Scammaz from Laguna Joins Lumina Hiphop To the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

If you're looking for a versatile talent, there's no better one than dancing! There are just a few things you can do at the club to get good exercise. Learning to dance is usually done in a formalized environment such as a studio. However, nowadays, anybody can do it at home thanks to the internet's abundance of resources, such as instructional videos and online communities of dance enthusiasts.


This pandemic and community quarantines, make sure to get your time productive while being cooped up at home by improving your dance skills and taking your upgraded groove to improve your physical health and mental well-being.


Steps in learning how to dance at home

Learning to dance at home is now possible if you know the ABCs in dancing. You can follow these easy steps to improve and express your groove:


Step 1. Select your style 

Decide on the kind of dance you wish to study before you even begin your groove journey. Individual dance forms,, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, and partner dance forms like ballroom and salsa, abound in the world of dance instruction. Decide what kind you're interested in before you begin, making it easier for you to locate your needed resources in learning dancing.


Step 2. Choose a pattern or method

The next step is to choose whether you want to study the fundamentals of dance technique or a particular dance. In order to improve their physical stamina, flexibility, and coordination, dancers of all levels are required to master a set of basic motions. The Futsal Shuffle by Lil Uzi Vert is an excellent example of a dance that some people would rather learn than the fundamentals.


Step 3. Search for an appropriate video 

After choosing the right routine or technique for you, it is now the right moment to look for a video instructor. Professional dancers, professors, musicians, and amateurs are all available online to assist you in learning how to dance. Numerous websites provide dancers with lessons, tutorials, and suggestions, some of which are free and others that require payment.


In order to find a technique class, type in "hip hop dance class" into your search engine. Chicago Cell Block Tango lesson is an example of a search term that includes the name of a particular dance, combined with the word "tutorial."


Step 4. It's time to get some warm-up!

Prior to dancing, you should warm-up. While running in place, you can get your heart rate up, and your muscles warmed up at the same time. Stretch your muscles by touching your toes and opening your hips, and you'll feel more relaxed. Before you start dancing, do a few exercises to loosen up your muscles and increase your range of motion. This is applicable for almost every kind of dance, especially in Hip Hop dancing.


Step 5. It's time for fun and loads of swag!

It's showtime! This is the point where we can finally let loose and have some fun! Play your video and get to that groove!


Using a smart TV, have the remote close in case you need to stop and rewind to view a step. You should do the same thing whether you're using a computer or phone while practicing your dance steps. There are certain processes that take longer to learn than others, so don't be afraid to go over the same part or step more than once.


You can also use a mirror next to your video so you can see how you appear while doing the actions in the tutorial.


Step 6. Practice makes perfect

If it requires 10,000 hours to learn a new skill, don't give up! Use the same video and fresh videos from other trainers to keep improving your dancing skills. The more effort you dedicate to it, the more progress you will see. Remember the saying that practice makes perfect.


The best resources are for free!

Using the internet is a wonderful way to get all your resources for dance lessons. There is a wide array of materials available to help individuals learn to dance at home. To find a more affordable solution, you can check out these options:

  • If you're still trying to figure out what kind of dance you want to learn, a good place to start is YouTube.
  • It's a good bet that you'll discover some good films on Vimeo, which have long been a favorite among artists.
  • In the world of user-uploaded video games, Twitch may be a relative newbie, but it is already a rival. A treasure trove of information awaits you!


Do you feel completely overwhelmed and unsure about which style to begin with? Start with one of the three major dance forms: ballet, jazz, or hip-hop. Even hip hop includes some ballet vocabulary, so it could be a good idea for beginners to brush up on the basics first.


These two disciplines are also essential, with jazz being the cornerstone of modern dance and hip hop being the inspiration for many popular, urban, and music video dances.


Meanwhile, if you're looking for some inspiration or motivation for your dance lessons journey, you can get some from this hype and energetic dance group from Laguna, the Scammaz. They try to incorporate some Hip Hop dance moves into popular dance music, making it a really hip and enjoyable video to watch. You can even try to copy their dance moves if you're up for some challenge!


Lumina Homes keep on developing supporting Filipino talents all over the country and the globe by creating engaging and enjoying competitions for every Juan. 


Its most recent activity is the Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Nationwide Dance Contest that invited the participation of all the amateur Hip Hop dancers and groups all around the country to showcase their skills and talent in dancing as well as the different scenic tourist attractions in their province.


If you're searching for a "house for sale near me" in Laguna, you can visit Lumina Calauan and discover the different upgraded amenities that future homeowners can enjoy in this innovative community. Be the newest Lumina homeowner now!

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