The Crowns from Misamis Occidental joins Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

Lumina Homes recently launched its newest national competition for 2022 called the Lumina Hip Hop to the Top Dance Contest. Many amateur Hip Hop dancers all around the country answered Lumina Homes' invitation and rose to this challenge.


Lumina's aim is not just to showcase the impressive moves of our kababayans in Hip Hop dancing but also to promote the different tourist spots and hidden gems in each of the country's provinces. These dancers became a part of boosting our tourism advocacy as they perform in some of the most visited places in their area.


Want to know their secrets in their oh-so-awesome moves and grooves in Hip Hop dancing? Here are some of the quick and cool tips.


Tips in creating groovy moves in hip hop dancing

If you want to master the dance moves of hip-hop, you'll have to put in the effort and attention. Fortunately, your next dance practice is more than a few blocks from where you are at this moment. If you dedicate your mind to the goal, learning hip-hop is simple as long as you remember these short and dirty hip-hop techniques.


Tip # 1. Wear casual and comfy

Comfortable clothing is the key to achieving the slick maneuvers you see in the video. Your movements may be more form-fitting if you take them on the road but aim for something that's comfier while you're just beginning to learn.


Even if you've just got some new incredibly attractive shoes and there are about a million tights in your wardrobe that you want to try. With that amazing crop top, you picked up, make careful to pick something else that feels good on your skin to enable you to move about with ease. That means footwear that enables you to slide smoothly and clothing that would let you move. There's nothing worse than a tank top falling down your back (cue wardrobe mishap) or a stiff sneaker putting a lot of pressure on your joints during a dancing session.


Tip # 2. Relax your arms and legs

You don't need to stiffly encircle your body with your arms, just like in ballroom dancing, since this is not the case here. 


Furthermore, you want your arms and legs to be free so that they are ready to explore in whichever direction your movements take them at the time. Stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly, so you're ready to take on any dancing move that comes your way. Your arms should be at your sides, not crossed or squirming. Just let them dangle so you may dance to the music in a carefree manner.


Tip # 3. Take it easy

To dance hip-hop, you have to let go of your body and allow the music to lead you. It's okay to relax, and in fact, it's a good idea. You don't want to seem stern. Even while certain hip-hop actions, such as locking, may seem stiff, you must relax in order to execute these fluid movements. If you're moving like you've got a stick up your backside, you're not going to be able to appreciate the beat.


Tip # 4. Know the groove

Everything is difficult at first, so don't let yourself become discouraged when you see yourself in the mirror at the beginning of a class. Instead, you don't need to worry about perfecting your swagger; concentrate on mastering the motions. Even though practically anybody with a sense of rhythm can learn how to dance hip hop, this doesn't imply that you should just wing it without mastering the fundamentals.


Once you've mastered the fundamentals, though, the whole globe, or must say space becomes your dance floor. You may mix and combine your motions to create a unique flow that reflects your personality. In the beginning, focus on memorizing the patterns of the dance. Doing so will simplify you to build up speed and improve your overall performance down the road.


Tip # 5. Be aware of your own body

The more you make time for practice, the more you'll grow to know your body. When it comes to hip-hop, it's unique in that it requires you to contribute your own individuality to every single action. A great deal of concentration and accuracy are needed to execute the dance's many individual motions. Consider each portion of your body as an independent entity in order to learn new skills. For starters, do some gentle yoga or Pilates at home on the side to familiarize yourself with your own body. You'll discover more about yourself and your body if you keep moving and exercising.


Tip # 6. Let your body loose with the music

It's all about the music in hip-hop culture. No matter whether it's classic Dr. Dre or more contemporary artists like Drake and Kanye, music has played a huge role in shaping this culture. Rhythm can only be followed if you can connect with the music. If you pay attention to the rhythm and bass of a song, you'll notice that it all just seems perfect. The rhythm is your unconscious dance pattern in whatever you do, so let it flow through you and let your body follow it.


Tip # 7. Let your body loose with the music

Drake is not the only one that has to start from the bottom. Don't be disheartened if you're just starting out in hip-hop. Begin with simple routines like the Dougie, stanky leg, and popping, which are suitable for beginners. A simple foot shuffling exercise such as the T-step or running man would suffice. Anyone can learn these techniques with only a little amount of practice and perseverance. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll be able to perform them on any dance floor. Moonwalking and the pop, lock, and drop may also be added to your repertoire.


And since you're only starting, it is best if you have enough space inside your community in which you can practice your dance grooves without any distraction. Good thing that Lumina Homes already Level Up this 2022 by offering its future homeowners a bigger and wider space for their recreational activities and leisure time through eSpacio.


If you're curious enough what kind of great amenities eSpacio has to offer to Lumina residents, you can watch the launch of Espacio:

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