8 Table Ware Must-Haves at Home

15 December 2022
8 Table Ware Must Haves at Home

The joy of dining with family and eating delicious food after an exhausting day is therapeutic. Also, people have started beautifying their homes with ideas and designs taken from hotels and restaurants since the pandemic struck.


Others spent their time searching for an affordable house and lot for sale that would allow them to plan out all their preferred home designs. And for that, Lumina Homes is your best pick. House improvements and renovations never go out of the trend. But recently, more and more people are loving the idea of hosting dinner parties at home. So, if you want to join in and start collecting tableware, here's a list of must-haves to get you started.



8 Tableware Must-Haves

There are several tableware items that have gained popularity in the digital market, earning the attention of a majority of consumers. Here are a few ideas for trendy items that should be in your collection.


1. Glassware

Glassware speaks volumes about a person. It is generally believed that glassware can hold all kinds of drinks, such as juices, smoothies, wines, and beers. However, there are glassware items designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of your drink, especially those with alcohol in them. It is therefore essential to invest in good quality glassware if you intend to host dinner parties.


2. Monochrome and Patterened Ceramics

There will always be a need for monochromatic colors and patterned ceramics are also a staple at dinner parties and events. As a result of their stylish and aesthetic look, monochrome ceramic plates have become increasingly popular. Among the most popular colors on the market are white and black, which are one-color scheme plates. Instagram-friendly monochrome plates are often used in restaurant social media posts. With these tableware pieces, you'll give your dining set a neat and stylish five-star diner vibe.


3. White Porcelain Dishware

There is nothing more classic than porcelain plates. These are the kinds of items passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. You can never go wrong with this classic, elegant style that will compliment any table setting. . It's used almost everywhere in hotels and restaurants for a neat and classy dining experience. Because of its neutrality, it works well with other contrasting colors for table settings, like a flower vase centerpiece. It will level up and beautify your dining area set up for every meal you share with your family at home when you have more of these white tableware items at hand.


4. Servers

A serving spoon is a necessity that you can never have too many of. Even when you have a lot of serving utensils at hand, at least one dish must be paired with dessert spoons when you're hosting a dinner party. Besides, it's hygienic to put a serving spoon in all the dishes at the table.


5. Coasters and Trivets

Keep the table safe from stains and spills with coasters and trivets. These are one of the most common items that you need to put at your dinner table for that classy and elegant look.


6. Colorful Tableware

It is essential for people who love colors to have Pantone dishes and mugs. A table set up with multi-color tableware looks appealing and vibrant. Most households have these on display and occasionally use them at special events such as family gatherings, birthdays, and fiestas.


5. Double-wall insulated drinking glasses

Many social media users became enamored with double-wall insulated coffee glasses after they became popular on social media. The minimalist design of this item makes it popular on Instagram and Tiktok, where it is featured often. The glass layers sit on top of one another without touching the bottom, creating the illusion that the content floats. You will not only be able to prepare your table better using this kind of glass but your family and guests will also notice its unique style.


6. Wooden cutlery

As more people are progressively moving to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, wooden alternatives for essential products in the house rise to popularity including cutlery. Wooden spoons and forks are sustainable alternatives and at the same time aesthetically pleasing to have at home. It’s like eating in a native restaurant every day except that it's just in your own house. Unlike traditional metallic utensils, wooden ones don’t scratch plates and cups. It also gives your dining a laidback design and a refreshing look like that of a province set-up.


7. Cheese Board

Surely everyone's favorite part of a dinner party is the cheese board? Bring some color and pattern to the table with an Indigenous Art Serving Board. Your guests will swoon over the artwork as much as the goodies on the platter.


8. Candles

Creating a cozy atmosphere at a dinner party requires some mood lighting. There are candles that come in frosted glass jars with wooden lids that double as attractive decor pieces for the dining table. So, if you want to make your dinner events much more memorable, add candles for intimate touch.


People, especially moms, started harboring plates, utensils, and glassware for their kitchen restaurants in the comforts of their own houses. Others also started collecting these pieces for kitchen displays and interior design purposes. It is worth noting that it is good to invest in quality and beautifully crafted products for your home- especially the essential ones like plates, mugs, and cutlery for everyday use.



A Basic Guide to Selecting Your Dinnerware

Aside from the delicious food, a dining table's main attraction is dinnerware. Besides enhancing your dining experience, beautiful dinnerware also expresses your personal style and sets the mood for your dinner parties. Choosing a set that makes you feel at home in your home depends on understanding the difference between formal settings for elegant dinner parties and everyday pieces for everyday use.


1. Choose the right type of dinnerware material for your event.

Consider what kind of material you really like before you start thinking about patterns and colors. The most common dinnerware materials are bone china, earthenware, porcelain, melamine, and stoneware.


2. Pick the appropriate style of dinnerware.

Personalizing your dinnerware set is easy. The designs range from casual to stylish and everything in between. Dinnerware sets that are more formal are usually made of china, porcelain, or stoneware. Dinnerware sets made of earthenware and melamine are great for casual dining.


For everyday use, choose a sturdy dinnerware set, a shatter-resistant set for children and outdoor parties, and a finer set for more formal dinner parties and evening gatherings. One set is good for everyday use, while another is good for special occasions, such as holidays.


3. Select the right set of dinnerware.

Following your decision, you should take a look at the different options available to you. Would it be better to buy a dinnerware set, a place setting, or a box of open-stock items? Answers may vary depending on a variety of factors, including your individual needs. Take these factors into consideration before making a decision:


  • Often, formal dinnerware is sold in place settings, which include everything a single diner needs. A place setting typically includes five pieces. These are dinner plate, salad or dessert plate, bread plate, tea cup, soup bowls, and saucer for individuals or couples.
  • Place settings are included in dinnerware sets so that the whole table can be covered. A dinner plate, teacup, salad plate, and saucer are usually included in each set.
  • Piece-by-piece dinnerware is open stock. If you only need a few pieces, or if you want to mix and match them within a collection, this is the perfect option.


For general use and entertaining, experts recommend having eight to twelve five-piece place settings. Two sets - one for everyday use and one for formal dining. These might include four to six casual place settings to 12 formal place settings. Experts say it really depends on the size of your family, the frequency of hosting an event, and the amount of space you have to store extras.


4. Consider your spacing.

Consider your storage space before you purchase stacks of dinner plates and place settings. Additionally, when deciding whether to buy one set that can do double duty, or two sets for different occasions, you should take this into account.


5. Take good care of your dinnerware.

Before purchasing dinnerware sets, consider the special care your dinnerware needs, just as you took into account your storage space. Dinnerware that can be dishwasher-safe and break-resistant would provide parents with a sense of security, while microwave-safe dinner plates would make it easier to reheat leftovers.


When entertaining outdoors or having kids at home, break-resistant sets are a great choice. Verify whether your dinnerware can be washed in the dishwasher, microwaved, and baked in the oven by checking the care instructions. Even if you start with four plates, cereal bowls, salad plates, salad bowls, or a few expensive pieces, treat them as an investment.


Set the dinner table like how it would look in a fine dining restaurant so you can hold formal occasions in the comfort of your own home. Also, you can transform simple meals with everyday dinnerware pieces that are classic.


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