The Mckinley of Bicol Joins Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

Compared to Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte is a far less well-known and geographically smaller province. As a result, CamNorte is becoming a tourist treasure that is slowly making its way throughout the globe. Juan de Salcedo, a Spanish conqueror, coined the word "Camarines," which translates to "storehouse" due to the abundance of agricultural barns and riverbanks in the colonial era. Camarines Norte uses Tagalog and Bicol as their official languages.


The Mckinley, a group of amateur Hip Hop dancers from Bicol, gave us a short tour while showcasing their talents in dancing. The Mckinley is one of the 16 participants of Lumina Homes' Hip Hop to the Top Nationwide Dance Contest that aims to showcase the talents of Filipinos in Hip Hop Dancing while promoting the beauty of their province.


You can help them win the contest by viewing their official video entry on Lumina Homes' Official Youtube Channel until February 28, 2022!


Some of the great beauties that can be found in Bicol and Camarines Sur are:


San Vicente Parish Church

St. Vincent Ferrer, who was canonized in 1877, served as the patron saint of the San Vicente Parish. April 5 is the day set aside by the Universal Church to commemorate Saint Vincent Ferrer's Day, the parish would hold a fiesta in his honor when Padre Pablo Balon persuaded the city council in 1957 to petition Caceres Bishop Pedro Santos to enable the town fiestas to be held every final Friday of April. And since April 5 was inside the Lenten Season and many times during the Holy Week, the bishop agreed to allow the festivities. The day of the week designated to Saint Vincent Ferrer falls on Friday, the opposite of the other days. The Archbishop approved the town's request, and as a result, the fiesta was held on April 25, 1958, and every following final Friday in April after that.


Bantayog Monument

That the first statue of our national hero wasn't even in his home province or where he was executed is mind-boggling. Using coral stones salvaged from a former Spanish jail where the Katipuneros were tortured, the town of Daet, Camarines Norte, erected a monument honoring Jose Rizal. According to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1961, it was designated a national historical monument. As of 2008, it has been designated a National Monument under Resolution No. 12.


Nuestra Señora de Candelaria Church

The majority of Camarines Norte residents are Roman Catholics. No one should be surprised to come upon churches that date back thousands of years or more. Nuestra Senora de Candelaria Church in Paracale has been around for well over 400 years. Some were even able to witness the original Inay Candi, or the statue of the Virgin Mary, made of gold and ivory. The church is also guarded by a massive Balete tree, which is said to be at least as old as the building itself.


Camarines Norte has some historical places and ancestral houses still standing loud and proud until now—just like Hip Hop in the Philippines.


The Pinoy Hip Hop Beginnings

One of Asia's oldest and most established Hip-Hop cultures may be found in The Philippines, and it's not only in Southeast Asia. Due to its history as a US colony from the late 19th and early twentieth century, the Philippines has been a target for terrorists. As a result, the Filipinos became huge fans of American popular culture, particularly television shows and movies.


To put it another way, hip-hop came in the Philippines a lot sooner than it did in other Asian countries like Japan. To understand where hip-hop came from in the Philippines, one must first learn about its origins in New York City, specifically in The South Bronx, where it was born.


Starting in the South Bronx and ending up in the streets of Metro Manila

The 1980s is when Hip Hop first entered the Philippine Islands, and it is because of our close ties to the United States of America.


Many Americans, especially those of African-African and Hispanic ancestry, were exposed to hip-hop culture via their service in the armed forces stationed abroad. Hip-hop was introduced to the local kids in part because of the numerous military stationed in the Philippines.


There are a large number of Filipinos living in the United States who have maintained touch with their families in the Philippines, which has helped promote hip-hop in the Philippines. In addition to cash, they would give gifts, such as rap recordings or books with information about hip-hop culture.


People from the Philippines who go to the United States, whether on business or for pleasure, often bring back souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back in the Philippines. Rap records and other hip-hop memorabilia are commonly included in these gifts from friends and family members.


Rap music from the United States was played on the radio often, while movies on hip-hop culture were broadcast on Philippine television and in theaters, notably Wild Style and Beat Street.

This developed more as years passed by until it became much popular in the streets of Manila with the influence of great dance groups in the entertainment industry such as the Streetboys, Universal Motion Dancers, or UMD and Manoeuvres.


Even now, Filipino American hip hop artists continue to have an impact on the genre with their break dancing and popping abilities. It's no surprise that most of the winners of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV are Filipino-Americans. Even though it began in the late 1970s, hip hop in the Philippines is still alive and thriving, and Filipinos may make a name for themselves in it.


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