Luminnials from Iloilo Joins Lumina Hiphop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

Maybe some of you have already tried yoga. This means that a large part of the practice is just to be present in your mind and your body, which is what yoga really is all about. You're integrating your mental and physical identities into one by doing so. And it's almost the same thing when it comes to dancing.


A dancer's mind and body must work together in harmony; the mind interprets the music and determines the purpose of the movement, whilst the body is the vehicle for executing the movement in its full expression. If you are just starting to learn Hip Hop, here are some of the moves and tips you must take note of to improve your groove.


Hip Hop For Beginners

Hip Hop dance seems to only require very simple skills and moves, but in reality, it is not. Here are some of the ways you can try to train your body in hiphop dancing.


1. Body Awareness

Close your eyes and lie down on the floor. Alternatively, if you'd like, you may turn up the music a little bit. Then, as you move through this list of your body parts, pay attention to your sensations and thoughts about each one in turn. 


Arms, shoulder, forearm, wrist, fingers, fingertips, legs, thigh, knees, calves, ankles, feet, toes, hips (rotate them in and out), chest, upper chest, tummy area, lower abdomen, and neck (try turning it, while also rolling it clock and counterclockwise). To call attention to the portion, flex or move it. Take your time getting used to the new location and sensations, then go on to the next one.


It's almost like it's too simple to be successful, but the trick here is not the complexity of the movement itself, which is obviously very minimal. You need to pay close attention to how comfortable you get with certain portions of your body, and this involves a lot of concentration. When it comes to muscle memory, it all begins with awareness of your muscles! To become a better dancer, you must spend time and effort learning to know your body.


2. Focus

In dance, "focus" refers to the angle at which your chin, brow, and eyes are pointing. As long as you're focused, you can make or break a whole piece. No matter what position you're in or which direction you're taking, you're likely to shift your gaze to a mirror (not the best habit, although it's helpful when learning about your own body) or to the right, left, up, or down – and to varying degrees.


3. Posture

To a large extent, the piece's atmosphere and style are determined by the dancer's posture. When whacking, for example, your chest will need to be open, and your attention will need to be sharp and precise. The body and shoulders should be loosened in a swaggier, easygoing outfit since your posture should be more towards the ground. Think of your posture as a major component of your body language, which transmits your mood and tone.


4. Picture certain angles through a mirror

Observe how your body reacts to various angles before moving into full-body movement. When you break down the moves in Hip Hop dancing, you'll notice particular visuals or pauses in the action. Pay attention to the feelings you get as you look at various images in the mirror. You can try to ask these questions to yourself while doing this:

    • With both legs apart and hands on the hips, do you have a strong sense of self-confidence?
    • Do I feel weak when I stoop down and point my knees inward?


5. You are now ready to groove!

Since you get interested in learning how to do Hip Hop, the likelihood is that you already know the art of dancing. 


Do you tend to bob your head or sway side to side while you're at a club or on the radio to music? A hip hop or open style dancer's foundation is formed with rhythms like these. People who were having a good time with each other while dancing in bars and clubs came up with hip-hop dance moves. The way you move is affected by a number of factors. Performing choreography that is rooted in Hip Hop is a time when these considerations come into play more often. But for now, here are some of the friendly reminders that you must keep in mind while doing Hip Hop dancing:


6. Just give the right amount of energy.

Flexing your muscles generates an image that fits louder musical parts, like bass. And you must remember that there is a fine line between going all out and overdoing it when you strike and being too gentle and underselling the action. The objective is to become one with music, not to outdo it.


It would also be helpful to think of your energy levels as a visual representation of an audio visualizer. Picture yourself that the louder the sound, the higher the level, so it makes the intensity and impact of your hit!


7. Control your speed

The ability to change dynamics and textures will be much enhanced if you can master the art of speed manipulation. To improve your speed control, imagine that your arms are slamming against something. This wall, on the other hand, serves as a speed checkpoint rather than a place to halt.


8. A space where you can practice

Now that you already have some ideas on how to begin learning Hip Hop dancing, the next question is where you can practice it.


Make sure that the community you are living in has enough space for your activities and leisure time, just like how Luminnials from Iloilo showed their Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest entry with Lumina Iloilo.


Lumina Homes has a designated area for activities and events of its residents through its improved and wider space called eSpacio. This space caters to a huge open area that includes but is not limited to a covered court and multi-purpose hall. This is perfect if you want to practice some of your hip-hop grooves or perform it just like the Luminnials.


So get your reservations now at Lumina Iloilo and enjoy the perks of having a great space for your outdoor activities.

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