Tudela Dance Community from Misamis Occidental Joins Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

An undiscovered gem of the Philippine archipelago, Misamis Occidental is a must-see for travelers. However, don't let it deter you from exploring what this region has to offer. Unknown to many, the province of Misamis Occidental is home to a number of excellent ecotourism spots that have yet to be discovered.


One of the country's newest tourist destinations, Misamis Occidental, has a mix of natural beauty and cultural legacy. Even though Misamis Occidental may not be on your bucket list right now, these tourism activities in the province might alter your opinion.


Let's join and watch the Tudela Dance Community, one of the contenders in the National Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest and discover the beauty of Misamis Occidental.


Hoyohoy Highland Mountain Park

These parks are well-known for having the county's longest zip lines and are located in Tangub City. Aside from the neighboring villages, Panguil Bay can be seen well from the top of the hill. To perform scientific research on plants, there are gardens in the park's botanical gardens. It is a one-of-a-kind botanical garden. This one is the most recommended tourist destination in the province of Misamis Occidental, located at the base of Mt. Malindang.


St. John the Baptist Parish Church

This Jimenez's historic church has European architecture constructed using the traditional san and coral stone method of the late nineteenth century. It is one of the best-preserved cathedrals in the country, with its elaborate interior and painted ceilings being praised as one of the nation's National Cultural Treasures!


Caluya Shrine

Caluya Shrine is a must-see for every devout Catholic. There is a large Jesus Christ statue on top of a hill, which is evocative of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To get to the shrine, you will need to climb the 190+ stairs. I realize it's a lot of work, but envision yourself walking in Christ's footsteps. You will say that it is worth the climb as you view the stunning overlooking scene of the mountains and the sea as you near the summit.


Belvedere – Hoyohoy View Deck

Because of its highland elevation, the observation platform is known as the "Tagaytay of Mindanao." It also has a Baguio-like vibe because of its height. Take a moment to imagine yourself on the vantage point, taking in the scenery while the cool wind takes your breath away. You'll be able to see the lush woods of Mount Malindang, as well as the nearby rivers and villages, from this vantage point.


This tourist attraction is located at Brgy. Hayohoy Tangub City with an entrance fee of Php 30.


Kawa Hot Bath and Spa

Check out Kawa Hot Bath and Spa if you don't have the time to go on a trip outside of the city. As the water in a large pot warms from the heat of the flames, you may literally dip into it. You won't be burned, and it is an IG-worthy photo on your feed. Even so, take a refreshing plunge. It also has a spa where you may make use of the many services on offer.


You can visit the Kawa Hot Bath and Spa in Pan-ay Diot Road, Tudela.


Noami's Botanical Garden

Those looking for a tropical getaway close to the city might check out Naomi's Botanical Garden. It is a must-see for anybody who appreciates the beauty of plants. In addition to domestic flowers and ornamentals, a wide variety of exotic species are also cultivated in this region. For family outings or quiet contemplation, it's a great spot.


The Naomi's Botanical Garden can be found in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental—just a few minutes from Lumina Ozamiz.


Did you enjoy discovering some new places to visit in Misamis Occidental while watching the talented kids of the Tudela Dance Community? Why not also try to learn Hip Hop dancing!


Difference between hip hop to other forms of dance

Jazz, rock, tap, and American and Latino cultures were all included in Hip Hop development. Dancing to hip-hop is a lot of fun. Each dancer is given complete creative freedom, which results in a unique show every time it takes place. MCs (rappers), B-boys and B-girls, and disc jockeys (artists) all have an impact on hip-sound hop's and visual aesthetics.


Hip-hop is a kind of dance that originated in the hip-hop subculture and is often performed to that genre's music. Break dancing was the first dance that came to be identified with hip-hop. While most of the actions in breakdancing are done near the ground, the bulk of the motions in hip-hop is performed standing up in the air.


The Hip Hop dance grooves and breakdancing

In order to master hip-hop dancing, one must have a good deal of practice and expertise. For hip-hop dancers, it takes a lot of time and effort to learn and execute the most fundamental moves and routines. For those who have an excellent sense of rhythm, learning hip-hop moves is easy.


Hip-hop dance style breakdancing contains a lot of amazing movements and rapid spins that people like seeing. Mastering the "down rock" movements, which are those that are executed close to the ground, takes a lot of time and effort in breakdancing. Uprock techniques, which are executed while standing, let breakdancers inject their own personal styles throughout the routine. This dance style has its origins in the South Bronx of New York City, where it was first performed in the 1970s.


Are you now excited to test your dancing skills and try Hip Hop Dancing just like the Tudela Dance Community of Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest? Well, make sure first that your community has some ample space in which you can practice your dance moves with your friends.


Lumina Homes, a housing segment from Vista Land like Camella Homes, offers these kinds of features in their newest and improved subdivision amenities called eSpacio.


From the word space, eSpacio allows its residents to have a wide and larger space to spend their leisure time and do some recreational activities like dancing. eSpacio includes a multipurpose hall and covered basketball court that you can fully utilize in practicing your dance grooves.


Lumina's home model units are available in flexible payment schemes such as bank home loans, so make sure to have the right choice in availing your home investment. Choose a wider space for your whole family; choose Lumina Homes.

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