impartial, and independent tribunal before any criminal charges are made if proven guilty.



11. Right to be Considered and Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Anyone alleged to have committed a crime must always be presumed to be innocent unless proven otherwise. Hence, such a person must undergo the due process of law before any judgment of guilt is made.



12. Freedom from Interference with Privacy, Family, and Home

No person must be interfered upon in regards to his or her right to private and family life. In addition, every person must be protected under the law against such arbitrary interference.



13. Right to Free Movement

UDHR guarantees that every law-abiding human being must have the liberty to leave and return to a country of his or her choice without restriction.



14. Right to Asylum in other Countries from Persecution

Everyone has the right to seek and receive asylum to eschew unjust persecution.



15. Right to a Nationality and the Freedom to Change it

Everyone is entitled to the right to a nationality. No one shall be stripped of his or her nationality nor be denied the liberty to change it.



16. Right to Marriage and Family

Every adult man and woman is entitled to marry and build a family if they want to. Moreover, they must be given the same right if they want to separate and divorce.



17. Freedom of Belief and Religion

There are multiple religions being practiced around the globe. No person must be discriminated against for his or her religious beliefs.



18. Freedom of Opinion and Information

Freedom of expression is a guaranteed right in all free countries. This means being able to express valid opinions without interference, as well as to seek, receive, and share ideas and information through media outlets.



19. Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association

Everyone has the right to peacefully protest human rights violations and abuses committed by the state or any institution.



20. Right to Participate in Government and in Free Elections

To be able to take part in public affairs, exercise voting rights, and be elected in a free election are a right for every human person.



21. Right to Social Security

The right to social security includes access to benefits without discrimination and as a protection from unemployment, costly healthcare, and inadequate family support.



22. Right to a Worthy Work and to Join Trade Unions

Workers' rights include being able to rally for improved working conditions and join trade unions. Trade unions also have the right to form national and international groups.



23. Right to Rest and Leisure

Working for excessive amounts of hours, and being unpaid at that, is proven detrimental to a person's health. Hence, no person must be required to work to death and must be paid accordingly based on the hours rendered as well as be given paid holiday leaves.



24. Right to Adequate Living Standard

The bare minimum of this is that everyone shall enjoy what are necessary for subsistence: sufficient food and nutrition needs, clothing, house and lot, and the necessary conditions of care as needed.



25. Right to Education

Access to education must not be a privilege but one of our fundamental freedoms and rights guaranteed under the Universal Declaration.



26. Right to Participate in the Cultural Endeavors of Community

Every human person must be free to partake in cultural endeavors, enjoy the arts, and benefit from scientific advancements.



27. Right to a Social Order that Articulates the UDHR

Every human being is entitled to an international law from which the fundamental liberties enshrined under the Universal Declaration will be enforced and fully realized.



28. Duty to Protect Human Rights of Every Person

The international human rights law also includes a provision in which it is a duty to protect the rights and freedoms of their community.



29. Every Person's Human Rights are Inalienable

Everyone is entitled to freedom from oppression and violation of their human rights.



30. Right to Own Property

No person shall be arbitrarily stripped of his or her fundamental right to own a property and in association with another. Besides individuals, businesses and governments are entitled to property rights as defined by law. Such a right means an individual or an entity's entitlement to buy, sell, or rent a property.



Every fundamental right stipulated under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is vital to every human person.


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