Tambulig Dance Community from Zamboanga del Sur Joins Lumina Hiphop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

There's no denying that Filipinos are blessed with some of the world's greatest vocalists. However, the nation has begun to achieve a reputation when it comes to cutting the rug as a result of these native dance crews, owing to their efforts. In fact, not only did they shed the spotlight on the reality, of course, that we have the movements, but they also demonstrated that we could rule the dance floor in a confrontation against any other group from another country.


Here are the names of the highly renowned Filipino dance group these days in the world:


1. TPM

TPM, or Team Package Makers, is a collection of dancers and choreographers that share a love for the art of dance and a desire to express happiness and love through it. For their efforts, TPM went on to win the VIBE XXIV Dance Competition in Los Angeles after gaining first place in the VIBE Philippines III Dance Competition, which saw the best crews from the country participate.


2. UPeepz

In addition, another Filipino hip-hop group that has made a name for themselves is the UPeepz from the University of the Philippines. As impressive as this group's resume is, the World Hip Hop Dance Championship is just one of its back-to-back championships titles in the Hip Hop International's World Hip Hop Dance Championship. With Chips Beltran as their director, they also participated in NBC's "World of Dance," where they established themselves as a legend.


3. The Crew

The Crew, a well-known Filipino hip-hop group, has been around since 1997 and is generally regarded as one of the best dancing groups in the country. Right on cue, sir! As pioneers of the Filipino Hip Hop dance scene, they've had several opportunities to represent their country abroad. They've been dancing with a purpose for more than 20 years. And now they're passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of dancers.


4. Philippine All Stars

Twelve friends came together in 2005 to establish the Philippine All-Stars with the sole purpose of representing the Philippines at the coveted World Hip-Hop Championships in the United States of America. As time has passed, the Hip Hop dance group has evolved and developed into a force to be reckoned with on the local and worldwide dance scenes alike. They competed in and won several contests, including the World Hip-Hop Championships, the Kenya Street Dance Africa, the UDO World Street Dancing Championships, and the World of Dance.


5. A-Team

Featuring some of the best dancers in the Philippines today, A-Team is another local group that has made our nation proud time after time after time again. Besides being an official representation of the nation and winning gold in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, USA, A-team has also presented workshops in Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Russia, and the United States, among other places.


Truly Filipinos are world-class talents that we should be proud of. But do you know that there are also world-class hidden gems in Zamboanga del Sur? Let's Join the Tambulig Dance Community as they perform their energetic Hip Hop grooves in some of the astonishing tourist spots in Zamboanga del Sur.


Lumina Hiphop Dance Competition: Tambulig Dance Community

The Tambulig Dance Community is one of the 16 group participants in Lumina Homes' Hip Hop to the Top Nationwide Dance Contest. The dance group represented the Province of Zamboanga del Sur and covered some of the beautiful and captivating beaches and resorts in the province.


Baguio Beach Resort

Located in Zamaboanga del Sur's First District, Tukuran is the entrance to Lanao del Norte and Sur as well as Cotabato City. It is one of the must-visit in Zamboanga del Sur for some beachfront living. On the way to the City of Pagadian from Cotabato City in General Santos City, you may get off the van at this municipality.


When it comes to stunning views, Tukuran's Baguio Beach is one of the top spots in the city. Blues from the sky and the oceans fill the remainder of the landscape, while white sand covers the rest of the land. Wonderful views and a pristine beach were perfectly recorded by Tukuran Journeys. This great beach resort is located at Brgy. Sugod 7019 Tukuran Zamboanga del Sur.


Calolot Mountain Spring Resort

There is a myth that resorts can only be located near water. Even mountains have resorts, after all. In fact, the Calolot Mountain Spring Resort is situated in the mountains of Tambulig in Zamboanga del Sur. The reservoir is another name for Calolot Mountain Resort. Nothing can stop the flow of water from this mountain, which is always gushing and unrestrained. It's unhindered by a dam, so it's free to flow as it wants.


Before, Calolot Mountain Resort was the only place in Tambulig with swimming pools, but now, a new resort was also opened in the vicinity that residents of the town could enjoy. 


Kendis Cave

The Kendis Cave is one of the numerous caves in the province that may be explored by spelunking enthusiasts. In here, you'll discover spectacular limestone rock formations that are sure to wow. However, even if there's just a little underground river, it's well worth the trip just to take in the amazing vistas that await you.


Puting Balas Sandbar 

This province does have a sandbar. Choosing Balas Sandbar as your tropical beach vacation destination is a no-brainer. It has powdery white beaches, like Boracay. As if that weren't enough, the nearby waterways are teeming with aquatic life. Snorkeling and diving are two of the most popular pastimes in this area.


So if you want to live near these great beaches and resorts, it's possible to achieve with Lumina Pagadian. It is just a few minutes away from these great treasures that you can visit anytime you want to. Aside from this, Lumina Pagadian also has a designated area where you can practice your smooth and awesome Hip Hop moves through eSpacio.


Make your reservations now and make your dream home come true with Lumina Homes.

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