Clarin Dance Company Joins Lumina Hiphop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

Every civilization on the planet has music as an integral element of it. You might hear an individual or a group of people into an African tribe grooving or see younger generations spinning on the street as they listen to a DJ playing Tomorrowland's main stage. Music is definitely a component of our daily routine.


Because of this, researchers try to conduct a number of studies on the relationship between music and an individual's personality.


Are you excited to know what kind of personality you portray with your chosen music genre? Let's discover it here together!


Your personality based on music genre

There are many kinds of music genres around the globe. Let's try to list some of them and discover what kind of personalities they portray for their avid listeners.



Is classical music something you enjoy? If this is the case, you have a solid sense of direction and high regard for yourself. Being intuitive indicates that you are more likely to believe information that is less reliant on your senses than other forms of knowledge. Instead of focusing on the here and now, you look to the future or look for patterns. It's hard to argue with a high level of self-confidence!


Although it's a cliché, classical music aficionados are often more intelligent than those who like other genres of music. You can refer to "The Mozart Effect" for this phenomenon.


Electronic Dance Music or EDM

People who like electronic dance music are extroverted and gregarious. As EDM is now widely recognized across the globe, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. It's a new kind of pop music that's vying for airtime on radio stations. Your mother's favorite radio station is presently playing the songs that make the people go wild on the main stage.


Your social nature will come in useful if you decide to attend a few outdoor concerts this summer. There's a possibility you're not the most demure person around while you're at a music festival. 



There are tons of people that love the R&B who are gregarious and extroverted. A faithful follower of one's heart is someone who enjoys R&B. You don't have a problem expressing how you feel, especially when as a result of listening to music in particular.



Metal fans have a specific set of characteristics that are quite different from those of mainstream music enthusiasts. If you're a fan of letting loose with your horns, you're likely introverted and very perceptive. In other words, you exist in a world of ideas, where new information doesn't have to be real in order for you to perceive and digest it. Maybe, for some, this is the time to give it a try!


This can't be stated of you, not even if the music is heavy or gloomy. According to studies, as a metalhead, you've passed the exams with flying colors, and you have a lot of original ideas, too.



To like rock, you must be a person who is in touch with emotions. This indicates that you have no issue believing information that is not directly tied to your senses. You prefer to link it to other facts and are curious about what the future may hold. When faced with adversity, you're both calm and adaptable. This makes you a perfect example of a model employee!


It's not just one kind of rock that exists; there are many more. There is a good possibility that if you are a lover of classic rock music, you are hardworking, comfortable with yourself, and like nostalgic feelings. However, indie rock fans seem to be on the other side. As a lover of independent rock music, they say that you are most likely to be sluggish and have might have the tendency to have lower self-esteem. Nonetheless, as an indie rocker, you have a distinct advantage over your peers as you have the prowess of natural creativity in you.


Being a fan of rock music can most probably end you up as an ENTP or something with similar personalities is often described as "debaters, possibly because of the rebellious rock energy that permeates your music.


Rap and Hip Hop

If you're a hip-hop enthusiast, you're already proving yourself to be an extroverted extravert. In the same way that you like socializing and going out to parties, you are also a fan of pop music. In addition to your upbeat and rhythmic demeanor, you seem to have high regard for your own worth.


There isn't a particular type that stands out when it comes to the MBTI test's findings. If you think of the genre as being uninteresting, you are wrong. There's good chance hip-hop is the most character-driven music style out there. Even when it boils down to simply a man or lady and their microphone, it may be an overwhelming experience for the audience.


Extroverts with a preference for feeling rather than thinking are the most common listeners of this sort of music. To put it another way, you like to digest new information that is in the present, concrete, and observable.


But whichever type of music genre you have, it's always better to listen to it while looking at some picturesque sceneries that are available in your place. And, it is Just like how the Clarin Dance Company did it.


The Clarin Dance Company is one of the 16 participants from Lumina Hip Hop to the Top National Dance Contest. In this competition, amateur dance groups all around the country are encouraged to showcase their talents in Hip Hop dancing while promoting the tourist attractions in their provinces.


Clarin Dance Company express their impressive grooves in Hip Hop dancing while brandishing the different travel spots in Cavite. Some of the must-visit places in the province are the Corregidor Island, Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum, Imus Cathedral, and the Gourmet Farms.


If you think that a day tour is not enough for you to explore the beauty of the Province of Cavite, Lumina Homes have different houses for sale in the province that you can purchase through a bank home loan.


Secure your future now and have a space you can call your own with Lumina Homes.

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