6 Tips to Keep Pets Happy When You Return to Work

28 July 2023
6 Tips to Keep Pets Happy When You Return to Work

Humans are adaptable in the face of change and can easily adapt to new circumstances, especially in the workplace. However, our pets don't always have it so easy. Although there are kinds of house pets that are low-maintenance, such as teacup pig, bearded dragon, or hermit crabs, many animals are still the happiest when they know what to expect from day to day, and any deviation from that may be stressful for them.


Adults are going back to work, and kids are going back to school as COVID-19 limitations are lifted. Now that some time has passed, your pet is probably used to having you around the house. You may have recently acquired a dog or cat that has a history of separation anxiety, or you may be worried about how they'll behave when left alone.


At this moment, as a responsible pet owner, training your domestic animals to accept that you will be leaving for work but will always return is essential to ensuring their well-being and preventing them from destructively chewing your things while you are away.



How to Help Your House Pet Adjust Before You Get Back to Office

These days that almost everything is back to normal, we might be wondering how can we help our dogs adjust to the new routine as we go back to work. Since our dogs have spent so much of their lives with us, they are likely to suffer from severe separation anxiety if we must leave them. Gladly, there are ways to lessen the chances of separation anxiety and stress in your pet, no matter what their condition is.



#1. Maintain a constant state of normalcy at home.

The term "emotional contagion" refers to the phenomenon when pets absorb the owners' feelings and behaviors, in this case, anxiety. As a result, it's crucial that you don't show any indications of anxiety in front of your pet and instead maintain your normal activities and behavior at home.



#2. Resuming to your regular schedule or routine should be done gradually.

Your pet will feel more at ease with you if you maintain a regular schedule and structure for them. If you're planning on making a change to your pet's routine, it's better to ease them into it gradually. You should begin implementing the impending routine's new components as early as a month before it really begins. You can do the following adjustments for starters:


  • Make sure you and your pet have a set routine for the morning and evening.

You should give your pet breakfast and dinner at the same time every day. During your new schedule, be sure to take your dog for his regular walks and spend some nice time with your cat by playing with him or cuddling with him. Also, try to stick to a regular potty pattern.


  • Make an effort to wake up earlier than you used to.

When you don't have to rush to get the kids to school or go to work, you may enjoy a more leisurely start to your day. Get in the habit of getting up at your new typical time by gradually moving the time your alarm goes off earlier each day.



#3. See to it that your pet is active by getting enough exercise.

The stress levels of our pets may be greatly reduced with regular mental and physical activity. Apart from the apparent benefits of physical activity, playing with your dog, cat, or even guinea pigs and sugar gliders, may help relieve stress on both of your parts.


Senior pets benefit greatly from mental enrichment activities like food puzzles and brief clicker training sessions spread out throughout the day to compensate for the fact that they may not be able to physically exercise as much as they once did.



#4. Make sure your pet has a secure environment.

Create an environment where your pet may rest easy and feel secure in your house and lot Philippines. Some pet owners choose to "crate train" their canine companions, while others choose to use a playpen.


Your pet will be more at ease and appreciate its "room" while you're gone if you introduce it to it well in advance of your first day of leaving the home. For cat owners, it's possible to give your cat furry friend the best of both worlds by providing it with a cat tree that has hiding spots and a comfy bed placed near a window.


While you're at home, it's best if your pet stays in its secure spot. You may try leaving them in the room with a chew toy or interactive toy while you go into another room to get some work done. Maintain a pleasant association with this spot by feeding your best pets their regular meals here.



#5. Try leaving your pet alone a few times.

Start acclimating your pet to being alone weeks before you have to go back to work. As part of your new "leaving for work or school" routine, reward them with an engaging treat toy.


Start off slow when you're training your pet to be alone. In the beginning, this may involve simply a brief visit to the mailbox. Stay calm and unobtrusive as you make your way out and back in. Desensitization is the process of acclimating your pet to being alone over time. You may leave for longer stretches of time if your dog or cat isn't displaying indications or experience separation anxiety.



#6. Minimize the triggers that tell you are not home.

Reduce the number of cues your pet may use to predict your departure on the day you return to work. Among the options to keep your house pet happy are:


  • Pack your luggage or backpack the night before, and tuck your keys inside your coat.


  •  To avoid being seen, sneak out while they're distracted with the food puzzle or puzzle toys. You can also hire a dog walker before your leave or leave them in a dog daycare if you will be out on extended periods.


  •  Your pet will be overjoyed to see you again when you get home. You should hold off on giving them a big pat and not make it a big deal until they calm down. You may quietly meet them by taking off your coat or reading your mail while waiting for them to calm down. When greeting your pet, restrain your enthusiasm. You should try to minimize the ups and downs they experience when you get home from work and when you leave for the day.


You may make the separation from your pet during the workday easier on both of you by spending plenty of quality time together while you're both at home. The affection you have for your animal and they have for you will help both you through difficult times.


You can make more quality time with your pet if you live in a community and an affordable house and lot that is not just close to your workplace but also pet-friendly.


The affordable house and lot for sale that Lumina Homes offers have exactly these features giving you the best home investment for your family and pets. Our community provides a greener community so that you and your pet can enjoy outdoor activities while savoring the cooler breeze. Moreover, our more than 50 communities nationwide are located near central business districts, reducing your commute time to work and making you spend time more with your pets at home.

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