Quick House Tour at Adriana Home Model

17 February 2022

Adriana Townhouse is one of the townhouses for sale by Lumina Homes. This property is located on a 36 square meter lot with a total area of 44 square meters. In addition to having a living room, dining room, and a kitchen, there are also a provision for two bedrooms, a toilet and bath, a service area, and a garage included in its house's features.


Meanwhile, here are the house specifications for Adriana Townhouse:

  • Skim coated finish on the interior wall
  • Painted plastered finish on the exterior wall
  • Plain cement finish (ground floor and second floor)
  • Ceramic tiles on toilet and bath
  • Plastered finish with floor tiles for toilet and bath
  • PVC door on toilet and bath
  • Steel door on main and service entrance
  • Steel casement windows for our window area
  • The ceiling is painted fiber cement board on exterior
  • The kitchen counter is made of concrete slab with tiles and without cabinet doors
  • The water closet is flush type
  • The roof is a pre-painted ribbed type with flashing on the steel frame. 


Adriana Townhouse, home model unit, is currently available in Lumina Tanza, Lumina San Miguel, Lumina Residences Bulacan, Lumina Camarines Norte, and Lumina Rosario. The price range of this home model unit that can be paid through a bank home loan is between Php 1, 052, 000 to Php 3, 545, 000.


How to make a Very Peri Adriana Townhouse

Every year, Pantone comes up with a new color that quickly becomes the greatest thing in the world of fashion and interior design. This year's color of the year, Very Peri, combines periwinkle blue with violet undertones for a dramatic mix. Fashion, interior design, and other creative fields have long used Pantone's color of the year to guide their decisions.


Since we've been spending a lot of time inside this year, it would be a good idea to freshen up the look of our immediate surroundings. We can all benefit from the carefree and joyous spirit Very Peri has to provide, according to specialists in the field of design and color. An environment that is full of life and color may instantly put us in a positive state of mind.


So, if you're wondering how you can turn your brand new home from Lumina Homes into a Very Peri Adriana Townhouse, here are some of the tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your renovations and interior design.


1. Be mindful of the right color combination and palettes

When it comes to combining with a variety of colors, this new color combination of blue, red, and purple is an excellent choice. It's easy to use white and muted shades of sand, camel, and beige. Nevertheless, using browns in their deepest shades, ranging from coffee to caramel and chocolate, may also be quite effective. 

A more modern feel may be achieved in the home by combining green, pink, and even orange and yellow tonality. 

Pantone has created four color palettes to assist you in making the correct decision. 


2. Balancing Act 

The Balancing Act color palette has lilac, pink, purple, and granite green. The colors of Balancing Act are precisely what their name implies: a delicate mix of romantic colors that are vivid but not overbearing. Natural & Abstract, which mimics the dreamy characteristics of dusty pastels, may be of interest to fans of those hues as well.



Wellspring features tones like Chai Tea, Treetop, Foliage, or Eggshell Blue that were inspired by nature. Wellspring, a biophilic design inspired by natural tones, incorporates vibrant aspects that are perfectly overwhelming for the eyes. Peri's versatility is on display in these color schemes, as it serves both as an accent color for the greens while also drawing attention to itself.


Star of the Show

The Star of the Show is a stylish option of taupe, charcoal gray, or sand white. One of the most well-known and well-established color schemes uses a more muted color scheme to highlight Very Peri. Classy and dignified environments are ideal for this combination, which also works well with stone tiles like Legacy.



Last but not least, the Amusements palette is the happiest and most entertaining. Pink Flambé, Iced Coffee, Tourmaline, and Tawny Orange make it ideal for people who aren't scared to take risks with their flavor combinations. The final color palette uses a variety of bright, lively colors with strong personalities to provide a carnival-like, joyous vibe. Reception areas and living rooms are great places to use this kind of color combination.


3. Apply versatile shades on your walls

Not only is the color "Very Peri" very adaptable, but its periwinkle blue undertones also help create a relaxing atmosphere, making it a great choice for places like the living room, bedroom, or even the home office. Following the selection of the room and the match, you must now determine whether or not to paint any of the walls in your house. Try a single color accent and see how it works before moving on to the rest of the room's color scheme if you like it.


4. Add a statement item.

From industrial to Scandinavian to shabby chic to Japanese, the Very Peri may be used in a wide range of settings, including the cottage and cabin cores. A single statement piece capable of drawing attention and transforming the appearance of living spaces, bedrooms, and kitchens is all you need to accomplish. Instead of sticking with the tried-and-true neutrals or trendy hues like green and pink, why not add some of the purple version of the armchair, sofa, easy chair, or even an iron bathtub with a shade of purple to your wish list for interior design? It will not just be a catchy item, especially for your guests but also can bring some life and vibrancy to your home interior. 


5. Accent it with some accessories

Things like a cushion or a rug may provide character and warmth to an otherwise plain space. From twisted candles to handcrafted pottery to mugs and bowls to carpets and vases, the options are limitless and unique to each individual's own style.


Getting on trend for the coming year is both exciting and inspiring as long as you have some great ideas on how to turn your Adriana Townhouse into a Very Peri theme. Try it now!

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