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9 July 2021

Join Abby from Lumina Marketing Department on an online site tripping in Lumina Legazpi, the affordable house and lot project in Albay of Lumina Homes!


Living surrounded by nature can make us feel comfortable, relax, and at peace. That's why many people tend to go on a vacation away from the city's busy streets together with the noise and air pollution.


If you want to have a daily experience of a breath of fresh air with a great view, living in the City of Legazpi is one of the great choices. It is 90% rural, with plains to the northeast and rolling hills to the south. There are also several coastal locations nearby, which explains why it was once known as Sawangan or a fishing community.


Mount Mayon in Legazpi City's claim to fame since it is an entirely symmetrical volcano aside from being the most active volcano in the Philippines. However, it is merely one of the numerous reasons why many people visit this captivating city in Albay.


The Province of Albay's provincial capital is the City of Legazpi. Aside from that, it serves as the Bicol region's economic and political hub. Being known as the integral city in the province, the area is ringed in by the Santo Domingo borders it on the north, Daraga on the west, and Manito on the south, while the Albay Gulf surrounds it on the east.


With 532 kilometers in the south of Metro Manila, the City of Legazpi is also regarded as a vital hub for transportation, health services, education, tourism, and business. Because it serves as a gateway to many locations that the Bicol Region has to offer, Legazpi City is also known as the City of Fun and Adventure. This means that it houses a number of places where you can go swimming and also a location where you can see some whale sharks in Donsol when wakeboarding in Naga.


Some of the natural resources that can be found in Legazpi City include metallic ore reserves, fishing areas, and various industrial non-metallic reserves.


The city is particularly vulnerable to volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and rising sea levels due to its location inside the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is a good thing that Legazpi City's local disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategy is so forward-thinking. This hard work and advanced approaches buoyed up the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council to designate the area as a model city for risk reduction management strategies.


Looking for a house and lot in Legazpi, City was made easier and affordable by Lumina Legazpi.


Lumina Legazpi is one of the flagship communities made by Lumina Homes under Vista Land that offers affordable house and lot units to every Juan. Lumina Legazpi can be found in Sitio San Jose, Brgy. Maslog Legazpi, City. Through the subdivision's strategic location, future homeowners can have the assurance of its accessibility, especially to the major roads and highways, and transportation hubs. It is also pretty near to the major facilities and infrastructures, including supermarkets and groceries, schools and universities, as well as hospitals and clinics.


Currently, Lumina Legazpi is offering three home model units:


Aimee Rowhouse

The Aimee Model is a 22-square-meter bungalow rowhouse on a 36-square-meter lot designed by Lumina Legazpi. It has a living room, dining room, and kitchen, as well as a provision for one bedroom, one bathroom, and a service area.


Angeli Duplex

The Lumina Legazpi Angeli Duplex Model is a 42-square-meter two-storey home on a 54-square-meter lot. There is a provision for three bedrooms, one toilet and bath, one carport, and service space, as well as a living room, dining room, and kitchen.


Angeli Single Firewall

On a 54-square-meter lot, the Lumina Legazpi Angeli Single Firewall Model is a two-storey, 42-square-meter residential dwelling. There is a provision for three bedrooms, one toilet and bath, one carport, and a service space are included, along with a living room, dining room, and kitchen.


You can now avail these affordable houses and lots in Legazpi, City, in a range of Php 500,000 to Php 1.7 million!


If you are a long-time employee who dreams of having a space you can call your own, you can choose a flexible payment method through Pag-IBIG Housing Loan. All you have to do is send all the signed required documents to Lumina Legazpi's admin office, and an account officer will assist you in processing your Pag-IBIG Housing Loan application. With this, you can now have enough time to focus more on your job while saving money for your dream house.

Good news for the minimum wage or low-income earners! You can now also have your dream house come into reality as Pag-IBIG Housing Loan offers a specialized program for low-income earners. Through this, you can have your own house and lot In Legazpi, City, for as low as Php 1,898 every month with only a 3% interest rate every year.


Other flexible payment methods that you can use are either Bank Financing or In-House Financing.


Having some problems connecting to the internet but need to check or change some information from Lumina Homes homeowners account? You can still have a workaround for this through Lumina e-Text.


Some of the valuable SMS Templates that you can use are the following:

  • If you want to inquire about your outstanding balance inquiry, text LUMINABILL<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINABILL 2500000000
  • To know your reference number, text LUMINAREFNUM<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINAREFNUM 2500000000
  • Want to know the list of available payment channels? Text LUMINAPAYCTR<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINAPAYCTR 2500000000
  • To know the last posted or credited payment, text LUMINALASTPAY <space> 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINALAST PAY 2500000000
  • To inquire about the total payments made, text LUMINATOTALPMT <space> 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINATOTALPMT 2500000000
  • In updating your contact number on Lumina Home's system, text LUMINAMOBILE<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER <space>11-DIGIT NEW MOBILE NUMBER. Example: LUMINAMOBILE 2500000000 09171234567


Want to update your email address? Text LUMINAEMAIL<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER <space>NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. Example: LUMINAEMAIL 2500000000 [email protected]And then send it to (0917) 818-1875 or (0919) 072-1399. Regular charges will apply for every text message that you will send.



For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale in Legazpi of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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