Brgy. Lumina On Screen: A Digital Open House by Lumina Negros

30 July 2020

Kabarangay, join Mariel in the #NewNormal as we hold "Barangay Lumina On-screen," Lumina Homes' 1st Nationwide Digital Open House here in Lumina Negros!


Your life will be simpler if your house is in order. Because you spend so much time at home, the overall layout of your house interior makes it simple for you to relax and enjoy yourself.


While everyone has a distinct approach to living, most individuals will agree on a few essentials that are a given. And everyone agrees that having an eye for a good interior design is essential in some way, although it’s true that each person's sophistication, enthusiasm for it, and level of accomplishment will differ based on each individual’s personality and preferences.


Designing your home interior would be much easier for people who already have a wide perspective about home designing or if they really have a knack for creativity. On the other hand, this could be a tough challenge for individuals who have just become first-time homeowners.


So here are some of the things you might want to consider in designing your home interior for first time homeowners:


Your house as a reflection of your personality

It's not uncommon to host visitors and acquaintances at your home. A well-designed house not only enhances your personal image but also makes your friends and family members feel at ease in their new surroundings. In both your personal and professional life, this will definitely make all the difference.


Your home interior design VS Your essential needs

Properly constructed homes take the requirements and priorities of the people living in them into consideration while they are being built. Therefore, designing a home around the needs of its occupants ensures that it is both beautiful and functional.


Well-planned home for ease of mobility

A well-designed home, in contrast to a haphazardly put-together one, will allow you to walk about your house with ease and comfort while saving energy. As a result, this would be a perfect and relaxing place to live as it costs less time and effort.


Setting the mood with the right color

Using attractive and appropriate colors to create visual harmony all around you is a fundamental part of interior design. Your choice of calming or vibrant colors will make you feel better and think more positively. Try it in your brand new house and lot now, and you'll notice a change in your perspective right away!


Meanwhile, here’s Ms. Lynie Provido, a homeowner from Lumina Bacolod, to give you some ideas about home remodeling and investment.


Inspiration for her beautiful home design

In getting inspiration for the interior design of your brand new house and lot, it’s important to consider what kind of mood you would like to linger inside your home. According to Ms. Provido, she prefers her home to be welcoming, as well as accommodating to its dwellers.


“Ang inspiration ko talaga dito sa bahay ay ang gusto ko sa design na ito ay parang maging maganda ang pakiramdam ng tao dito sa loob. Tapos relax, cool to the eyes.”


(My priority in creating my home interior design is for us to feel that the house is welcoming and accommodating aside from giving a cozy vibe. I also want its color to be cool for the eyes.)


Lumina Homes as a property investment

Ms. Provido also explained why she chose Lumina Homes as her trusted provider for her brand new house and lot.


“I just like Lumina Homes dahil affordable sya, magaan sa bulsa, at good investment para sa akin.”


(I really love Lumina Homes because aside from being a good investment for me, I was also able to stay within my budget due to its affordability.)


She also shared some tips and advice for people who would also like to start their own home investment.


“Sa mga gustong mag-invest sa Lumina Homes, kumuha na po kayo habang bata pa at may trabaho pa. Tapos pwede nyo po gagawin business as rentals and buy and sell sa price na gusto nyo pagdating ng tamang presyo na.”


(For those people who would like to start their home investment with Lumina Homes, I suggest you do it as early as now and as long as you have a stable job. When the time comes, you can earn money from it by converting it as a rental home business or even as a buy and sell the home once the house value of your acquired home is already appreciated.)


Affordable house and lot for sale in Lumina Negros


There are three communities to choose from in Negros Occidental. You can choose the cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines in Lumina Bacolod, which is located in Brgy. Vista Alegre, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Lumina Homes also have the cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines in Lumina Sagay that can be found in Brgy. Rizal, Sagay City, Negros Occidental. And last but not least, Negros Occidental also has the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines in Lumina Silay that you can visit in Brgy. Rizal, Silay City, Negros Occidental.


You can choose from their three home model units starting from their house and lot for sale worth 500k, the Aimee Rowhouse.


Aimee Rowhouse 

The Aimee Rowhouse, a 22-square-meter bungalow on a 36-square-meter lot, is one of Lumina Negros’ house and lot designs. It has a provision for one bedroom, bathroom, and service area are all included, as well as a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Aside from this, Lumina Negros also has an affordable townhouse for sale in the Philippines through their Angeli Townhouse model unit.


Angeli Townhouse

Lumina Negros created the Angeli Townhouse Model, a 42-square-meter two-storey residence on a 36-square-meter lot. It has a provision for three bedrooms, one toilet and bath, one carport, and service space, as well as a living room, dining room, and kitchen, are all included.


Apparently, if you are looking for an affordable house and lot for sale thru pag ibig financing, you might as well check out Lumina Negros’ Armina Single Firewall unit.


Armina Single Firewall

The Armina Single Firewall Model has a living area of 42 square meters and sits on a 54 square meter lot. It has a living room, a dining room, and kitchen space, a toilet and bath, a service area, and a garage. It does, however, provide extras such as a free ceiling and floor tiles on the ground level.


So, make sure to purchase the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines and start your home investment now with Lumina Homes!


For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale in Negros Occidental of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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