Feb-ever in Love: Nelson and Josephine Love Story

16 February 2022

People say that love begins in a moment and grows over time—until it lasts forever.


Today, let us share one of the most inspiring love stories and journey to a home investment of our very own Lumina Homeowners from Lumina Bacolod who have been married for 30 years, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Josephine Cundangan.


A jeepney love story

Nelson shared with us how he and his wife met.


“Noong una, sa Manila kami, Bulacan dahil may work siya sa garments, sa gawaan ng mga damit. Eh ako naman, isa naman ako na driver na namamasada ng jip. Siyempre araw-araw iba-iba pasahero mo. Nagkataon na meron palang isang pasahero doon na magiging forever ko. Eh naniniwala ko sa forever. Hanggang ngayon eh forever pa din.”


(At first, our love story began in Manila to Bulacan since she worked with garments while I was a jeepney driver. As a jeepney driver, I took a lot of passengers, and I didn’t expect that one of them would become mine forever. In fact, I believe in forever, and until now, we’re still together.)


He said that’s how they met until they started dating.

“Hanggang isang araw ay nagkasundo kami. Sabi ko, kung gusto mo, magsama muna tayo. Pero after 1 month nagpakasal kami pero sa huwes lang. Hindi na muna kami nagpakasal sa simbahan. Iniwasan namin iyung malaking gastos eh mahirap ang buhay sa una.”


(Until one day, we agreed. I asked her opinion if she would like us to live together first. But after a month, we had a civil wedding. We didn’t have a church wedding at that time since we avoided having huge expenses because life was a bit tough then.)


Until they already got four kids and now traversing their 30 years of married life.


“Wala namin kaming problemang malaki. Hindi naman kami nagkakaproblema sa pinansyal kaya okay lang. Basta intindihan lang.”


(We don’t encounter any big problems since we don’t have financial difficulties, so it’s okay. We just need to understand each other.)

Describe your love story in 3 words.

Happy, strong, and forever.


“Happy ako sa kanya kasi masyadong understanding siya. Kapag may problema ko, tinutulungan niya ako kung anong dapat gawin. At kung minsan, kung medyo may hindi kami pagkakaintindihan, idinadaan namin sa magandang usapan. Kasi mahirap na kapag yung isa galit, galit din yung isa. Kailangan maging mapagkumbaba. Kasi kung masyadong mainit, eh di nag-away lang kayo.”


(I’m happy with her because she is a very understanding person. Whenever I have a problem, she always helps me out by telling me what to do. And sometimes, if we have some misunderstanding, we talk about it because it is hard if both of you will get angry. You need to learn how to be humble because if both of you have a temper, and you will just end up fighting.)


“Strong naman kasi hindi kami nakukuha sa mga tukso lang nang kung sino-sino diyan. Kung ako lang sa tukso, ang dami talaga. Kaliwa’t kanan nandyan pero hindi ako nagpadala. Ganoon katibay yung promise ko sa kanya na mahal ko sya na hanggang ngayon, forever na kami.”


(We are strong because we didn’t get affected by temptations from other people. If it is just me, I can say there are many. The temptations are in both corners, but I didn’t give in. that’s how strong my promise to her that I will love her forever.)


Nelson also shared that they really need to set their life for good at their age to achieve what they have right now. He added that being a married man is a different life when you’re still a bachelor. You must know how to make the right decisions.


What do you love most about your partner?

“Ang nagpaibig at nagpa-develop sa akin sa kanya ay yung talagang malinis siya. Saka masipag. Saka hindi mahilig sa mga outing outing yan. Simple lang siya. Noong magsama na kami, ang mga gamit talaga makikita mo malinis talaga. Inaasikaso niya ako.”


(I fell in love with her because of her purity and diligence. She also prefers to stay at home. She’s a simple woman. When we already lived together, I could really see that all our stuff was clean and tidy. She also really take good care of me.)


What made you choose Lumina Homes?

Nelson said how Lumina Homes helped them acquire a home investment conveniently, and they were also able to make their home renovations smoothly. He also stated that they were able to find a trusted broker through his wife since she knew her personally.


What do you think are the benefits of having your own home?

“Maganda yung may sariling bahay kasi madesisyunan mo ang bawat gusto mo. Kung gusto mong gumising nang tanghali, pwede. Kung gusto mong hindi ka muna lumabas ng bahay, pwede.”


(It’s good to have a home you can call your own because you can have the freedom to decide for yourself throughout. If you want to wake up late, you can. If you're going to stay inside your house for a while, you can, too, without anyone forbidding you what to do.)


He even joked that if you don’t want to clean your house, you can, too, since you don’t have to live with your mother-in-law and feel responsible for every action that you do.


That’s how comfortable it is to have your own house when you’re married.


What advice can you give to young or married couples who are starting to build their own home and family?


“Ang dapat nilang gawin hindi dapat magmadali. Kailangan kung may trabaho kayo pareho, sige lang. Trabaho lang. Tapos hindi mo muna iisipin yung bumili nang kung ano-ano sa katawan. Yung mga luho luho, iwasan ninyo iyan. Kasi hindi talaga kayo makakaipon niyan. Trabaho lang kayo.”


(They must not do everything in a rush. Both of you must be working. It would be best if you did not also think first of the things that you want but prioritize your needs. Avoid overspending to be able to save some money.)


He also explained that our youth is vital, so we should not waste it. We need to treasure it for us to thrive.


“Kailangan sa mga bagong couple, unahin yung paano sila aasenso kasi ang bawat araw na dumaraan, mahalaga yan. Kailangan hindi nyo pabayaan yan. Kailangang mag-savings kayo. Savings importante.”


(For the new couples, they need to prioritize the things that will help them flourish because each passing day is essential. They should not waste it. They need to have savings. Savings are very much substantial.)


He pointed out that those small savings that you have every day can accumulate, and soon you will realize that you could save a generous amount.


Nelson and Josephine showed us that the key to achieving forever in any relationship is constant communication and understanding each other’s needs. Like them, work hard to grow together and have a property investment of a lifetime from Lumina Homes.

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