Newbreedz from Cavite Joins Lumina Hiphop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

People who have done great things often talk about the amount of knowledge they gained from experience. In dance, we tend to conceive of our learning as anything that enhances our bodies, such as gaining greater flexibility as well as a good cardio exercise and drill to improve our health. But, do you know that learning how to dance also improves our physical health and our state of being?


It is true that dancers can do some remarkable things with their bodies. Their concentration, vision, perseverance, and tenacity—all these mental attributes—were the driving forces behind their achievement. Just as we are not born with inherently excellent reflexes, neither were they nor do they have these traits. They grew as artists as a result of the experiences they had done their work—and the awesome thing is, you can, too, by learning how to dance!


The three most essential lessons of dancing

We might already know all the benefits of dancing to our body and physical health, but we tend to overlook the comfort it gives to our mental well-being. Below are the three most important lessons that dancing teaches us: 


1. Overcome a setback and get back up.

It is general knowledge of life that we all commit mistakes. And as a part of the truth, undeniably, we make a lot of it in our lifetime. Fortunately, dancing teaches us to accept our errors as a necessary part of learning to dance well in the first place. Resilience to errors influences how much effort we put into that difficult step or how many hours we spend studying a skill that we can't seem to master.


Some individuals are more sensitive to errors than others, particularly if they were raised in an environment where perfection was valued. On the other hand, dancing teaches us to accept our mistakes as an essential part of the learning process and move out of our comfort zones. Our lives would be much more enjoyable and productive if we could learn this vital life skill.


2. Reconnect with our body.

It is common to see the brain as supreme and to devalue all other components of one's personality, such as feelings and intuition, that are more difficult to quantify. We lose touch with our body, our emotions, and how we should behave as a consequence.


Since you can just go that far focused on the physical parts of the dance, other than where to step and just how far to spin, dancing is frequently referred to as the moment when motion meets emotion. You have to get back in touch with your feelings at some point. Was this a wobbly step? Unbalanced? Was it a happy or sad memory for you, and why?


In order to better understand ourselves and the people we care about, we need to reconnect with our body's intrinsic sense of what makes us feel happy. As a result, we improve our sense of well-being and contentment.


3. Discover your true self.

As we relearn to pay attention to just what our moods are trying to tell us, we begin to see how they are directing our actions. As a dancer, you may find that certain movements feel amazing, while others leave you feeling unsure or unsure of yourself. It's a calling for many people to achieve this state of optimum movement, action, and life.


The thing that makes you the happiest inside and out is what you should pursue as your vocation. It shows itself in the kind of work you do, the kind of friends you hang out with, and even in the kind of dancing you do. For instance, Tango is a passionate form of dance. Thus, it is likely to attract passionate individuals. At the very least, those who have a nagging desire to be more enthusiastic.


You might find this a bit difficult to believe, but there's no harm in trying how to dance. It's the happiest state you can be in as a human being at any given time. By the end of your dance lesson or you practicing your groove, in a way or two, you can feel a sense of delight and lightness that makes you calm and clear your mind from worries. This, in return, can help you with an unclouded view in discovering yourself and your personality.


The Newbreedz of Cavite

Do you know that dancing doesn't only help us to discover our truest self but also the different tourist attractions all over our country? Yep, this is possible with the newest dance competition from Lumina Homes- the Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Nationwide Dance Contest!


Here are some of the tourist spots in the Province of Cavite that you must not miss:


Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum

Are you wondering how the Philippines gained its independence? Then you must visit the Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum in Kawit, Cavite. Freedom from Spain was initially declared on June 12th, 1898, when Julian Felipe's Marcha National Filipino was played from the great hall of this mansion's grand hall together with the declaration of the Philippine independence. The best thing about this tourist spot in Cavite is you can enter here for free!


Hidden Tapsihan

The "Hidden Tapsihan" in Kawit, Cavite, is the best "hole in the wall" food stop in the area. Within walking distance of the Kawit Church, it is really "tucked away" between the homes in the neighborhood. For the best-tasting tapa in Cavite, go no further than these guys! The sweet sauce they use to marinade their traditional Pinoy tapa is a perfect complement for the Filipino palate, and the meat is oh-so-tender. Hidden Tapsihan is a great place to eat if you become hungry while visiting Kawit!


And if your goal is to discover more of the hidden gems and feisty (in a good way) culture of the Caviteños, then you must already search for a house for sale in Cavite. For this, Lumina Homes is offering one of its prime subdivisions in the country, the Lumina Tanza.


It offers great amenities and good enough space that your whole family can enjoy. All of these home model units can be purchased through a bank housing loan and other flexible payment schemes.

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