Barbiecore Interiors: Trendy Barbie Home Décor

31 July 2023
Barbiecore Interiors Trendy Barbie Home Decor

Unless you've lived under a rock and did a complete social media detox the past few months, you definitely have heard about the "Barbenheimer" fever — the fusion of the blockbusters-in-the-making Barbie and Oppenheimer, where fans watch the two contrasting films in one day. These highly anticipated films are distinctly different in style, with Barbie employing light blue and pink aesthetics and Oppenheimer matching the historical relevance of its subject matter through darker, if not gloomy, color palettes.


But for the most part, Barbie is receiving a lot more attention in terms of viewership and, notably, its spectacular set design and charmingly hyper-feminine costumes.


Whether it's for your dream house and lot Philippines or an existing residential property whose interior design you want to improve with dreamy features and realistic touches, there sure are Barbie Dream House styles that will be marvelous for your aesthetical preferences. Learn more about the trendy Barbie home décor here which are interior designers-approved!


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What are Barbiecore Interiors?

If you haven't seen the movie yet since its release last July 21, you probably have at least seen the trailer or its pretty pictures vastly circulating on practically all social media platforms. Barbiecore interiors are inspired by the Director Greta Gerwig's Barbieland — a panoramic landscape of pink dollhouses synergistically blended with light blue aesthetics with some greens and whites and purples.


It's a visual manifestation and celebration of hyper-femininity that, in 2023, even the most masculine of men wouldn't feel embarrassed to channel. In fact, it's a banter in social media that it's mostly men who will actually watch Barbie and it's predominantly women who will occupy the theater seats for the testosterone-filled Oppenheimer movie!


It's safe to say that the Barbiecore interiors do not cater to minimalists. The movie's snaps screamed of color maximalism and elaborate decorative arts. And despite the "life in plastic is fantastic" declaration, Barbiecore interiors and furniture are actually made of wood, metal, and wicker. The walls are not as elaborate to make the presence of furniture and other objects stand out. It's a life in hot pinks, and if this is the dream home you fancy, or at least a trendy indoor architecture that you want to emulate until the Barbie hype fades, then read on for the Barbie-inspired art deco for your home's interiors!



Barbiecore Interior Ideas for Your Home 'Pink' Home

You don't need an interior design profession to achieve these Barbiecore interior ideas for your home pink home. But if you don't have much time to do the space planning and look at graphic design online for inspiration, hiring an interior designer with both the technical knowledge and professional practice is something you can highly consider.


Meanwhile, if you intend to DIY your Barbie-inspired interiors that would look inviting with a hospitality design, you can do so by following our Barbiecore interior design ideas below.



Settle with your chosen Barbie colors

It's a given that splashes of pink will dominate your interior design, but it would be quite tricky to pick other colors that will seamlessly harmonize with pink hues. To help you create the perfect Barbie-themed interiors, choose complementary color palettes such as pale blue, light green, purple, and white. These gentle colors were invitingly ubiquitous in the Barbie movie. Needless to say, it looked stunning!



Include patterns and textures

Incorporate fun and lively patterns into your household stuff, such as floral prints for throw pillows, faux fur, and sequins. And don't forget to prioritize pink decorations, such as a pink acrylic vase, a retro telephone, a raspberry table, and even a pink rug placed in the dining room.




Make furniture and accessories more prominent

It's your furniture pieces that will truly work wonders in your interiors! Make them more prominent by opting for accents that will blend seamlessly well with your furniture and other accessories. Think about mauvelous-pink draperies and valances, flamingo mirror edges, sage-green ruffle cushions, and the like.



Keep your walls monochromatic

In order for your accessories and pieces of furniture to become the focal points of the room, your walls must maintain its monochromatic appearance. This can create a sense of visual cohesion without making the space too monotonous or depressing. Instead, it helps to divert the attention from the bare walls and into the objects and accessories that give life and vigor to your living space.



Opt for Barbie-themed storage

Pink storage boxes, pink closet, and pink cabinets. It couldn't be any Barbie-er! Don't forget a full-length mirror to mimic a private fashion show where you could deck out your voguish frock and take a plethora of pictures to publish on social media!


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