Must-have Lucky House Plants This 2022

8 January 2022

During these times of pandemic, one positive thing that happened is that we all learned or somewhat got interested in gardening and plating different kinds of plants and vegetables in our garden. That is why the terms plantitoplantitaplantmom, and plantdad were trending, and we love to classify ourselves as one when we keep plants at home. Even in the famous Home Buddies group of home enthusiasts, tons of members post home inspirations while sharing their indoor and outdoor plants collection that are good for the environment!  


And with that, Whex and Roelyn of Lumina Marketing of affordable house and lot for sale in Bukidnon are here to show you different house plants ideas and plant varieties that are widely present here in Bukidnon that you may also have in your own Lumina Homes!


Bukidnon is considered the food basket of the Northern Mindanao region, the primary producer of rice and corn. Products from plantations in the province include sugarcane, bananas, and pineapples.


Indeed, its vast land offers a variety of fruits and vegetables, and its healthy soil is very much conducive for your plant babies at home. 


In this vlog, you can watch it and get the list of some indoor and outdoor plants that you can decorate and plant in your Lumina home garden. And when you did it, take some snap of your home decoration and tag us or even flex it to other home enthusiasts on the Facebook Page, Home Buddies.


1. Rhapis Excelsa

This and some other species are relatively cold tolerant and can be grown outdoors in subtropical or warm temperate climates. Lady Palm or bamboo palm is a favorite for plantitas that are into natural air purifiers since it removes toxins from the air.


Use groups to create a massing of plants as background or make areas look more uniform. Trim the lowest section of the plant so that just the top is lush. Grow in the shade or direct sunlight. You may also grow these in pots indoors, but you'll have to move them out every now and then.


2. Sansevieria

It is locally known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue, Buntot Tigre, or Espada. This plant looks great when placed in a row against a blank wall, thanks to its long leaves that visually expand a vertical space. Sansevieria thrives in semi-shady to shady areas. It brings positivity to your life, so your productivity increases, more happiness and joy, and better well-being.


3. Lucky Bamboo Plants

Bring luck to your life when you have a lucky bamboo plant at home! Each number of stalks represents a different fortune:

  • Two stalks symbolize love.
  • Three stalks represent wealth, happiness, and long life.
  • Five stalks above represent wealth.

Besides that, lucky bamboo can also attract positive vibes, suitable for your family life. It is effortless to care for. All you need to do is choose the correct container and clean it every few months to prevent algae formation. 


4. Dieffenbachia

Also known as a dumb cane or locally known as Suwerte. Dieffenbachia is a plant with a straight stem alternate and straightforward leaves containing white spots and flecks, making it attractive as indoor foliage. These are popular as houseplants because of their tolerance of shade. You can use its leaves in a flower arrangement.


5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that combats bad luck and negative energy and is edible! Aloe vera juice contains Vitamin C. Besides that, collecting its gel may be used for your skincare and applying it to your hair. But having it as an outdoor plant is also suitable for cleaning the air and reducing toxic chemicals.


6. Golden Pothos Plants

Another air purifier plant worth considering is the golden pothos as an indoor plant. It removes carbon monoxide from your room, allowing you to breathe more oxygen. If you are working from home and usually spend your days staring at your computer screens, Golden Pothos is a good choice because it relieves eye fatigue. To care for it, keep it dry, and don't water it every day—give it one or two weeks between waterings.


7. Next is Monstera Plant

That symbolizes long life and honoring elders and respected people. Monstera is a plant used to make people happy or provoke lofty aspirations. As this plant grows, it climbs up and expands, representing expansion and connection and upward growth. 


8. Peace Lily

If you struggle with time but have a green thumb or still desire to achieve a gubat or plantita themed house like those in the Home Buddies group, this plant is the perfect fit for you! This white-flowered plant purifies the air and absorbs mold spores. A green home with plants is synonymous with better air circulation and better health! Peace Lily will still stand with a small amount of water, so it fits your busy lifestyle.


9. San Francisco

The San Francisco is a slender annual plant with diffusely branched stems and grows 4-12 in (10-30 cm) tall. Leaves extract of the San Francisco plant kill larvae of a mosquito that helps spread diseases. Extracts of the San Francisco plant could quash the mosquito that carries other viruses. You can use this plant to decorate outdoor hedges or place it in a pot indoors or outdoors. Its colorful foliage makes it an ideal home decor. Please put it in a semi-shady or a sunny area.


10. Pachira Aquatica

Lastly, we recommend the famous lucky plant, the Money Tree. This plant can bring luck into your life, especially during a significant milestone such as opening up a new business or expanding it.


There are many more choices you can choose from the houseplants we have featured today! Let's go green! We do hope that you learn a thing or two from this video! We would like to see your favorite plant in your Lumina home.


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