Let's Get It On, Sorsogon: Best Places to Visit This 2022

24 January 2022

The Province of Sorsogon is located in the extreme southern point of Luzon. This is the reason why it is dubbed the “Gateway to Southern Philippines.” In the east, the Province of Sorsogon faces the Pacific Ocean. Sorsogon is also rich in the mountainous range such as Mount Bulusan.


According to the book Viajes Por Filipinas de Manila A Albay written by Don Juan Alvarez Guerra, the word Sorsogon came from the term “Sogsogon” and its root word, “Sogsog” which means to cross the river, lake, or canal.


It is common knowledge that Sorsogon is one of the provinces that can be found in the Bicol Region, but not all people know about the charm and beauty surrounding this province. So today, let us take you on a virtual trip to some of the famous travel attractions in Sorsogon!


1. The Municipality of Donsol

The town of Donsol was recognized as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World” by Time Magazine in 2004. The area became popular ever since a group of fishermen discovered in 1998 the whale sharks or butanding in its ocean. Since then, the area has become famous to wanderers and excursionists because of its Butanding Site Seeing activity.


The town of Donsol is just around 2 hrs. away from Lumina Sorsogon. You can also reach the different tourist attractions and beaches in the municipality, such as Dancalan Beach, wherein you can enjoy swimming in the clear blue ocean or see some whale sharks.


2. Paguriran Island and Lagoon

You can reach Brgy. Sawanga, Bacon District in just two and a half land travel from the Municipality of Donsol in which you can see the Vanishing Island or more popularly known as the Paguriran Island and Lagoon.


Paguriran Island is a kind of rocky island connected to the mainland of the area through its sandbar. You can see and walk to this sandbar from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning and from 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon.


Both foreign and local tourists can also enjoy the cliff diving activity on the island from the high rock formations that surround the lagoon. 


3. Mt. Cabanbanan

You can also find in the Province of Sorsogon the newest tourist attraction, which is Mt. Cabanbanan. 


The Mt. Cabanbanan campsite just recently opened its doors to tourists last July 2021. You will need to go on a hike for more than 2 hours in order to reach its summit and the campsite. The mountain became a popular hiking place because of its beautiful view that will take you breath-away, aside from the captivating overlooking site of the City of Sorsogon.


For side trips, you can also visit the springs and falls that are waiting in the area for the exhausted hikers. You can also dip into its relaxing waters after that draining hike going to the summit.


For day hikers, you can experience Mt. Cabanbanan for only Php 35 entrance fee, while for those who want to chill and spend the night in the campsite, you can feel the fresh cool night air on the summit for only Php 65. The jumpoff point in order to reach the mountain is at Brgy. Guinlajon Sorsogon City.

       Lumina Sorsogon is just 6 minutes away or 3.4 km away from Brgy. Guinlajon Sorsogon, City.


4. Buenavista Beach and Lola Sayong Eco Surf

Facing the Pacific Ocean from Gubat Sorsogon is the Buenavista Beach. It is a must-visit place because of its long stretch of fine cream sand and mesmerizing waves—anyone can easily fall in love with this place!


Within this beach, tourists can find the Lola Sayong Eco Surf, which is named after its landowner, Rosario “Sayong” Escandor. Lola Sayong is the heart of Buenavista Beach as this is the place in which surfers and beachgoers usually stay. It also gives its guests tranquility and a different experience away from the city life.

They also offer activities that make you feel one with nature, aside from providing cottages with fine rooms that can accommodate up to 4 pax. The exciting thing about Lola Sayong is they also offer surfing lessons to its guests!


Lumina Sorsogon is just 26 km away from this captivating beach resort.


5. Subic Beach

This is located in Calintaan Island, in the Municipality of Matnog. It is also called “La Playa Rosa,” which means pinkish powdery sand. According to them, the reason for its pinkish-colored sand is because of the mixture of the crushed red corals and white sand.


6. Bulusan Natural Park

The Bulusan Natural Park can be found in the town of Bulusan in the Province of Sorsogon. This is a must-see tourist attraction for adventure seekers and nature lovers. 


In here, you can do various activities such as kayaking on the Bulusan Lake for an hour, trekking in Mt. Bulusan, and being amazed by its endemic flora and fauna like its Sailfin Water Lizard or Ibid. Aside from this, the park is also home to eagles, owls, baboons, deers, and other animals.


Lumina Sorsogon is just one hr. and 13 mins or 33.4 km away from Bulusan Natural Park.


7. The Municipality of Barcelona

After half an hour travel from the Municipality of Bulusan is the town of Barcelona, wherein you can see the St. Joseph Parish Church, more popularly dubbed as the Barcelona Church.


This is one of the oldest churches in the Bicol region, as it was built in 1874 by a Spanish friar. According to the story, this church was built using sea rocks that were put together through a mixture of egg white, lime, and coconut wine.


In front of the church, visitors can see the Ruins of the Presedencia Building that served as a defense wall against the pirates. It also became the office of the governadorcillo. 


Lumina Sorsogon is just 40 mins or 30.6 km away from the town of Barcelona.


These are just a few of the hidden gems that you can find in Sorsogon, and we are sure that you can enjoy everything that Sorsogon has to offer. But, you can enjoy and discover more of its beauty and charm if you have your own home in the province.


Invest now a bank home loan from Lumina Sorsogon located at Brgy. Macabog, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon and be spellbound with its magnificence and splendor!

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