Tara! Let's Experience Sagay!

2 May 2020

Join Nicole of Lumina Technical Services Team as she talks about the top tourist attractions in Sagay, Negros Occidental that you can conveniently visit when you live in our Lumina Sagay project.


Sagay, City is popularly known as the Garden of the North. To describe the brilliant univalve-shelled mollusk that may be found in the region, "sigay" was coined. The ice-cone-shape sliced at the northern point of Negros makes it easy to spot on the captivating City of Sigay.


Festival in Sagay City

The city is popular with its Sinigayan Festival, which is the thanksgiving festival that is being celebrated yearly in honor of its patron saint, St. Joseph.


Sinigayan Festival

Using the vivid colors of our art and culture, the Filipino people's inventiveness and resourcefulness, and the bounty of our oceans and lands, Sagay City's Sinigayan Festival preserve and promotes appreciation for the rich and beautiful history we have here in the Philippines.


Every 19th of March, Sagay City, Negros Occidental, has the Sinigayan Festival. This event, first held in 1996, is one of the city's many efforts to save its rich cultural legacy. As the spherical shell dances amid the raging waves, the peaceful, happy, and hard-working Sagaynon, whose name God selected to be portrayed by this simple spherical shell, is shown.


There is an opening mass, followed by the procession and the opening programs, which feature a bounty of vegetables and fruits, abundant marine life, a lively art community, and the lifestyle of a town.


Top tourist attractions in the City of Sagay

Carbin Reef

Negros Occidental's Carbin Reef is one of the island's newest tourist attractions. Located off the coast of Sagay, this tongue-shaped sandbar is about 2-3 hours from Bacolod. Carbin Reef is the place to go if you're looking for crystal clear, blue water and fluffy, white sand to play in.


A 200-hectare marine sanctuary, part of 32,000-hectare Sagay protected seascape, formed in the 1980s, making Carbin Reef a remarkable place. It's impossible to believe this sandbar isn't photo-shopped unless you see it for yourself! Take your Instagram photos to the next level by going to the City of Sagay and visiting the Carbin Reef!


Suyac Island Mangrove Eco Park

This eco-park can be found 30 minutes away from the Carbin Reef. Suyac Island's sustainable tourism development is a significant focus for the city, and Mangrove Eco-Park represents the first step in that direction. Negros Occidental has some of the oldest and largest mangroves, including sonnertia alba, or the pagatpat species. If you go at high tide, you may swim and paddle in the mangroves. The Suyac kinilaw, for example, is made using only the freshest fish available in the area.


Molocaboc Island

To put it simply, Molocaboc consists of three islands: Daku (which means the main island in English), Diut (means small), and Matabas. There is a walkway that connects these three islets. At the end of the 1.5-mile-long cement walkway leads to a settlement, where pump boats are moored. During high tide, the walkway vanishes, and individuals seem to be walking on water. More than 85% of the population relies on the sea for their livelihoods. There appears to be a limitless variety of seafood, from the standard fish and crabs to the rare deep seashells.


Museo sang bata sa Negros

MSBN is a hands-on and interactive museum for children that focuses on the marine environment, which is why it's so popular with families. This can be found in Barangay Old Sagay, situated on the coast of the 32,000 hectares Sagay marine protected area, or known locally as the Sagay Marine Reserve or SMR. 90% of the people living in and around this region rely on marine resources for food and income.


The Museo is a non-traditional educational venue for the promotion of marine conservation. Through a variety of initiatives, the Museo is making a difference in how people in the region see the environment. The "Museum Junior Guide Activity," in which youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12 serve as guides for visitors, is another prominent and well-known program at the museum. In this program, the children of fishers are taught how to be responsible environmental stewards.


Himoga-an River Cruise

This excellent river adventure can be found in Brgy. Puey, Sagay City, Negros Occidental. This is a breath of pure air in an age when dirty rivers are the norm. Wringing out garments along the river's edge is referred to as "himoga" or "puga" in the local dialect—the two-hour boat ride from Brgy. Fabrica is Sagay City's newest tourist attraction. Himoga-an is the city's longest river and finishes at Brgy. Brgy. Old Sagay. The Carabao Island and the mangroves, where migrating birds play, are sights to see along the trip. With so many rivers being polluted these days, it's refreshing to see one that hasn't been contaminated.


The various tourist attractions can be genuinely considered hidden gems in our country where guests can indulge with the beautiful view of the beach and the white sand bar and do diverse water adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling.


If you love the beach and water adventures, it's better if you can have your own space in the city.


Lumina Homes saw this wonderful city's potential and built a various affordable house and lot units through Lumina Sagay, which can be found in Brgy. Rizal, Sagay City, Negros Occidental.


Lumina Sagay is currently housing a wide selection of value-priced home model units like rowhouses, lofts, townhouses, duplexes, and single firewall units. All these houses and lots for sale are affordable as they only range from Php 500,000 to Php 1.7 million and can still be paid through flexible payment methods via Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, Bank Financing, or In-House Financing.


Minimum wage and low-income earners can also avail these affordable houses and lots for sale for as low as Php 1,898 per month with only a 3% interest rate through Pag-IBIG Housing Loan. This is so much lower than we pay for a monthly rental apartment.


Get your own house and lot now and make your dream home come true with Lumina Sagay!

For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale in Sagay City of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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