Lumina Home Models Preview

2 June 2019

Here's sneak peek of our affordable home offerings at Barangay Lumina!


Check out the preview of actual units of Lumina Home Models! These house and lot for sale is available in different cities and municipalities nationwide!


Lumina Homes, a housing segment from Vista Land, offers affordable house and lot packages all over the country, with its over 50 master-planned communities located in the key cities and municipalities across the Philippines.


Since its launch in August 2012, Lumina Homes has been responding to both the government's and the country's calls for reasonably priced and socialized housing offers while achieving its goal of becoming one of the country's leading home builders.


As part of its mission to provide economical house and lot packages for every Filipino, Lumina Homes created a wide range of home model units that will surely fit every individual and family's needs.


Available Home Model Units of Lumina Homes


1. Airene Rowhouse

This house and lot for sale worth 500k is the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines from Lumina Homes. These are bungalow rowhouses units that can be available through pagibig housing loan only. With its super affordable price of Php 1,898 every month and only a 3% interest rate per year through pag ibig financing, this rent to own house is like a dream come true for our minimum wage and low-income earners. Now, they can say goodbye to monthly apartment rents and invest in their own house and lot instead. You can even start your home investment with our Airene Rowhouse with a reservation fee of only Php 3,000.


When applying for pag ibig housing loan, make sure to prepare the following requirements:


For the standard documents, you would need to prepare the following:

  • Photocopy of marriage certificate (if married)
  • Birth certificate (if single) plus CENOMAT (if you are a single parent)
  • Two (2) pcs. of 2x2 ID picture
  • Proof of billing address/barangay certificate
  • Two (2) valid IDs
  • TIN ID


There are also a number of other things you should include in your application based on your working status, such as:


For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

  • Original Certificate of Employment and Compensation (Consularized/Notarized)
  • Photocopy of Contract
  • Photocopy of Passport with Entries
  • Photocopy of Seaman's Book (If Sea-based)
  • Proof of Remittances for the last six months
  • Payslip for the previous three months
  • Consularized / notarized SPA from the housing developer's admin


For Self-Employed

  • Photocopy of Business Registration from DTI/SEC
  • Mayor's Permit
  • ITR for the last 2 Years
  • Original audited financial statements for the previous two Years
  • Franchise/OR/CR (for Taxi, Jeepneys/ Bus Operators)
  • PTR (for Practicing Professionals)
  • Picture of Business Establishment


For Locally Employed

  • Photocopy of Income Tax Return and W-2 (latest)
  • Original and notarized Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • Payslip for the last three months


Also, make sure to also bring the following just in case the processing officer asks for these documents: Vicinity Map of the Property, Additional Requirement by Loan Purpose, and the Certified True Copy of Title.


2. Angelique Townhouse

This two-storey townhouse from Lumina Homes is best for starting families with its provision of 2 bedrooms, service area, and parking space. The beauty of purchasing this townhouse for sale Philippines is that it is available either through bank financing or pag ibig financing. Be a step ahead for your house and lot investment when you make reservations for the Angelique Townhouse for only Php 5,000.


3. Angeli Townhouse

Meanwhile, the Angeli Townhouse can best accommodate their needs for bigger families that require a bigger space. With its bigger space that can provide up to three bedrooms, each member of your family can have that room privacy that they need. Get your own Angeli Townhouse now and make your dream home for your family come true for as low as Php 5,000 reservation fee.


Investing in a house and lot you can call your own is essential, especially if you find the best way to earn more money or even an excellent passive income. To know more about the different benefits of home investment, let's check this out.


Importance of investing a house and lot

Investment in real estate is a good idea in general. If the value rises over time, it might be a wise long-term investment that generates passive income. You may even utilize it as part of a broader plan to begin generating wealth.


In order to give you a much clearer view of the importance of investing in a house and lot, we enumerate some of the benefits you can have when you become a homeowner.


1. Future inheritance

Purchasing a house and lot is an excellent long-term investment, especially if we are looking into future inheritance.


If you want to leave a legacy but don't believe choosing cash is the correct option, passing down real estate can be a better alternative.


Giving your successors an asset that generates revenue is a great thing, but it will also draw additional capital in the future; this is aside from the fact that they have the choice of maintaining the property, preserving its history, or selling it and making a profit.


2. Leasing income

Purchasing and investing in a real estate property can make you earn a monthly cash flow by renting out your house and lot, making it a great source of passive income. This increases your advantages of owning a house and lot since you aren't just being reliant on the appreciation value of your property but also gaining some monthly rental money as well.


3. Affordable house and lot price VS renting expenses

Wherever you are in the Philippines, the cost of renting an apartment has risen at an alarming pace, and this is expected to get even much higher. When rent is so high, mortgage payments are sometimes equivalent to or even less expensive than renting a property.


This is why buying an affordable house and lot is way much better than spending your hard-earned money in renting a space that will never be yours.


With Lumina Homes, you can buy a rent to own brand new house and lot that only range from a very affordable price of Php 500,000 to Php 1.7 million. This can even be made more affordable with the flexible payment options that you can have either through pag ibig housing loan, bank financing, or in house financing.


For more information about the house and lots for sale in the Philippines and condo units for sale of Lumina Homes, contact (0917) 629 6523.
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